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Description of Monopoly Bank - Wallet & Cashier

With the Monopoly Bank App, Monopoly can be played without any paper money or credit card system. With the Monopoly Bank app it is also possible to save games and continue playing later.

Enjoy playing Monopoly without any effort with your friends or family and use all features of the Monopoly Bank to ensure the best possible gaming experience.

Monopoly Bank features:

- Supports Monopoly games with M & K (millions and thousands)

- Adjustment of salary (Passing Go) and starting capital

- Store an infinite number of parallel Monopoly games

- Recorded transaction history with revert function

- Dice roll mode, if no dice are available in your Monopoly game

- Calculator for simple calculation e.g. power plants and their dice calculation

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More Information Of Monopoly Bank - Wallet & Cashier

lable: Tools - Apps Current Version:1.3.6 Publish Date:2021-03-04 Developer:koanbock.dev

User Reviews


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Ivan Mortensen 2020-10-16

Nice and easy to use monopoly banking application. Developer is quick to make new update, with the suggestions that is useful to the application.
Nicholas Summers 2020-12-27

This was like upgrading from walking to driving a car! Monopoly has always been a mess with all the paper money. This app makes banking SOOOO much easier! It can save your progress to finish playing later. Keep track of everyones bank accounts. Transfer money. Collect your 200. I will never use paper money again. This app is fantastic!
clynton Rasquinha 2020-11-22

Some features are missing but still it\'s very useful and easy to use..
Ashish Panchal 2020-12-13

It is nice, but it would have been great if the players could also track the amount and transactions in their own smartphones.
Ben Konyi 2020-10-12

Excellent app with a native feel! Great Flutter app!
53_Hamdule_Zohaib 2020-11-18

exactly what i was looking for.
Brandon Galler 2021-02-18

Ads cover the bank amount entry screen.