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Description of Monster Storm2

★★★Monster Storm2 Version Features★★★

1. This version will add a unique mythical monster(Unicorn).

2. In order to successfully capture the Unicorn, we will add new quests to guide.

3. Add new ways to reward diamonds.

4. Adding a lucky store makes it easier for players to buy more items.


Very interesting adventure games, level puzzles, monster battles, skill strategies, etc.

Take your monster balls to catch the monster on your adventures.

Challenge and collect Mythical monsters, defeat all the Gym Leaders and become world champions. These are our dreams.

This evil villain will capture monsters for experimentation, and we must stop their crazy plans again.

Let us grow with the monster until it reaches super evolution. Welcome to download experience!


Monster Storm2 is a RPG game with elements of strategy and monster trainer.

To become the best monster trainer in Monster Storm2, players have to travel all over the world, capture tons of powerful monsters and enjoy this wonderful journey.Explore the world to capture and train your ultimate monster brigade.


Monster Type System

Monster Storm2 is based on monster battles. Monsters have different types that have both strengths and weaknesses. To train different monster according to interests and strategies is the essence of this game.

【Main Story】

The player in the game dreams of becoming a powerful monster trainer. There are many main quests on the adventure road to help his monsters improve their experience. At the same time, many trainers will challenge them. The villains that appear in this version capture a large number of monsters to experiment and rob their energy to make the ultimate weapon to destroy the world. The protagonist and the doctoral assistant will join forces to defeat the villain's crazy plan, rescue the captured monsters and defeat the villain boss.

【Various Skill Combinations】

Skill is the key to each battle. Each monster learns different skills as it grows and various skill combinations make the game very interesting.

【Send Monster To Friend】

Send and receive monsters between friends.

【Unique Mechanism】

Mechanism System: Unlock the mechanism to challenge Gym Leaders.

【Original Scenes】

Players can enjoy the battle, roadside flowers and beautiful sky while traveling through the world.

【Interetsing Puzzles】

Game Hall System: Play puzzles and exchange rewards with coupons.

【 Various Elements】

Other Features:

Big World Map System: Town, cave, lake etc,The best views you have ever seen.

Quest System: Get to know everyone and their stories. Finish their quests to get rewards.

Achievement System: The more you achieved, the better trainer you are.

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More Information Of Monster Storm2

lable: Adventure - Games Current Version:1.1.1 Publish Date:2022-06-19 Developer:SharpenPlay Entertainment

User Reviews


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Audrey Yao 2021-01-08

The game itself is great, but the grammar could use a LOT of help. It said I was a boy even though I picked the girl character! It\'s a good game if you can stand the grammar issues. The Light monster index entries are in Chinese, and there are no Dark monsters! Please fix this problem. It\'s a great game overall.
I am_Cherry 2020-04-29

Hello! Is there really no way for us, players, to continue after getting the 8th badge??? The game is enjoyable but come on! Do something after the final gym. There are no more available quests and we couldn\'t pass through route 119. Moreover, getting gems for monster fusion is very difficult and limited as well as in having power cores for super evolution. The spelling and grammar are often faulty too but never mind that, just let us finish the game... 😭
Nobody Important 2020-08-02

It was very interesting. My only concern was the fact that it didn\'t save things automatically. After every event I had to save because if I didn\'t it would make me start over. Would recomend but a word of advice for new players: please try to save every event so whenever you go do something you don\'t lose your progress.
Poke Gamer 2020-10-26

The game itself is good just a few hiccups here and there, however I\'m giving it 1 star after defeating all gyms on my way to earth gym defeated that one but then ask me to look behind the gym and there\'s nothing so won\'t waste my time any longer.
Adam Perkovic 2019-12-21

I\'m way ahead on everything and I even bought a package deal for the game since I liked the game but I didn\'t think it would fail on me and get me stuck, all my monsters are level 100. But it won\'t let me pass the part after I finished the last gym and got the badge, it won\'t let me go on the boat or any other places now. Also for quests doesn\'t even show anything I\'m so lost idk what to do.
Mriganka Ghosh 2020-07-19

Please do not end the game in here. It will be better if you provide a version like -3. Where people will download it play it. I expect to contain leagues as it is there in the pokemons like Kalos league and etc. Though a very good game and skill of creativeness, because you added some conversations and other things like Monster Brawl , Monster exchange and etc. I would expect more improvements as I said.And last request for all that one cannot download version 3 without completing version 2.
Vishal V 2020-12-20

It\'s a great game but I reduced a star because of a few troubles I had. I had a big trouble when I had to catch a myth monster and lv up to 85. And when I wanted to find a way the map was unclear. The instructions should be more specific I have meoferno lv 100 of full intimacy but it says requirements are not met .
memes n cars 2020-10-23

Man this game is cool and all but the battleing is on some BULL why did u programe the gym leaders to USE THE SAME MOVES OVER AND OVER.and transacions are on some bull to the cheapest transacion cost 16$ no wonder this game faild.
bryan andrzejewski 2019-01-26

it\'s a fairly nicely put together poke-like game. the dialogue is kinda roughly translated it seems and in the shop there is a fruit for sale called \"PEAR\" but it has the picture of a pineapple next to it. not a big deal but it really stands out and I find it kind of bothersome. some things feel rushed but overall it\'s a decent play.
Chris White 2020-03-23

Stupid game keeps freezing in this one area while I\'m trying to train. Twice now I have lost All my work I put into this because it freezes with no way to fix it. It\'s not even a full freeze. The background is still going but no buttons pop up so I cant push anything to get out from it. I have to completely exit out