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Description of MP3 Downloader, YouTube Player

Best free music player! 🌟 Top music downloader! 🔥 #1 Music app! 💎 Download songs and play offline for free! The best music player for YouTube. AT Player: download free music! MP3 & all formats. Super sound quality. Hundreds of millions of users choose this super music app. Discover more than 200 million free songs! Keep your music playing while using other apps. Note: this app downloads music for offline listening from Podcasts, Dropbox, and Jamendo. You can stream YouTube music but cannot download music from YouTube. This app is NOT a YouTube music downloader. ( MP3 Player, YouTube Player, FM Radio, Free Offline MP3 Music Downloader )

Download over 20 million MP3 songs fast and play offline music anytime with themes, equalizer, variable speed, bass boost. Listen to offline music & video, FM Radio, even when the screen is off.

Best free music app:

⬇️ All features 100% free forever! 🎉 No limited skips, no accounts, no required subscriptions!

Unlimited music, All-in-One player: free online streaming of any song. Listen to free music from smart recommendations: personalized playlists only for you. 💖 Any songs, movies, videos, artists, playlists from YouTube for any mood for free.

Discover new & trending free music in high-quality using search or music recognition!

🚀 Lightweight and powerful Free Music Player supercharges YouTube videos with state-of-the-art features like an equalizer, bass boost, 50+ cool dark themes, sleep timer, ringtone cutter, lyrics, playlists, Dropbox, podcasts, etc.

AT Player Free Music multitasking: listen to YouTube with a floating player while using other apps. The power saver mode lets you listen without turning off your phone and saving power. Playing YouTube content when the screen is off is not allowed by YouTube; use the power saver or offline & radio tabs for that.

⭐️ Unlimited free music and movies with AT Music Player:

• Find any song! Search music, playlists, albums, songs, artists, remixes, singles, covers, FM radio, podcasts, etc

• Identify music playing nearby and get it fast

• YouTube playlists import

• Fully configurable floating popup player for multitasking

• Listen to public playlists or import your playlists from YouTube

• Free music unlimited play using AI recommendation, music recognition, search based playlists

• Free music of all genres: Hip Hop, Reggaeton, K-Pop, Gospel, Electronic, Latin, Pop, R&B, Jazz, Disco, Country, Rock, Classical, etc

• Discover the best free music by mood, activity, genres, daily top charts, weekly top playlists

• 50+ Themes

• High-Quality video player

• Listen offline without wifi

• Ringtone maker, MP3 cutter, Sleep timer

• Movies, TV Shows, Audio Books: Comedy, Action, Sci-Fi, Romance, etc

• Powerful, low system resources usage, minimum wifi / mobile data

• Minimum ads, ad-free option

• FM radio

⭐️ Music Player:

• Offline background playback

• Lyrics

• All formats support: audio, video, lossless, MP3, FLAC, M4B, MP4, 3GP, MID, OGG, etc

• Equalizer with presets: Hip Hop, Electronic, Dance, Jazz, Pop, Rock, Folk, Heavy Metal, Classical

• Shuffle, Repeat, Bass boost

• Headset Bluetooth controls

• Battery saver

• Variable speed playback

• Unlimited playlists: favorites, history, recommendations

• Share playlists, songs

This Music Player:

Does not download YouTube videos.

Does not cache YouTube content to play offline.

Does not play YouTube when the screen is turned off.

Does not play YouTube in the background.

Use free music only for non-commercial purposes.

