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Description of MP3 Cutter and Ringtone Maker

With MP3 Cutter & Ringtone Maker, you can easily trim music, merge music, mix music and accurately cut out the tuneful part of music and set it as a unique ringtone for every contact. Customizing your own alarm/notification is also viable. It even supports bitrate & volume adjustment to create the highest quality melody for you!

🎵Fast audio input & cutting:

● Fade in and fade out effects.

● Audio cutter, millisecond-level perfect cutting.

● Support mp3, wav, ogg, m4a, acc, flac etc.

● Zoom waveform to trim audio accurately.

● One tap to set Start & End time.

● Inbuilt music player for playing music clips any time.

🎶Powerful audio editing & output:

● Edit audio name & convert format, e.g. mp3, aac, etc.

● Audio merger and audio joiner.

● Audio Mixer.

● Adjust bitrate for hd audio, 64kb/s, 128kb/s, 192kb/s, 256kb/s, etc.

● Reduce/boost volume.

● Customize unique ringtone for every contact.

● Set as Ringtone, Alarm, Notification.

How to use this audio cutter:

1. Choose a music clip from your phone/ SD card

2. Select the length of the music you want to cut out and trim music

3. Edit tag for the clip(Title, Format, Bitrate, Volume etc)

4. Save as Ringtone/Alarm/Notification or Share

♪ Powerful Ringtone Cutter

With this amazing ringtone cutter, you can trim music and cut every part of your favorite ringtone. The powerful ringtone cutter contains so many functions. Come and explore what this ringtone cutter can bring to you!

♪ Audio merger and audio joiner

The audio merger and joiner function can make you easily merge or join several audios together. You can change the order of the songs and join the songs with good sound quality.

♪ Audio Mixer

Handy audio mixer for music lover. You can choose your favorite music and mix them together into a audio. Just try the audio mixer and create your unique music.

♪ Exclusive ringtone editor

Go to set a unique ringtone directly for family members and friends. Download this mp3 editor/ringtone editor to release your creativity!

♪ Easy audio cutter

This audio cutter identifies ALL audio files on your device and SD Card automatically. And you can also use the inbuilt browser to search songs.

♪ Professional audio editor

MP3 Cutter & Ringtone Maker enables you to select audio length quickly with waveform zooming or one tap to set start time or end time manually. And you can trim music and re-edit music clips inside the audio editor.

♪ Efficient audio trimmer

No need to wait for finishing the current converting task. You can start next audio cutting directly with this mp3 editor. In addition, you can re-edit music clips in output folder.

♪ All in one tone creator

Not only a mp3 cutter, but also a mp3 editor, ringtone cutter, audio editor, audio trimmer, ringtone maker, ringtone editor and notification tone creator.

Explanation for permissions:




MP3 Cutter & Ringtone Maker need the permission to access to your contact data, then you can choose exclusive ringtones just created for each contact.

Please be assured that the request is for the setting ringtones ONLY. MP3 Cutter & Ringtone Maker will never collect your contact information.

Thank you for downloading MP3 Cutter & Ringtone Maker. And your suggestions or problems are always welcomed. Please contact us at videostudio.feedback@gmail.com.

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More Information Of MP3 Cutter and Ringtone Maker

lable: Music & Audio - Apps Current Version: Publish Date:2022-06-13 Developer:InShot Inc.

User Reviews


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TiffanyBlue Terps ‘n Tarot 2020-10-09

This app is awesome! Simply take your favorite songs or audio files you have saved on your phone, edit them however you\'d like, and turn them into customized ringtones. Besides just picking your favorite part of a song & making it your ringtone, there are lots of other customizations available that you never even knew you wanted until you see them in the app...! It\'s good stuff!! And I almost forgot to mention one of the best features of all ... It\'s free! So download it & give it a try ...!
Joanna G 2020-08-01

Very easy to use, even for a novice user. I just cut my first ringtone from my favourite song, it was easy, and works like a charm. App brings up your music/sound library where you pick what you want to work with. The sliders make the cutting the right piece a breeze, and you get asked how you want to use your newly cut mp3 (I chose as ringtone), and sets it flawlessly. The menus are intuitive and navigation easy. I have not come across any unnecessary permissions, which is awesome. 5 stars!
Nicole Lowery 2020-09-21

Perfect for what I needed it for, setting different ringtones for different contacts on my phone. The only thing that could be better is that it could have a way to skip back or forward easier when trying to cut down a song. Other than that, it\'s perfect. The songs convert pretty quickly, 10-15 seconds at most so overall I\'m very happy with this app.
Patrick 1 2019-10-01

You have 1 advert that is freezing the app! It is an advert for the piano. Everytime this add appears the app freezes and has to be closed!
Ekepoppin\' Nlló 2020-08-13

Audio cutting not successful! I downloaded an album but the tracks are merged. I tried using this app to seperate the joints, and it was really easy to use, but it didn\'t work! Track 1 plays till the end of album, track 2 plays from track 2 till end of album and so forth. Tell me if i did a mistake. I\'m really disappointed! I already expressed my appreciation of the app and also gave it 5 stars rating as demanded. But in the end, after cutting and played back, the result is very disappointing.
LilPandaGirl 2020-11-27

I love this app! I personally listen to songs from a YouTuber I love, and a lot of them have long intros and outros, so with this app, I can cut out those parts instead of having to fast forward every time a new song starts! Definitely recommend this to anyone else who had the same problem as I did, and it\'s also so easy to use! Just, 100% Perfect! 😄♥️💯
Alexander Vega 2020-01-07

I record my band rehearsals with my smartphone audio recorder app, then use MP3 Cutter and Ringtone Maker app to open the audio file and crop/cut off whatever we don\'t want in the song, and leave the parts that we want, so we can hear ourselves and practice along. When converting, it gives you the choice of turning the default audio format into mp3, and also choose which bit rate you want the song to be convertet to. Very convenient. Needless to say, you can make ringtones too.
on point 2020-11-07

Normally cant be bothered to write reviews 🤣🤣 but was so happy to find a simple app to edit my mp3 file i thought I had to. Used it to cut annoying long unnecessary minute long talking at the end of a song. Very neat simple interface and easy to use. I definitely don\'t mind watching the 5 second ads. Its a good free app. They deserve to get paid for their work ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Missing Link 2020-03-18

Edit: Changed from 4 stars to 5 stars after the nice reply from the dev. It\'s great for basic trimming but it lacks a couple of things for me personally, which are: 1. More accurate trimming i.e. more zoom. 2. It has no copy, cut and paste, instead you have to trim the bit you want to keep to a new file then merge it at the end of the file you want to copy it to. 3. It needs a cut and delete function to trim bits out of the middle of a file. Apart from that it\'s great
Korben Dallas 2020-10-04

It is easy to use and it gets the job done. I like that it shows the exact minutes and seconds making it easier to get a precise cut. The play preview during the trimming process is a few seconds off though. The play preview will have a few seconds added before and after the trimming, meaning the final cut will have extra seconds at the beginning and end that you probably don\'t want. So listen to the audio in your main music player app and remember the exact timeframe that you want to trim.