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MP3 Cutter

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Description of MP3 Cutter

MP3 cutter is the best tool for editing music files in a convenient and easy way . This application also support cutting and merging of audio files including MP3, WAV, ACC, WMA, FLAC, M4A, OPUS, AC3, AIFF, OGG etc. Application is designed to make music editing so easy and fun .

Features :

- Supports almost all audio files.

- Merge multiple audio files at once.

- Simple and clean user interface.

- Remove specific part from audio.

- Change export quality and file size.

- Add fade, silence to audio.

- Adjust volume of MP3 music.

- List all the MP3 songs from the SD card.

- Choose the MP3 files from the list.

- Cut the file using forward and backward selector.

- Integrated MP3 player help you to play before audio cutting.

- You can save the file to SD card.

- Set the edited file as ring tone.

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More Information Of MP3 Cutter

lable: Music & Audio - Apps Current Version:Varies with device Publish Date:2022-06-10 Developer:accountlab

User Reviews


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Robert Ash 2018-12-02

Difficult to edit large files, because the timeline cannot be condensed short enough to fit on the screen. This is a common flaw in these types of programs, so you may not have problems with short 5-minute files.
Castel Playz 2019-02-12

Nice app. Simple and easy. Do use. Didnt find that merge option tho. As for ads, just turn off your WiFi or cellular during use. Problem Solved!!
Valentin Brasov 2019-11-01

After removing start and end of song through cutting it shows when playing the song the length as longer than the cut. Moving the progress bar while playing in another mp3 player towards the end of the cutted song, there is nothing there and it jumps to the beginning of the song. This did not happen with other mp3 cutters.
Solo Traveller 2019-06-05

Most of the times, mp3 cutter software advertisements are mind blowing. But when it comes to function it becomes terrible. But this software is excellent. User friendly, ringtones or song clips can be created with an ease and stored in a separate folder. Easy to find the original song from the mp3 database. And moreover, size of this software is so small that we can even install in any android mobile which has low memory specifications. That makes it special. Thank you. I enjoyed it.
Carl Kearse 2021-01-22

This is a great music editor. Cuting and merging music is super easy. Making ringtones from songs you like is a breeze. Best and easiest music editor App. (update) This is still my favorite mp3 editor.(Update) again still great. They added ads when you trim now but I have no complaints. They have to make money somehow.
Jagdeep kumar Bishnoi 2020-11-13

This is very useful to trim MP3 track, recently in times of MP4 nothings working in some systems. So its very useful to converted mp3 track to trim and make step by step songs as it is. I make Geeta\'s 18 lesson seprately from MP4 and single track to 18 seprate track. Thanks team for create this useful app.
Scott Gamble 2020-05-02

Well well well, AN APPLICATION THAT ACTUALLY WORKS !!! I\'m looking at the better part of 50 MP3 cutters I\'ve tried over the last 2 days, but this one worked, very well. There\'s a lot of thumbs up for different applications, this is the only one that actually did what it advertises. A lot of time when in searching for this application I only wish that it had been in the first few not the last that I looked at, que Sera Sera.
Fabian Gibbs 2019-09-13

First experience a bit tricky to understand but 5mins all is good. Superb app in all its simplicities. Saving a file and using it as a ringtone is too easy. I like the advance features but seriously, you don\'t even need them for small projects. Great app... let\'s hope updates don\'t miss up one\'s self explanatory joy.
Ryan Lambie 2021-01-03

All of a sudden, it doesn\'t recognize any of My files. A shame. It use to be a useful app. Well! On to the next one! 🤷🏾‍♂️👌🏾
Tamara Tamara 2020-03-14

Modifying previous review. It saves the cut audios but seems to do so in a delayed way. The app is neat, cuts pretty quickly but does not cut precisely. It would be nice if there can be function to combine audios. It looks like the app is meant mostly for ringtones creation. Otherwise the cutting of audios is easy and the content plays as original. Ads are not intrusive. Nice app, just needs some polishing.