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MP3 Player

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Description of MP3 Player

MP3 player is a multi purpose music player for Smartphones . Enjoy the best music experience in your smart phone . Browse and play songs on your device faster with this application . You can also cut mp3 songs using mp3 cutter tool .Create or edit playlist more easily with this ultimate mp3 player .

Key Features :

- 5 band graphic equalizer

- Built in mp3 cutter

- Lockscreen play

- Home screen widgets

- Bass and treble equalizer adjustment

- Plays MP3, MIDI, WAV, Raw AAC files

- Create and edit playlist

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More Information Of MP3 Player

lable: Music & Audio - Apps Current Version:Varies with device Publish Date:2022-06-10 Developer:maxound

User Reviews


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Charlotte Martelli 2020-11-02

Pretty good app, i don\'t know why some people on the comments said you could download music from this app, is certainly not the case. But it\'s useful as an alternative to previous Google media player, keeps your music organized. It would be even better to be able to download / listen to podcasts. So that would be cool to have as a feature.
Michael Mora 2020-12-02

This is the music app that i have always used. I love it.However, the last 2 days it had been randomly turning off, stopping my music randomly about every 20-30 seconds. The only thing that finally fixed it was Uninstalling and re-installing it. So hopefully this helps anyone having the same issue because the app is back to working perfectly for me.
Sandra Kinzer 2019-03-18

Searched for an artist, then when I tapped on the artist on the results page, app said it could not recognize the file. Not very helpful.
Ami Rose Heiges 2019-03-30

This is my favorite music app in the hole apps of music. I beileve that if you got this app you\'d agree, that this app is so nice to have for special or anytime you want to listen to music in peace! This app is the best music app you can get. You can find almost any song you want to on this app,its a really nice app! I love it very,very much its so great everytime I play music on here I just lose any kind of stress, that I might have going on in my life. I love that you can minimize out & hear!
ExertKarma 2020-10-22

This app is a great alternative to google play music! If you like to download a lot of mp3s, I would highly recommend it. One feature I would love to see is a setting where you can choose to ignore the word \"The\" in sorting by titles/artists, as it would clear up the T section on the music list.
Jo Hahn 2019-08-27

Ads are placed in such a way that you can\'t back up/fast forward without hitting the ad. I wanted to try before I buy, but am not going to buy since trying is just annoying.
Deepak Rathore 2019-08-19

very good mp3 player. its sound quality is awesome. very user friendly UI and dark theme is awesome. even adds are not irritating they appear down the screen and not interfere with user control and view. ps: I have been using it for more than 3 years.
Trevor Plante 2020-08-17

It\'s a nice app, and it works good. It needs help to be a better app. ... There\'s no option to \"shuffle play\" ... Hearing the music you have in your phone play in the same order gets monotonous and old. ..... Nice but not nice enough to keep on my phone.

I\'ve used this app many many times and back in the day when I used to always want an MP3 player this is the most smartest one that you can possibly download off of the Play Store! In order to get whatever songs you want especially, off another app that you need to get off the internet go to Security in your phone and basically turn off the permission slip in order to allow you to download fildo from off of the internet in order to play your songs on this app through the PlayStore there you go!!
Matthew Ashbaugh 2020-08-18

Good app. Only thing I wish there was is another form of sorting by artist. For example: Artist