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Description of Moonrise Arena - Pixel Action RPG

Moonrise Arena is a hardcore game that was created by two indie developers in nostalgic pixel style.

In this action RPG game you can get acquainted with 2 characters - Alice and Godric. Everyone of them has unique skills, game mechanics and features.

Homeland of the game heroes was invaded by undead creatures and demons. Now they have to become stronger and clean the country from invaders.

There are 20 location (arenas) to play on and 3 difficulties. Enemies will appear from portals that will spawn randomly on arena every few seconds. All enemies are different and have their unique features. Unique enemies can appear sometimes, they have random stats and you cannot predict their powers. That is why playing Moonrise Arena is never boring.

Fighing system is quite juicy: camera shakes, strike flashes, health drop animation, drop flying in every side. Your character and enemies are fast, you always have to move if you don't want to lose.

There are lots of possibilities to make your character stronger. There are 8 types and 7 rarities of equipment. You can make slots in your armor and place gems in there, also you can combine several gems of one type to get an updraded one. The smith in the town will gladly enchance and reforge your armor that will make it even better.

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lable: Role Playing - Games Current Version:1.13.10 Publish Date:2022-06-18 Developer:Roika

User Reviews


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Hello there 2020-12-09

One of the best side scrollers I\'ve ever played. There are a Lot of things that can still be improved though. First of all, a feedback system where we could at least send the devs a lil feedback about stuff. I wish the remote access to npcs was purchasable through crystals, it could be very expensive like 30k-60k or something. The problem is I don\'t have a way to buy it because it\'s not available in my country. Oh and there are no forced ads, only the optional ones that double your rewards.
melon melon 2020-10-29

Add this features if you want 1. The character looks should change depending on what item you\'re wearing 2. You can shoot left and right while running left or right 3. Inventory should be replaced and moved to the character\'s frame so that it\'ll be easier 4. You can undo the skill point that you accidentally spent 5. The merchant can sell weapons 6. Enemies shouldn\'t get pass through you specially the bats because they\'re fast and impossible to hit if they get in the middle of your character
Jeeshan 2020-11-27

As a technical player who understood all the items, enemy weaknesses, grinding spots, etc. I have no issues with progression whatsoever. None of these suggestions make the game better but perhaps u may consider: 1. Godric revamp: after playing Alice, he seems kinda trash. 2. More ncps and activity in the town: It makes the game more natural and interactive, ultimately helping the world of the game as a whole. 3.More items and Enemy variety randomisation: it makes stuff strategic and interesting.
Ben That Birdo 2020-12-08

Absolutely love the game, but I really would like some more shop NCP\'s because it just feels a little grey at the town and gold is very easily obtained. But the game really allows you to get anything you want (besides premium which helps u progress) without having to pay and without having to watch a single ad! The developers were even nice enough to give you a free item, a good one at that, every 30 minutes!
Just a Random Gamer 2020-11-25

I have a max mana of about 85,000 but because of a cap that isn\'t even stated in description instead of 47 seconds my bats only last for 20. The damage each bat should do is about 21,250 as each does total mana/4 but at most I only see them doing 5.6% of 21,250 damage. Where is the remaining 94.4% of damage? Would be nice if this could be changed or fixed thanks :), I\'ll give a 5 star review afterwards.
Horatio Saito 2020-10-28

The game overall is great. Personally, I prefer the enchanting animation from before, maybe the green-ish colour is too flashy and looks a little bit forced. Another is that there may be a little too few abilities (or passives as I comprehend them), like Godric has fewer of those than the other character. For now it\'s just that, will add up if I find st new. Looking forward to more of your content!
roler roleris 2020-12-19

Overall - just meh. I mean, its fine for a couple of hours, maybe a day or two if you\'re really bored. The gameplay is simple, but quite fun, however the controls are a bit awkward. But other than that, it\'s all generic/boring stuff - equipment pretty much only gives basic stats, so you just put on whatever has bigger ones. Accessories have some more interesting stats, but nothing gamechanging. While different levels have different modifiers, most of the time they don\'t change the gameplay much.
Hunter Lane 2021-01-24

This is a classic. Love the stats and types of gear not like other games. Love the art and creativity. It sucks a little that it\'s frame by frame meant for that the characters so the gear don\'t change on them but the loot is something else. No pay to win or online/lag. Offline only is perfect and ads don\'t bother or pop up like other games. Adding events/holidays. Special loot that you can only get limited time. Not to hard to earn but still for people who are actually playing. THANK YOU ALL 💜
TouchingPeople OnTheTrain 2020-12-02

Very unique, not many around like this one. The graphics are wonderfully done, has a very comforting feel. The enchanting weapons part is something a lot of games lack. In app purchase prices are extremely nominal, nothing more than 4 euros. Update..Devs have been continuously on the improvements. I have been with this game from early on and it\'s great to see the difference after taking a break.
Omminia 2020-12-04

Downloaded yesterday before bed. Great, loving so far. And don\'t have instant ad, you only see ad when you want to, just that deserve 4 starts. Found a bit difficulty to understand the rarities. A really down point is not having an ARCHER Character, but you guys could add he/she, right?! Come on! Edit: After playing for a while now, I wish the game had a faster gamemode, or a way to save your progress in a started level.