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The UK's fastest-growing bank is coming to the US!

Your Monzo account is instant spending notifications, stress-free traveling, easy budgeting and support from real people, whenever you need it.

**Always know how much money you have**

Get on top of your spending with instant notifications every time you pay for something, with a balance that updates immediately, not days later.

**Use your card anywhere**

Whether it's with your hot coral debit card, or Google Pay, Monzo works all around the world, and you don’t need to tell us when you're going.

**Spend for free**

We don’t charge fees for spending on your card, we don’t charge overdraft fees and we don’t mark up the exchange rate when you go abroad.

**Pay people in seconds**

Send and receive money free and instantly with other Monzo users, and say thanks with an emoji!

**Stay in control**

If you lose your card, freeze it in the app and get a new one quickly. (Or defrost it if you find it again.)

**Rest easy**

Money in your Monzo US account is protected by FDIC, so you're insured up to $250,000, and our anti-fraud systems make sure your money is safe, without adding friction for you.

The Monzo Mastercard Debit Card is issued by Sutton Bank, Member FDIC, pursuant to a license from Mastercard International Incorporated.

**Legal Notice**

Monzo Inc. does not offer or provide banking services on its own behalf or for its affiliates and is not a bank. Monzo Inc. is wholly owned by Monzo Bank Limited. Monzo Bank Limited is a non-US bank, is not FDIC-insured, and does not offer or provide banking services in the United States or to US residents.

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lable: Finance - Apps Current Version:4.32.0 Publish Date:2022-05-28 Developer:Monzo

User Reviews


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Mike Roberts 2019-05-15

Having issues authenticating my account. Seems like a bug in the app which seems to crash it when I try to take a picture of my passport/driving license/national ID etc which means I can\'t create an account. I emailed them with solid reproduction steps (I develop software myself so gave them lots of detail) but after a week I\'ve not heard anything back from them which is annoying since presumably many people will be suffering from the same issue = fewer customers = less money for them. Baffling.
Minesh Patel 2019-07-30

I switched to Monzo and it\'s a really great way to manage your money. By far the easiest and nicest banking app I have ever used, with quick support if you have any questions. Really handy to see notifications of how much you\'ve spent as soon as you\'ve spent it (even with contactless transactions!). Great app all round and, for the 9 months I\'ve been with them, a fantastic bank.
A Google user 2020-11-14

I used to highly rate Monzo and their app, but since they started heavily pushing their premium and pro accounts with in-app adverts and pop ups, I get irritated using Monzo.
James Lineham 2019-06-18

Initially got this card to only use abroad for the excellent exchange rates, but has since become my main bank. Between the instant spending notifications, pots and budget tools, I feel much more in control, and have better visibility of my money. Only critic I have is I find it a little clunky when switching between my personal and joint accounts.
Holly Gittins 2019-06-10

As a friend once said to me: \"Can you crawl out of Monzo\'s arse for, like, five minutes?\" I\'ve had my card a little over a year, and have yet to discover a single issue. The app is intelligent and intuitive, the notifications help me keep track of my spending (\"You\'ve spent £*.** today\") and reassure me I\'d notice any fraudulent activity. Sending and receiving money is effortless, and customer service are quick and incredibly helpful. Free spending abroad alsi comes in incredibly helpful.
chris d 2020-10-13

I rent a car, gave a deposit, returned the ca. The £500 deposit was released by the merchant immediately. Two weeks later and the money is not showing in my Monzo account. I sent a message on customer support chat, was asked for confirmation from the merchant. I was then told to wait in the queue that might take up to 8 hours (!!!). 20 hours later and I am now told to wait for the team to handle it, and that might take up to 7 days. In the meantime Monzo is holding my deposit. Appalling service.
Shane H 2019-06-23

Love the app and bank account. Had no issues using it, it\'s just like a normal bank! Would like to see some app security though, such as a pin or password to open the app. If someone else is using my phone I don\'t want them tapping the app and seeing all my incoming & outgoing payments aswell as my card details!
Fire Blanket 2021-01-01

AVOID!!!!! Terrible bank. I have had the app 4 months, in that time they have frozen me out of my account 5 times, with no way of accessing money. What they count as an \'emergency\' only puts you through to online forums where they say they will adress the issue within 8 hours. With no way of accessing any money in the mean time. I have 4 other bank accounts and have never had any issue with any others throughout their use. I am closing my account after 4 months of problems.
Andrew Leonard 2019-09-13

The app worked fine, until I had to update it. Now unable to login using the new login procedure. They say only when something goes wrong do you see how a company performs. Telephoned the help line at 10.30pm recorded message telling me to contact them via the app and if nobody picked up my call I would be disconnected after 5 minnutes, which I was. Found \"emergency\" logon to the website, which just showed me by balance, but not able to move money between pots.
M E P R 2019-09-27

The new update it absolutely dreadful...\"if it\'s not broken don\'t fix it\". It\'s now not as intuative to navigate, now employs a confusing and busy GUI and is very buggy, crashes frequently. Because Monzo is an app only bank, the app really matters doesn\'t it? The app is now dreadful, so think I\'ll have to look around for a better option. Such a shame...why mess with a winning formula so early on in this companies development?