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Description of Mr Bean - Special Delivery

🚙🐻No delivery job is too far for Bean and his trusty sidekick, Teddy! So buckle up and start your engines, in this awesome official Mr Bean game.🐻🚙

Mr Bean Driving Games

🛑Play the OFFICIAL Mr Bean driving game for FREE now and deliver to all his friends & foes.

🛑Test your driving skills – get to the finish line as fast as possible WITHOUT dropping any of the precious packages.

Customize Mr Bean's famous green Mini

🚗 Upgrade his old Green Car with Paints, Wheels, Toppers & Trails. Collect them ALL for special bonuses!

⬆️ Level up your Experience to unlock more upgrades.

🚀 Craft power-ups in Mr Bean's Boost-a-matic to give you an edge on each run.

Deliver to 4 exciting original AREAS!

🏙️ Drive through the steep streets of the CITY.

🌳 Climb the high hills of the COUNTRYSIDE.

🏔️ Ride the rollercoaster in the MOUNTAINS.

🏜️ Melt your tyres in the DESERT

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Free to download and play, but contains 3rd party advertising and some in app items can also be purchased for real money.

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More Information Of Mr Bean - Special Delivery

lable: Casual - Games Current Version:1.9.10 Publish Date:2021-08-16 Developer:GameBake

User Reviews


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MaTiN R 2020-07-20

It looks getting the licence of Mr. Bean costed a lot for Good Catch; so they\'re trying to make money in anyway possible. If you want to play and you don\'t want to waste your time with looking to the screen until the game gives you a mission, you need gem. For getting gems, you have to pay real money or watch an ad; there\'s no other way. I saw pay to win games before, But this is a new thing: PAY TO PLAY.
Andrzej Hryncewicz 2020-05-18

It\'s just a cash grab. Two nice and easy rides, then you have to use boosters that can be conveniently bought or you can watch ads for them. Which would be kinda acceptable if you didn\'t have to watch random ads after levels. But you do have to.
Daryl Thomas 2019-12-12

Impeccable art style and gameplay. I donated my whole bank account to the battle pass. I love simulating the government on this game. I would make this game my wife if I could, and would have several thousand children with it.

This games is very good and suitable for any ages to plays this games but my suggestion is if your add sound to each of the trails...that can be more interesting to plays this games and you can get more rate for this games...thanks for the best game
cal clark 2019-09-12

I think that I love mr. Bean because this app is so great and I think it was so fun playing it and I will play it all the time I think it\'s kind of like fortnite how there\'s different tiers like how you can get more prizes but if you have the VIP pass you get more prizes than the other one so that\'s pretty good but if you\'re reading this yeah you are really great but this took me a long time to type and I\'m going to do even more stuff so hello and mr. Bean is great!!!!!
Benton Cunningham 2020-01-12

Graphics are great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! L O L love!!!!!!!!!!!!! a great game I will give it 100 the graphics are great I love this game the game is very good he can get the driver the way how it looks I don\'t really like it the stars if there were 100 great games everyone
Jimmy 950WE 2020-08-19

This has been one of my favourite games yet, I always loved Mr Bean aswell! The gameplay is excellent, as are the customizations too. One or two things I would like if there were to be an update is an adventure mode and more than 30 levels. It would be interesting to choose different characters to play as through the game.
Jonathan H 2019-07-19

Forced ads, i dont mind watching ads for a reward but forcing them to play after youve played thru a mission is just annoying. No matter how much i enjoy Mr Bean i cant support this game.
A follower Of Christ 2020-12-25

Update: To the devs, Thank you for the reply but I am still experiencing that stutter in the game. Often times, it seems like there is that \"trigger\" for the ad, but nothing appears. Only the speedometer is gone and the game still hangs for a few seconds as I had mentioned. To be fair, it is better than before but still hangs for a random amount of time.
Karan Nayyer 2019-05-13

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