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Description of Moto Body


Moto Body tracks your activity, offers personalized insights, and keeps you moving with daily progress notifications to help you maintain a healthier lifestyle.

Now you can view your daily progress in one place on your watch — including Heart Activity, steps, and calorie burn.

The Moto Body companion phone app graphs your weekly, monthly, and yearly Heart Activity, steps, and calorie burn data to help you analyze your trends over time. Plus, it offers personalized insights, tips, and helpful articles.

With Moto Body, and a Moto 360 watch, you can:

Track your daily Heart Activity, steps, calorie burn and distance.

Measure your heart rate on-demand.

Track your progress over time.

Receive valuable insights related to your goals and learn from tips and articles.

Get timely and meaningful notifications throughout the day.

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lable: Health & Fitness - Apps Current Version: Publish Date:2021-03-09 Developer:Motorola Mobility LLC.

User Reviews


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Minja Eveliina 2017-01-31

Not a bad app, but it could be so much more. The ability to only choose running as an exercise is very limiting. I had to install Google Fit just so I could track my other workouts. The heart rate tracker seems fairly consistent and accurate, which is a plus. Recently I have noticed that my active burn calories have not been recording at all. Even after exercising for an hour, I sit at \"0 active calories burned\". I do not rely on the calorie counter, so this is more of annoyance since it used to work.
Erin Becker 2017-01-15

Useless for heart rate Gives me ten minutes of heart activity for a 45 minute insanity workout and still somehow gives me thirty minutes for a thirty minute light jog. I checked my heart rate with the app a few times during the workout and it seemed to be correct but it wasn\'t registering it at activity. I\'ve posted this complaint before (a year ago) and nothing has been done to fix it.
Honey Badger 2017-01-17

Needs improvements There needs to be more options to accurately gauge your activity other than just running. People do other workouts other than just running. I have to migrate my workouts to Google Fit to accurately track my activity. It does the job but if you\'re going to half ass it, might as well allow Google to develop your apps for your Moto 360 Sport.
Christian Bazin 2016-06-06

Missing features The app looks very good on both watch and phone, but is missing some key features from other fitness apps. It would be nice it is as a full featured fitness app. There is no way to tell the app to track a workout or for it to map a run or other activity. I would really like to be able to see a GPS component added to use the GPS from the phone to map out workouts. Add the missing features and this app would get 5 stars. Using a first gen Moto 360 and Nexus 6.
Christopher Black 2016-01-30

Too many permissions required. Android 6.0 apps should work without access to every permission. Why do you need access to make and manage phone calls for a fitness tracking app? Follow the app store guidelines and only ask for permissions when you intend to use them.
Greg Lawrence 2017-03-27

App keeps turning my android wear tracking off on its own. It will work for a week and then stop tracking heart rate. When I load app on phone, the option to stop tracking on Android wear will be selected, even when I never manually select it. Frustrating.
Sally Medcalf 2018-08-17

Why is this not tracking my steps now? Watch says over 30,000 but app has recorded 8,000. Awful performance. Pointless
Gregory Phillips 2016-06-21

This app was working great two weeks ago and then suddenly stopped syncing data with the cloud. For the past two weeks I\'m getting messages that tell me to wear my watch but I am wearing my watch and my phone has captured all of my data but it isn\'t being sent to the cloud. What gives Motorola? Did you ruin your app with the last update? Even fit has been sending my activity data during the same period so it\'s not my phone or internet connection.
Transparticulate Syndicatalyst 2019-05-09

i think it\'s profane none of these apps that i\'ve seen do a thing with regards to making raw data available to me, such as for tracking sleep , let alone none help track sleep or give graphs that i\'ve yet seen, like a simple chart of time per heart rate. for goodness sakes. where are the nerdy apps?!!! deplorable how \"focuseđ\"/dumbed down this general fitness trend looks to me. I WANT ALL NÉRDY RAW STATS AND CHARTS EXCEL EXPORTABLE !
Nipun Shrivastava 2016-06-10

Accesses Contacts and Phones Why do you need permission to my files, photos, contacts and phone to start the app? Why are you forcing me to share my private info which has nothing to do with my fitness?