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Description of Moy's World

"Moy's World" is a brand new platformer with a classic feeling but unique gameplay!

Your mission is to help little Moy explore his way through amazing worlds with challenging and well design levels that sure will put your problem solving powers and exploration abilities to the test!

Unlike other platform games, Moy's World gives you a lot more freedom to explore and discover the levels in a unique way!

"Moy's World" also let's you design your own character the way you want!


- Large levels with a lot of freedom to explore and play as you want!

- Customize Moy with 70 000 combinations!

- Fluid animations

- 4 different worlds and more coming!

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More Information Of Moy's World

lable: Casual - Games Current Version:1.01.instant Publish Date:2021-03-03 Developer:Frojo Apps

User Reviews


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Naomi Heywood 2016-02-27

I loved it... Addictive and brilliant fun. But when you\'ve finished all the levels me and my sister have both started doing challenges, such as all your lives or all the money, stars and no killing of the small monsters. And various cobinations of these,for all the levels. I just thought it might be good if these were \'official\' challenges. Also when you have 9.726.900 in coins and have bought EVERYTHING. Coins kinda get pointless so can we have more stuff to buy and maybe more power ups to. This is Moy games king!!!!!!
Shannon Downey 2015-09-30

This game is fun, but... There really needs to be checkpoints. Some of the levels are really long and it sucks having to play the same level from the start over and over. Other than that the game is great. I do get really frustrated when I have to restart the whole level over again when I die though. So please add checkpoints to the levels! At least one checkpoint half way through each level would be nice.
A Google user 2016-07-08

Annoying I installed it and it didnt even open! Then it turned on after a few days it was cute but it kept on turning off! But it cant be my phone cause all the other moys games work. Can you fix that?
avril gaming 2020-04-22

It is a really nice game and it is fun to play but I think the snow level is easyer than the other ones 😜😛😝😋I love this game 🙈😋😋😋
Kim Nedland 2020-09-04

Cute game, hard for me the controls, but am older, lol young no problem with using two hand. Think one button would be better o two buttons on one side or stick and button same side. Anyway moves great and looks good too. Fun but like I said hard on my hands to do so end up not playing. But I recommend this game! 😊
Mirka Staneczek 2015-11-22

I loved it but... The people just copied the game Mario and, whenever I fail I just respawn at the very start. Could you change it so there are checkpoints and I\'ll rate this game 5 stars.
Ahmad Al-Shishtawy 2016-04-02

Addictive,fun and challenging!!!! It\'s a really awesome app. If you like Super Mario and those stuff you\'ll love this! It also has really adorable creatures, and you can buy lots of cute clothes (it doesn\'t cost real money😊). Love the graphics really much, and that is only one reason I love it😄. By the way, it would be better if you didn\'t have to complete the level to change level, change clothes or buy new clothes. But I still LOVE IT really much!😀😊☺😁😃😄😉😆😅😌😏
aaron a 2020-07-02

For galaxy 7, the jump button is to close to the \"close app\" button, making this unplayable. This can be fixed by letting the game flip with the phone
Sudeshna Mukherjee 2020-09-18

I don\'t like this game when it goes to level 3.. The tentacle monster (as I call it) does not have an end point giving curses.. And.. The clothes and other Accessories are very expensive.. Also you can provide more stars and fewer monsters.. I feel so bad when I lose the game and I was really addicted once!
Tiffany 562411 2020-03-16

Could\'ve been 5 stars but no cause defense only last seconds & don\'t last until u get hit just like in Mario & no life in the game to get. That\'s why no 5 stars