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Description of Moya App #datafree

Instant messaging & calling with friends, read news, get live-scores, use local services, play fun games, check the weather, read books, MoyaPayD i-Account that lets you pay and be paid….dololo data cost, and much more.

There is no data cost to use Moya and instant messaging on these mobile networks:

SOUTH AFRICA MTN, Cell C, Vodacom, Telkom





Moya even works on these networks even when you have no airtime or data balance.

The Moya App does NOT share your data with big tech companies. Full stop.

Too good to be true? Try it and see. No catch!


UNLIMITED INSTANT MESSAGING & VOICE NOTES no data cost on supported networks

DISCOVER browse a range of useful and fun online services, #datafree, all in the one app

VOICE & VIDEO CALLING best quality compared to other apps (not #datafree - before calling you will be warned)

MoyaPayD The i-account for your business hustle that lets you pay, get paid, transfer money, send money, swipe, EFT, withdraw cash and buy data, airtime, electricity and more.

GROUP CHAT unlimited group chat messaging for no data cost

MESSAGE ATTACHMENTS fully supported, such as photos, videos, documents, location sharing (not #datafree - before sending you will be warned)

END-TO-END SECURITY automatic end-to-end encryption of personal messages

CONTACTS SYNC automatically find your contacts who use Moya

ALWAYS LOGGED IN never miss a message

OFFLINE MESSAGES messages saved when your phone is off

uMoya ❤️

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More Information Of Moya App #datafree

lable: Communication - Apps Current Version:3.4.0 Publish Date:2021-10-19 Developer:Datafree Africa Pty Ltd

User Reviews


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mansa musa 2020-12-16

app is awesome, the free websites are important to keep society connected digitally without a cost barrier,, And I get to communicate with family and friends with NO need for airtime/data, Social entrepreneurship 😉😉, Suggestions: can we have a feature that allows voice notes to play on ear speaker, if one decides to put phone on ear, currently all vns on my phone play on loud speaker which can be inconvenient, And sometimes they can be some delays in messages 6 weeks later, has been progress?
Ginny Hassim 2020-09-23

Very good app!! Definate keeper! Similar to whatsapp except it hasnt got the call and Video calling features.. Thank you Dev team!! job well done!!Sharing it with my friends.. Allready got some of them to download the app..👌👍Definately worth the 5 Stars.. Works perfectly and does what it stands for.. From the time i downloaded the app i never picked up any problems.. Thanks again Dev team for a great App.. Will keep on sharing!! 🙏🙏👌👍
Mosia mokwena 2021-01-05

I love this app the only problem is some fixtures are always the same each month. Bt to b honest I love it cause it keeps me up to date with current issues. Thumps up for data free. I love the other apps that I can get into for free. Thank you once more. If it\'s for free why complain.
NIDENE Smith 2020-12-27

I think you should add a status to it and maybe be able to call people and video call and make it more interesting where they can send videos and music and voice notes without having to use data but this is why I am giving her to stop because it\'s not perfect and you need to have things perfect if you want people to install it
crystal viljoen 2021-03-08

I wish this app had \"Dark Mode\", because I absolutely love this app! It\'s by far the cheapest way to communicate with your contacts and you are given the opportunity to make new contacts when you\'re added to a group! It is a datafree-communication app. You can share photos, videos, you\'re given the option to share voice messages on a low(data saver) or good(uses a little bit of data) quality etc... share it to a private contact or on a group. You can also block contacts and delete chat messages!
Vinoliah Mkhondo 2021-01-15

Oh I love the app , esp the Discover part oh my goodness that extremely smart of you guys to do that...I love books and many of the things you have on the Discover option...Well done on that part. I\'m already looking forward to using it and have told all my contacts to migrate to a local app ..because you know what Local is Lekker.👊🏿👏🏿🙌🏿. One thing to add though, can we have fun African emojis, things that resonates with us.
William Adediran 2020-10-26

This is a great app but i have a challenge. Whenever you send multiple messages in the same minute, it just adds it to the last message like it\'s a new line... I don\'t think that\'s too cool... Would have given a 5 star rating but that one just doesn\'t settle. Great app by the way... Do well to fix this. Guys it\'s safe for download. Liam Diamond 💎
Abigail de Koker 2020-12-03

This app is a really great one. Yes i had a few problems but they responded diligently and after a couple of minutes the problem was solved. I was surprised at how quickly it was over but im glad i got to enjoy this app once again. This app is really useful for when other people dont have data as well so i can stay in contact with them and i who do not have a sim just have to be connected to wifi and will be able to chat to them. Great app
Nolyolo Cele 2021-02-04

The app is really amazing...Besides being able to talk with people for free is one of the best thing about it...Also having to read newspapers,magazines,and read book is the best part about it...the only problem I may have is that I receive my notifications hours later,which is really a bore...but other then that the app is good
Gaming Dragon 2020-10-26

I recently couldn\'t send messages to a person and then thought to reinstall the app after restarting several times without any effect. Upon reinstall I did not receive any pin code sms\'s to verify. Could someone please help me to fix this, thanks in advance. Edit: South Africa, Telkom, I wanted to retry but it said to wait 12 hours and the time did not go down. Edit:works now thanks