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Description of Moon & Garden

Moon & Garden makes the best of your organic garden by using biodynamic. Based on moon influence, this app will tell you what to do.

You are an organic addict, whether you are a very good gardener or amateur, Moon & Garden is for you. You will be able to see what is best to do following the day.

Lunar gardening calendar stands as a result from the collection of so-called millennium experiences related to biodynamic.

Plants are strongly naturally dependant on lunar phases (full moon, new moon...): therefore gardening activities such as sowing, repotting, transplanting, harvesting, ... would likely profit from lunar calendars, also considering on the crop nature (either the root, leaf, flower, or fruit of the plant)…

This app shows you the current phase of the Moon and also the current zodiac sign.

Have a look to weather forecast to garden in good condition.

With Moon & Garden, you can also take notes, check lunar phases and take pictures of your organic garden and share them.

Schedule your gardening tasks using the reminder feature. The app will remind your daily tasks.

Moon & Garden will help you manage your organic garden.

Moon & Garden is gonna be your best gardening friend.

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lable: Lifestyle - Apps Current Version:4.8.6 Publish Date:2022-06-23 Developer:JOCS

User Reviews


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marty3076 2020-03-27

I\'m not convinced the southern hemisphere option is accurate at all. Saying its time to plant certain veg that doesn\'t grow in any winter. Perfect time tho if you were in the northern hemisphere. Yes I\'ve ticked the southern hemisphere option. Most apps do not cater for the southern hemisphere. This is not the first to claim and not deliver. No stars this time.
Fred Bieber 2021-01-04

The old version was awesome!!! The update sucks, less than half of the features still available. This is an update; I sent an email and the reply was, \"if I don\'t like it, uninstall it.\" Whoa, clearly owners who don\'t care. Guess I will follow their advice.
Nilüfer Özyörük 2020-07-13

Pretty nice... Making my gardening a fun and interesting hobby. Only if there was a list of plants and their categories, like a sunflower is a flower or seed.. this way I wouldn\'t have to look at the internet all the time. Another thing is that, I think this program is for full time gardeners. My schedule doesn\'t allow for waiting 2 weeks or so for sowing, planting out or mowing. This is not a problem of the program.
Nathaniel Huntley 2019-03-11

should be a good ap. but it\'s not at all. it duplicates your entries in one month for many previous months and months in the future making it absolutly worthless. when you redo all your research tk put those planting dates back the way they should be next time you open the ap it has duplicates everything again. even if you put a placeholder in the blank for instance \"nope\" it erases that entry and duplicates a previous entry again. makes the app worthless.
Akili Aset Mas\'kara 2019-04-10

A lot of needed information. When I sowed my seeds on suggested dates they germinated without any problems. I really like this app. I am learning a lot about the moon and it\'s cycles. This grow system never fails.
Claire Armitage 2021-01-04

I used to love this app and used it every day but since the latest upgrade it\'s totally unusable. The icons are less clear for working outside in the sun, you can\'t click on the day\'s icon to give you task information any more - you have to click an icon below the calendar, and it crashes all the time. Please bring back the old version, I used to recommend it to everyone and now I can\'t because it\'s so bad
A Google user 2019-11-01

Full page ads are very annoying...
Laure Porché 2020-05-10

This app would be great if I could buy the premium version, but each time I try there is an error and transaction is declined (not happening on other apps). Also, the research tool doesn\'t work and there is no way to change the language from within the app... And no way to contact any help other than leaving this review. I will change it to more stars if I get some help with my issue... Thanks in advance!
Tim McDonald 2021-01-01

Worked great until the last upgrade a few days ago (android tablet). There was lots of info and ran smoothly. Now it crashes...lacks information on each days tasks and all round unusable. Some pages are in French but unhelpful for English only users. Tried reinstalling but still the same. 🤔 . I installed onto my Galaxy phone and it works better and the daily tasks are present. I liked the previous graphics better.
Melanie Price 2019-04-14

Setting up my garden this year with great help from this app. Love the interactive garden grid to help with layout and input of exactly what you planted. The research area is very helpful with info on when to plant, transplant, sow, trim, harvest....for individual crops. The calendar shows exactly when and when not to do all of the above accordingly with the waxing & waning of the moon. :-)