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Description of Motor Town:Soul of the Machine

As a journalist you are tasked with interviewing a strange inventor who believes that automobiles have souls. Search the deserted streets of Motor Town, following a creepy shadow man who knows where the inventor is hiding. But be careful! It’s time to solve puzzles, find hidden objects, and get to the bottom of the story in Motor Town: Soul of the Machine!


- 34 eerie locations

- Ten hidden object scenes

- 21 mind-bending mini-games

- Learn-as-you-play tutorial

- Unlimited hints and tips

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lable: Puzzle - Games Current Version:1.1 Publish Date:2022-06-21 Developer:Alawar Entertainment, Inc.

User Reviews


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Cynthia Marentette 2015-01-27

Was great, and then... I was really enjoying this game until I encountered a bug. I can\'t get the dragonfly to progress the game (even though I know exactly where it is and have attempted to zoom in on the area), and the hint button stopped working at the same time. Please fix ASAP, Alawar!
Rachel Anne 2015-09-10

Good game - Hint stopped working Good game. I really like it so far, HOWEVER, I got to the hippie van, and my hint button stopped working. The hint is fully charged but it won\'t work.. I had to uninstall and re install the game to get it to work. Had to start the whole thing from the beginning!
Damian Michalak 2013-12-07

Gorgeous graphics, cool story! The game is super addictive, however it has only one disadvantage - it\'s too short. But I think that for that price we\'re receiving good piece of stuff :) Major advantage? Graphics! Only animations could be better :)
Wolf Spirit One Spirit 2020-05-21

just started so I will be writing a review after I play the game a little more. finished the game stunning end. going to keep playing until I get tired of it. Nothing new wish there were upgrades more challenging. Challenge open the gate with code still trying to decipher it
Darlene Vile 2015-03-19

Fantastic, thanks again Alawar! Shonda-- Honey, the code for the front door is in your journal. When you pick up the paper from the grate, it doesn\'t go in your inventory like other clues since its considered information, rather than an item. You should always check your journal before giving up on an HOG and publicly declaring it broken.
Amanda Manning 2013-12-23

Locker code Great game but cannot figure out the locker code.
Bob M 2013-12-21

Entertaining Pros: very creative storyline, excellent graphics, varied mini-games, hint system points you to next location without reset. Cons: most of the voice acting is *very* bad, hint system offers no help for mini-games - just \'skip\', fairly short - ending seemed rushed. Overall: entertaining, worth the price
superawesome minecrafthayden 2013-11-16

Love these games. Please keep them coming I\'ve played them all and it takes so long for new ones!!!
Malie Colleado 2020-01-12

Great Game! Very interactive with audible taking characters and subtitles, which I always enjoy in games. Worth the money! I finished the game in about half a day. Very entertaining! 👏 Great Job!!!
DIYNoNeedToCry 2013-12-09

Great Had so much fun playing this game. I highly recommend it. Not hard but still challenging... great graphics and storyline. It was worth every penny. Thanks to the makers and please keep them coming. Looking forward to them