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Description of MoreApp Forms

Use MoreApp to fill in any business form. No matter if it's a work order, inspection, survey, or any other type of form. Capture signatures, add photos and videos, search for imported data, and more. From now on capturing data will be cheaper, faster, and more fun!

MoreApp Forms is the solution to convert your paper forms into digital forms! We provide the best and most easy-to-use Form Builder. Moreover, if you require some help or inspiration, use one of the already existing templates. Next to filling in forms on your mobile device using the app, you can simply open your browser and use the webclient.

Your data is always secure! Our ISO 27001 certificate indicates that MoreApp complies with international standards in the field of information security.

When signing up you automatically start with a 30-day free trial. During these 30 days, you can switch between the Seed, Leaf, Branch and Tree plans to test the available features and decide which one works best for you.

Start saving money, time, and paper forms. Sign up now!

Digital Forms

Collecting data with business forms on the go is as easy as it gets with our digital forms app. With the digital forms app, you always have all the right forms on your smart device. MoreApp enables mobile users to receive pre-filled forms, collect data on location, submit completed forms with photos, notes, signatures, GPS location, and much more.

MoreApp works offline and online. The app also lets you save partially completed forms to fill them in later. The digital forms app works on smart devices but also supports filling in digital forms on any browser using our webclient. and sending web forms to unregistered users. Do you also want the customer to receive a copy of the completed form? Enter the email of the customer into the form and they directly receive an email with a PDF or Word report that can be further processed digitally.

Create Digital Forms

Create and manage every form yourself using your computer. Our comprehensive online drag & drop Form Builder is so simple to use that everyone can create professional digital business forms within less than a few minutes. Additionally, you can configure existing templates and fit them to your own needs.

Within 10 minutes you can have your mobile form ready:

- work orders

- surveys

- visit reports

- inspections

- audits

- time tracking

- and every other digital business form

Depending on the selected plan we offer the following features:

- #1 Form Builder

- Online and offline app

- Advanced user management

- Export to Excel or Google Sheets

- Email the PDF or Word report

- Use subforms

- Add pins and notes to a drawing or photo

- Smart forms with rules

- Find MoreApp in the Zapier library

- Work with Webhooks and API keys

- Free API access

- Send pre-filled forms with instructions

- Import data with Excel or Google Sheets and search for it in your forms

- MoreApp is white-labeled, which means that you can launch your own branded forms app

Need help building digital forms? Visit our Help Center for tips and tricks. We are happy to assist you via support request or chat!

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If you're still not convinced, our users will tell you how much they like our digital forms app!

"MoreApp is a great alternative to expensive and time-consuming programming. MoreApp allows us to quickly create new forms and share them with all our stakeholders around the world." - FlixBus

"With MoreApp we have gained a lot of speed when capturing data. We have reduced the time of data collection to half at every point of sale!" - KraftHeinz

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More Information Of MoreApp Forms

lable: Business - Apps Current Version:6.5.7 Publish Date:2022-06-15 Developer:MoreApp Forms

User Reviews


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Rafidi Rashid 2019-02-22

Very nice UI & intuitive.. Simple, noncomplicated & easy to use, hence filling up a form is much faster, which is supposed to be a criteria for filling up a form. Pricing is very reasonable.. Only one issue for me, the date & time is troublesome to use with the plus & minus button. A typical calendar date and a round clock would be much faster. A section or page would also be great if can be created, so no more long scrolling down. Hope you can look into this for the next update.
Joel McCoy 2020-02-04

Great when it works. It makes my job super easy since all of the documents are in one pLace and I dont have to dig, or make several copies. Recently when I upload images for work, the app would just close and wont upload the image. I have made multiple attempts on my end: logging out/in, uninstalling it, and using other devices such as PC, tablets, and website. It seems like it is the account itself since I have used several brands of devices but do not know.
Dene-Paul Stephens 2019-01-26

rubbish will no open propel just keeps trying to cone ct to the Internet I have a very good Internet conception reloaded it but still does not work
K L 2018-06-30

App can\'t even load properly... internet turn on, but couldn\'t show very first screen, doesn\'t even display message on what it is trying to do.
Sophie Smith 2020-02-10

Amazing! Easy to use and saves so much paperwork. There are so many different forms to choose from aswell and being able to create your own. They also answered my question the same day I asked it
Albert Borras 2018-02-06

Aplicación muy útil, estava realizando un proyecto en el que tenia que realizar encuestas y me ha sido de gran ayuda! Muy recomendada!
Anzelika Skipore 2020-11-02

The app is really useful for building forms and it is quite easy to use it. Also MoreApp team was very friendly and helpful with all my requests. thank you!
Karl Olson 2019-08-14

Great form builder. Easy to use and does more than it first appears to do. Excellent support ... thanks.
Tomas Theunissen 2016-11-16

Easy to use MoreApp helped us to digitalise a lot or our internal processes that were done on paper before. No more missing paper forms or unreadable handwritten text!
Madelon Star 2016-11-16

A recommended choice for making digital forms. Very user friendly and great customer support.