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Description of MoneyWise

Get a grip of your personal finances and track your everyday expenses using this top rated money management app. With MoneyWise you can create budgets and monitor cash flow.

With MoneyWise it's easy to register your expenses on the go. Using graphs and filters you get an overview of spending patterns and can also drill down to see details. For more in-depth analysis of your financial situation you can easily export all data to your computer and import it to a spreadsheet application such as Excel.

Setting a budget is the best way to get a grip of your spendings and make sure your expenses are in line with your target. Popular budgets items are "Grocery expenses", "Transportation" and "Eating out". Budgets can be set on a monthly, weekly or biweekly bases with the option to shift the starting day of month or week. You decide yourself which transactions are included in each budget item using a filter.

MoneyWise is the only money management app that supports tagging transactions with labels. You should always assign an expense category to each transaction to get a good structure of your spending, but labels add a whole new dimension when filtering the data. Example of labels are "work", "private", "charity", "vacation", project codes or client names.

Feature overview:

✔ Doesn't require internet access, no registration

✔ Translated into English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Korean, Russian, French, Italian, Swedish and Norwegian

✔ Supports all currencies (e.g. $, €, £, ₩, ¥, kr, R$)

✔ Multiple accounts

✔ Budgets with weekly, biweekly or monthly budget periods and configurable starting day

✔ Password protection

✔ Graph expenses over time

✔ Graph expenses by category

✔ Tag expenses using labels

✔ Filter by categories and labels

✔ View by day/week/month/year

✔ Monitor account balances

✔ Export data to a spreadsheet application (such as Excel)

✔ Mark transactions as cleared by the bank

✔ Split a transaction over multiple categories

✔ Use sub categories

✔ Calculator

✔ Budget manager

✔ Expense tracker and checkbook

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More Information Of MoneyWise

lable: Finance - Apps Current Version:Varies with device Publish Date:2022-05-30 Developer:Handy North

User Reviews


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Lorin Witta 2019-02-22

Love the app - until I had to get a new phone & I can\'t move my info to new one without buying expensive paid version!!! Gggrrr!!! (otherwise would be 5 stars)
VINOD M 2016-06-19

Restore help needed This application is very helpful to track my daily expenses. So I was using it for last few years. Now I changed my phone, but there is no way to transfer my years of data. It\'s paid version is not available in playstore and as per the documentation - \"that imaginary paid version only have the restore functionality\". Please help me to restore data to new phone
Debra Strader 2014-09-11

No running balance This app doesn\'t have a running balance on list page. I need to see the balance with each pending transactions just like my check register.
hautechick70 2014-12-19

Very Useful This app is VERY handy - it lets me l keep track of my expenses/purchases, how much I have left to spend every pay period, and I can create a budget every 2 weeks when I get paid. I also love that I have the option to mark a transaction as cleared. Just wish that the free version allowed me use recurring transactions!
RADYM COM 2015-06-17

Add multiple currencies Ad support for multiple currencies. I have 2 accounts each in a different currency. This app supports only one currency at the time so is not useful to me.
A Google user 2013-12-05

Lost data!!!! I started out with Moneywise, and then the day I bought my new phone upgraded to Moneywise Pro. This review is about both. I really liked Moneywise on my old phone so when I bought a new one, I wanted to install it and carry over all my data to the new one. Unfortuately, I learned you can only do that if you buy the Pro version, so if you\'re looking at Moneywise, realize it will never be a \"free\" program. You will eventually need the Pro version. First check against it. So, I bought the pro version. I had years of data I needed to have access to. I installed it on the new phone, followed all the backup procedures - and there was no data! I guess the message that my backup was successful was meaningless. The file the app created to save the data was empty. Second check against it. When I contacted Customer service, I requested help, and lacking that, a refund. I got neither. And that\'s the 3rd check against it. So, if you never need to get your data off your current phone to one in the future, it\'s pretty cool. I liked it a lot. But, losing 2 years worth of data and having to attempt to recreate it manually as best I could was something that I disliked a lot. I would give it 4 stars for the time I used it, but because the data was not ported to the new phone and the \"backup\" program seems to have lost it all, , it lost all its brownie points. One star. Zero, if it were possible for the non-existant customer service. . .
yohann Y 2019-10-17

Love this app!! Everything is manual so u dont have to connect credit card info.. this also helps with making u feel guilty when spending with credit/debit cards instead of swiping care free... I love the graph feature that shows you the percentage of where your money goes so you can see what you should be cutting back on... this app improved my money management so much! I screenshot my monthly graph and send it to friends to get them motivated to start!
T K 2017-02-14

Works well, poor support. Paid version stopped running on my phone when it was updated, now it appears that the only option is to Pay Again to reinstall. Can not get a response from developer.
Julie Nelson 2015-01-02

Kept freezing At first glance it had all the functions I wanted- fortnightly/monthly budgets, multiple accounts, tracking spending but I didn\'t even get it set up as it froze about 5 times. So I uninstalled and will have to find a new app.
Mohammad Mehdi Rezaei 2019-11-10

Very cool 😎. It has a easy to use interface and very nice design.