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Description of Moozza - Music for VK

The app allows you to download and listen to music without Intrusive audio ads.

• Home - here are your audio recordings from the page along with the recommendations section

• Friends - the section where your friends and their tracks are collected.

• On the device-displays all tracks from the device, including those downloaded through the app

• Search-Global search for tracks across the VK

You can download, save to the cache, and search for track words, even if they are not specified in the tags. And much more, and to make you feel comfortable at night - we added a dark theme

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More Information Of Moozza - Music for VK

lable: Music & Audio - Apps Current Version:1.5.12 GP Publish Date:2021-12-07 Developer:EuphoriaDev

User Reviews


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Disassociate Yourself 2021-02-05

Hi devs. I have a couple of issues with the app. Before the update, the playlist order was often wrong but other than that there weren\'t any problems. Now after I installed the update, the order of the songs is correct, but it won\'t play then for some reason. It says: java.lang.NullPointerException: throw with null exception. I don\'t know what that means, so if you could help me I could easily give this app a five star review, thanks. Edit: I switched to an old version and it works Edit: fixed)
Чereпaшka Чereпaшkович 2020-10-23

Наконец-то можно слушать музыку из ВК и не платить этому позорному мылу
SOSOK NOSOK 2020-11-17

well done Aleg...
Anastasia Barvenko 2020-11-16

Best music app ever. Thanks to editors
name 2021-02-05

Im using this app for a week, and it\'s awesome. I can download easily, add music and so on. But I cant add songs in playlist, if you know how, answer me please, or correct this bug
Галымжан Хамзин 2020-12-26

It collects cash from the songs, even tho, i turned off cash collecting function. Please fix this, everything except this issue is fine and app is working good.
Дмитрий Z 2021-01-20

This app is good. Thank a million.
stargard 2020-10-19

this is a gift from god
Ксения 2020-11-02

У меня проблема: скачала это приложение, но не могу войти в свой аккаунт. Пароль и телефон правмльные, капчи решаю трже правильно, но все равно пишет, что пароль неверен.
Paul Cherepanov 2021-03-06

Great app! it does work ))) Making it play wall posts would make it ideal! I listen to music groups mostly..