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MoShow - Slideshow Maker, Photo & Video Editor



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Description of MoShow - Slideshow Maker, Photo & Video Editor

MoShow Slideshow Creator instantly turns your photos and videos into fun, attention-grabbing slideshow movies perfect for Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. From a single selfie photo to a week of pictures and videos, create a stunning slideshow video movie that stands out from the crowd. Easily edit your photo or video with glitch, buzz, sparkle and many more cinematic effects!

To make your slideshow video movie, simply choose your photos and videos to view an instant preview in dozens of different video styles. Pick your favorite video effects, edit and share the results with the world! Choose your favorite photo and give it a special MoShow edit before posting it to Instagram or Facebook.

Your pictures and videos have never looked better!


- Diverse Video Styles : Access a wide variety of free edits and effects to turn photos, videos or a selfie into attention-grabbing edits or an unforgettable story. Choose from glitch effects, ripple effects, brush effect, and more!

- Perfect Loop : Made for GIF fans. The MoShow Slideshow Video app lets you easily create your own looping video. Instantly sync videos of any length into a perfect loop for Instagram or Facebook.

- Mixed Transitions & Edits : Create unique a movie & slideshow every time. Choose the same photos and experiment with glitch, flip, buzz, sparkle, ripple and many more effects! Easily add fun transitions to make your photos and videos stand out.

- Blended Text : More than a simple text overlay or slideshow filter, blend text into your slideshow video for stunning edits.

- Cinematic Glitch Edit & Effect : Know those glitch effects everyone's been using? Now you can edit photos and videos with a glitch effect instantly. Take glitch videos to another level with hyperactive glitch edits that turn static photos into works of glitch art.


Friends: Edit an action-packed group video or spellbinding selfie for Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Families: Share life's special moments through a slideshow movie. Make shared memories a blast for the whole family to experience together. Easily share your videos on Instagram, Facebook or TikTok for the world to see.

Pet Owners: Dogs and cats of Instagram and Facebook have nothing on your adorable pet. Edit a slideshow from a single shot or a fun day out and get your cat or dog's pictures the attention your pet deserves.

Athletes: Supercharge your sports photos with energy and excitement. Use MoShow edits and effects to turn your still sports pictures and videos into vibrant stories or a fun collage to show off your games and sports team.

Businesses: Etsy sellers, restaurant owners, personal trainers and real estate agents can use MoShow to grow their business. Just grab your favorite pictures and videos and instantly create social media posts that cut through the noise.

Edit any pictures or videos with MoShow Slideshow Creator & Movie Editor! Turn your photos into works of art full of cool collage, glitch, ripple, brush and more effects!

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lable: Photography - Apps Current Version: Publish Date:2022-06-19 Developer:Picadelic

User Reviews


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Nicole Carrasquillo 2019-04-18

Good app, but horrible customer service. I opted to purchase the $19.99/yr plan for premium. Found out later that they are charging me $4.25/month. I called and spoke with someone and they basically said there was nothing they could do about it. Then they continued to charge me even after I asked them to discontinue the membership. Awful service and I feel ripped off because they will not reimburse my $$!
Ellie Boi 2019-04-04

I love this app a lot. but could you possibly add more that 1 transition to use at a time. If I choose 2 pictures they can\'t have different ones. I have a way to do this but others may not. Other than that it\'s amazing. It helps me do the editing that I love to do without learning a hard process for cute cut
Phenrryl DI ARIOTHO 2020-07-18

Sadly Depicting! The Transitions are really nice, but notice that is not q free option. Every time I opened I get blocked more options pushing me to buy the Pro version. Its ok, I would pay.. but. It promises the use of many transitions, wrong. You have to use just one for all the slideshow. No timeline, No Volume control, poor settings, and in the top of that tec issues? All this for $38 yearly in a single charge? or $5 Month? Bye! I\'ll stay w/ Kinemaster
Nirali Parekh 2020-08-13

After hours of searching I found the exact template that I wanted. Upon finishing my entire video I realise the file is too heavy and format isn\'t supported of the saved video by any other app. This is frustrating. I spent a lot of time editing my video and now I can\'t even save it and share.
StockerJake 2020-02-20

I really like this app it’s easy to use and fun. But the most infuriating thing is to edit your video 10 times because once you hit save the app makes its own changes to things. I can watch the preview all day long and it’s fine but once I save it and rewatch it it turns my photos, and some of them it completely ignores my photo positioning and cuts off the top of the photos
Shelley Sutton 2019-02-28

It is a great app to send to friends and freeing your boredom completely, although I had to say 4 stars, as you can only have a limited number of pictures in one sideshow because of the time given- 30 seconds. On average, I would recommend playing this app and installing it.
F Smith 2019-02-24

Does NOT Work! I will add pics and pick music and go to save and it will stop at 64% and app will close. I signed up for free trial and paid $2.99 and same problem. A waste of my time and money!
Natasha Heppell 2020-04-07

I made a 1 minute and a half edit and i saved it but it only saved 4 seconds of it im so annoyed. One thing is for sure i would NOT reccomend this app to anyone. There is one more problem with this, if you watched the video of this app it shows that you can use different transitions but once you start editing it only lets you use one transition which are the really bad choices i will certinatlly not recommend it or install this app again.
StopBeing Invasive 2020-09-09

IT\'S A RIP OFF!!! It will only save 6 seconds of video omg..it DOES NOT save YOUR selected piece of video.. It will save ANY random part.. You\'ll think you\'ve lost your mind... But NO.. It saves whatever part it wants no matter what you select.. And it it will ONLY beI 6 SECONDS!!! I HATE THE DEVELOPER!!! & WOULD LIKE A REFUND... After I paid I realized it wasnt saving my entire 1 minute 20 second video..Wow. How sad to deceive ppl into PAYING for this pointless app. I am reporting this!!!!!!
A Google user 2019-02-04

its great for begginers making edits because you dont have to make your own transitions they are right there for you, but you do have to pay for certain effects and also pay if you want it to be longer than 30 seconds.