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The fabric of reality is in shreds and monsters are pouring in! It’s up to you to step up to the plate. Bring your biggest gun and your A game, because you’re the… Defender of Everything!

Rampage through levels and shoot the alien scum in the face. Or behind, your choice. Eventually you’ll get yours kicked. Tough. Sucks to be you. But! With the loot you can find, you can get bigger and badder weapons that’ll leave a string of ruined enemies in their wake! By the end, there will be more bullet than air for everyone to breathe.


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lable: Action - Games Current Version:1.14.3 Publish Date:2022-06-19 Developer:Lightheart Entertainment

User Reviews


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Dan M 2020-12-22

Great game, fun and addictive. HOWEVER, there are some serious drawbacks. 1. The biggest being, its \'Pay To Win\'. It takes a very long time to earn in game currency but it you pay real money you can advance quickly. 2. There are many tedious upgrades for your character making it hard to level them up.. Again, pay to win. 3. The perks you unlock throughout the world basically determines how well you do. You get your choice of 3 (often usless)...but you guessed it. You pay real money for more
Ryan Deslaurier 2020-11-02

This game could be amazing and fun...but its frustrating. You need to do some pretty heavy grinding to advance very far, which is fine, the game itself is fun and fast paced. But the energy system seems designed to piss people off. You get enough energy to play four rounds. (Maybe 15 mins gameplay) then you have to wait hours to recharge. Get rid of it! Just let people play your game!
Ninja Hombrepalito 2021-01-10

Fun game! The only problem I have with it is how hard it is to level up. I mean, one earns around 1,500 coins per play (even in new stages), and the price of leveling up just keeps getting higher. Besides, leveling up is a gamble. It doesn\'t level up all aspects of the character, only one out of like 16. And it might not even be good. Not to mention weapons and armor are upgraded separately, but at least for those, it\'s the damage and hp that always gets leveled up.
EnigmAPheoniX Truth 2020-11-04

Developers have implemented cheats in the game to force you to continue to buy diamonds in the hopes that you spend more and more due to the challenge to try to win. Its gotten so bad now it has \'random lag spikes\' when it never did, you get damaged when you shouldn\'t have, the jump height varies despite the button being held the same amount of time, so that you get hit by the games built in movement predictions. I have all of this recorded, and will be lodging it with Google. Disgusting.
Matt Frame 2021-02-09

Great Game!!! Well designed and easy to pick up. Further, the upgrade system each level makes the experience totally different. There is a lot of variety between the monsters and challenges you face. My only complaint is that after the first world or two, you either have to spend money to make your character remotely strong enough to beat the world, or grind for a weeks to slowly upgrade your character.
shawn stanfield 2021-01-03

The game is great to a point. The last up date seems to have made it even harder than before. Seems they updated it to the point you have to buy stuff to pass levels now. I understand you need to make money but dang. I am not saying I want it easy but you have made it so hard to upgrade without buying stuff that its almost boring. I will still play until it gets to boring. Also bring the looper gun back for the rest of us that didn\'t get started right away.
Syphicc lol 2021-01-12

I\'m actually really happy with the game! As long there are no problems I will keep the 5★ up. I will be updating the rating, and give the problems that I encounter. Overall, great game, some things are different than Archero as it is simular (I think this game needs more downloads). Keep updating the game and I hope you are doing well.
Tyler Woodhouse 2020-11-11

Super fun. Reminds me of Jetpack Joyride, but better. Energy system is a poor design decision. Makes you stop playing after 4 games. Make it like Jetpack Joyride and this could be a mega hit. Update: changing my rating to 5 stars. After paying $8 for the monthly battle pass, I realized it was totally worth the $. It gives me a reason to log in and have fun each day working toward objectives. The rewards are fair, but the game isn\'t about the rewards. It\'s a fun and challenging shooter.
chris morrow 2020-10-11

Great game... Or could be. The energy system sucks. You get to play for 15 minutes then they want you to pay to keep playing. I hate greedy devs. Let us pay to get rid of the energy, you make plenty on ad revenue. Most of the skills are garbage, and the garbage skills appear too much. This is minor. Also getting hit by stuff you can\'t see because it is out of the frame is stupid. Add a roof, or change the view to where we can see the whole map. All in all, a 5 star game held hostage by greed.
CreepinCrawlin Creature 2021-02-10

This game is cool, I like the type of game and the level up style. My only complaint is the energy system. I beat the first world and went on to the desert one but the difficulty spike is so intense it\'s going to require so much energy to be able to beat it and the fact that it\'s only 20 with like a 10 minute energy regen between one energy it\'s ridiculous. Please change this, then I\'d rate 5.