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Description of Monster Defense King

Grow various types of monsters and defeat the enemies!

You must apply strategy based on enemy's special skills in order to achieve victory!

- There are numerous monsters with unique skills.

- You can strengthen your monsters by leveling up, upgrading, awakening, and transcending.

- There are various researches available in the Lab to enhance power and battle capacity.

- Many stages are available in 3 modes

- New Arena Mode where you battle against other players' monsters has been added.

- The game supports Auto-Battle and Fast Battle.

- There are daily missions and various achievements.

- The game supports Achievements and Leaderboard.

- This is an offline game.

- Supports English.

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More Information Of Monster Defense King

lable: Strategy - Games Current Version:1.2.8 Publish Date:2021-09-03 Developer:mobirix

User Reviews


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Michael Keck 2019-03-19

After the first page of missions it starts showing an ad after every battle, including video and NSFW ads. Good until then, but not worth the massive data use.
J Thoo 2020-09-18

Control is simple. Concept is simple. Keep upgrading your units, keep summoning your units. Overall it is casual and fun. No stress.
Onn Tai Yong 2020-09-26

Hi monster defense king team, can help fix the issues of lab and legendary monster upgrade bugs when save and load records? Those upgrades do not work anymore once save and load is used between devices
Johnny Hughes 2020-12-28

Fun game but gets kinda boring, not very exciting, just the same thing Over and over again every level.
Czar Emmanuel Moratalla 2020-04-20

I would love to rate this 5 stars but there is a problem why I rated this 4 instead of 5,maybe this problem is just a glitch or something because the attendance chart doesn\'t work,it\'s already my 5th day of playing this game but I still cannot get the 3rd day prize which is so annoying,pls fix this or I will uninstall this app.
Zachary Davenport 2019-07-15

since the new \"improvement\" update the game does not load at all congrats you have broken your own game with a so called improvement unless you think your own game is trash then it is if you dont might want to rethink removing the so called improvement or fixing what ever you did to break it. its a good game kind of easy at times and the pvp can be a little bs but worked around its a good game most of the time but this is just annoying
Blue Strike 2020-07-07

This is basically Puzzle & Defense without the puzzles, and more like The Battle Cats! It doesn\'t have that challenging progress but it\'s fine for newcomers. But seriously, what\'s wrong? Same problems as P&D: The Invincible halo-thing again! The opponent can literally take 0 Damage and win vs 10 opponents..! This ability should GO away or nerf it, please! And just a nick-pick, but why there\'s less characters than Idle Clicker? Especially when some can be used on IC are enemies, but unplayable...
Aqua Tic 2020-09-09

Having creatures that are weird or cute or creepy in a game is a great idea...and it helps keep the game fresh. Wouldn\'t this idea be great with Pokemon. This is a good substitute. So far it is easy (so long as you use all resources to upgrade). Excited to try hell mode and hope for a challenge. Although I feel like I am cheating because you can get a headstart by pressing before the first menu. Helps get the 3 star. It\'s everything I wanted my game to be... Thank you
Shaikot Islam 2020-07-20

The game is good but l am coming to the hell 4.9 when it come update the enemy is too hard that very painful but I love this game and l love you who it\'s made..
J- Man 2019-04-25

Very addictive, and very challenging, many upgrades to choose. The constant ads are annoying however, as you become barraged by them after every stage.