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Monster Battles: TCG

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Description of Monster Battles: TCG

Monster Battles: TCG is a free-to-play collectible card game. Collect, Evolve Monsters and become an Ultimate Monster Trainer!


- A Monster CCG Duel Adventure - A unique TCG game, collect & duel monsters.

- Collect & Evolve monsters from 9 different elements (water, fire, earth, plant, wind, mystic, dragon, electric & mech!) each of them with unique abilities, names & voices!


- Travel around this magic tcg world to battle against other champion pocket Trainers to unlock magical Badges & Rewards! Duel through this adventure now!


- Play Online against other Trainers worldwide, incredible card duels, compare scores with friends!


- Monster Battles: CCG game offers a never ending single player campaign which will put a Monster pocket Trainer to test, combine elements to battle through countless missions on this Free CCG game!


- Join a Gym to play against powerful Monsters with friends to get exclusive Rewards.

- Collect tournament cards - CCG Monster Duel Game.

Key Features

· Duels between monsters on this tcg game.

· Monster card pvp game online - hundreds of monster catcher players to battle on different arenas.

· Monster collecting ( free CCG ): Collect hundreds of card monsters on this monster duel game.

· Evolve or fusion Monsters to improve your possibilities on duels.

· Duel with monsters, take advantage of monster elements to win battles on this free ccg game.

Ready for a challenge? Monster Battles free CCG game awaits you! Collect all monster cards! Duel all trainers! Become an ultimate Trainer!

Languages Supported - Monster Battles Collectible Card Game:

* English

* Español (Europa)

* Русский

* 简体中文 (Simplified Chinese)

* 日本語 (Japanese)

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• http://bit.ly/monsters_forums


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More Information Of Monster Battles: TCG

lable: Card - Games Current Version:Varies with device Publish Date:2022-06-09 Developer:FrozenShard Games

User Reviews


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Joseph Blanco 2016-05-14

Waste of money I made two purchases and have received neither the hyper pack i bought nor the \"unlock all levels\" bulls.hit that was an extra dollar and nine cents. How do i contact the help desk for that? I want what i paid for as well as some extra shi.t for wasting my fu.cking time.
Thomas Richards 2016-08-17

Glitches and dull Game would crash during lunch every time so I would have to restart it 2 or 3 times to run and then it would not recognize my wi-fi half the time. The game is so simple it\'s laughable. It\'s not really a TCG at all. Very disappointed.
Chris Taylor 2016-05-31

Problem linking offline and online... Played missions while offline and cumulated over 200 Gold. Came back online later and lost over 100 Gold (unable to win the lost Gold by redoing the mission, it awards 1 instead of 10 for all the missions I completed while offline.....).
Patrick Cornelius-Mau\'u 2020-02-19

Good game overall. Fun, challenging, satisfying yet always more goals to achieve. A few problems exist that could easily be fixed. A big one is that you can\'t really get an Earth, Mystic, Electric or Air keystone that evolves all. You can only get one by winning a Tournament on Hard and then you MIGHT be given one...I rarely if ever see people use an Earth, Mystic, Air or Electric decks probably because the evolve all keystone is near impossible to get yet vital to a good deck. Thnx! But pls fix
Calves 2020-06-29

I\'ve always loved this game! I have played on and off on Kongregate since I was younger, but I was so happy to find it on mobile today. My only problem is that I don\'t think you can transfer data, but that\'s not the biggest issue (the game isn\'t too hard, and to be fair it\'s free). 10/10 game ❤️
Stuporficial One 2018-12-31

FrozenShard Games are truly games for players who like a challenge...too many other games on the internet are just eye candy...you become a bot and watch the game...you\'re not really making any true moves...NOT SO WITH THE FrozenShard Games...you have much to consider when playing a card...you must think...you\'re not a bot...you are a true game player...I have now, however, uninstalled this game...it kept disconnecting me from its server...no fun at all...All FrozenShard games disconnect you over
Skylight Bomber 2020-09-25

Good game very enjoyable but definitely a cash grab some features like to purchase extra deck slots are for irl monies not like other games where it costs alot of the premium currency definitely a cash grab so a 3 from me definitely would rate a 5 if not for so many in app purchases
Gaming Masters 2020-02-20

The game seems like its driven to be pay to win. Some levels do 60+ damage on the 1st turn. The AI always seems to get the best cards vs the player not.. As well as same for the random damage.. The ai gets max damage while player mostly gets minimum damage. On top of that there has been no update in over 3 months that I know for certain.. Possibly a dead end game.
BIG GUN GAMER YT 2019-12-02

Such a good overall game the graphics are good the controls are very simple to use for new people who have never played these types of games before so I rate it a big fat 5 star 8)
yugibac 2020-10-24

Great fun game and can be challenging! Only downfall is the game some times will not respond to any of my tapping and I have to close and reopen game several times making it hard to play/enjoy