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lable: Music & Audio - Apps Current Version:1.534 Publish Date:2022-06-19 Developer:Super Music Player Downloader

User Reviews


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That Guy James 2020-10-18

This WAS my favorite ap, now it gets worse with every update (constantly)! Open it up, get an ad. Select a song, get an ad. Hit \"shuffle\" and it changes the song you\'re in the middle of playing. Mini-player now takes up half my screen. Que gets hidden behind playlists, kinda gets confusing. Ads never exit on their own; have fun stopping what you\'re doing to exit out manually. I don\'t have time for this! Really frustrating. Time to uninstall for good. No, I\'m not paying $30 a year for this.
Mayani 2020-05-24

It was great when I first got it and didn\'t have an issue, even with the ads. My issue now is that it no longer imports my playlists, even current ones it had imported before. Mainly whenever I try and import a playlist, it says imported but nothing was there. Deleted old playlists and tried to see if maybe it was just the other playlist, but same thing. Nothing. Don\'t know if it\'s a bug, but I really enjoy this app and wish it could be fixed so I can continue using it.
A Google user 2019-09-22

I love how this app allows you to listen to a song and watch the video on a small screen and you can still play any game or use social media etc. I love the app. Its even better than all these other music apps such as spotify, pandora, itunes, etc. The best part about the app is that you can do anything on your phone and listen to music and watch the video screen on a small corner and if you dont have wifi then download mp3 songs. I never write a review for an app, but this app is speechless.
Sherry McChesney 2019-12-21

This app is very easy to use...what is different about this app that I\'ve never experienced in having in the other apps, there is a FM Radio. Which i love !!!! That way i can download the songs that i grew up listening to that i for some reason forgot about.so now I\'m able to reconnect to the ole classic rock and hip hop music off all time. I just love this app...and thank you to the owners as well to the staff for allowing myself too be a part of your app, able to listen to all my favorites. TY
anna 2019-06-13

It really is a good app, and I recommend downloading this app if none of the others have worked for you, like me. But I do wanna know if you can fix it to where when you turn off your phone music continues to play, so that I can save some battery. And before I could re-organize which song I wanted to go first pretty easily but now its kind of diffucult so if you could fix that too..? Thats all the complaints I have, otherwise its a 10/10 for me.
Ash 2020-06-22

I am Sorry But this app Is Horrible, Not Even 5 Seconds and an Ad plays, Seriously The App is Drowning in Ads, It keeps Glitching whenever I Search for a Song and Turns it into something else, I Took a Freaking 5 Minutes Just so I can Download a Song i mean yeah You Can Listen To the Music but it\'s Really Annoying, I would\'ve Kept this App if it Didn\'t Have That Much Ads Or Glitches, Other Than That It\'s Not Bad, But i don\'t Want To Waste 5 Minutes of my Life trying to play a Song
BimLau Yomashitobi 2019-09-30

The app does its overall purpose, but functionality is garbage. You can\'t download most songs via the app, and if you do download mp3 files to play through the app, the interface literally doesn\'t work for offline mode. You cant switch the order of music videos or delete videos from the playlist without completely undownloading them, or even choose what downloads will play. It says you can do all these things, but the changes revert the second you close or leave the app.
Sandra Sarah 2020-12-10

This app is great for making offline playlist and if you are going to download the app please be patient with the ads (there\'s not many) they need these ads to keep the app free. Although you cannot download directly from Youtube you can find many other songs available for download. I like this app it has a great miniplayer (that doesnt take up entire screen)and amazing sound quality. I recommend if you plan to play music offline and miniplayer out of the way. Amazing music player. 😁
Ladunni peace Olaoluwakemi 2020-01-25

it\'s really superb I love it, I wish I had seen it before now, it\'s nice intact the first one I downloaded was also a free music down loader but I was dissapointed but now am glad I have this although I doubted it at first and thought it would be like the other ones I downloaded but no,its bursts my bubbles. I love it thanks so much for this platform I appreciate. But you can still improve and be better. 😘👍
Satisfication Gamer 2019-11-24

This is a underrated music app, but it is amazing, really. I have this app and it is so simple to work and it is basically a 2nd YouTube. But I love this app a lot because you can listen to things whilst playing games ect. What I love the most is the amount of Adds. Barely any and I LOVE IT. This game deserves a 5.0 rating. Thank you for creating this good luck in future :).