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Description of Multimine - BTC Cloud Mining

Stop wasting your time and start BTC Cloud Mining with Multimine – BTC Cloud Mining app.

Instead of sitting idle, you can make money through your mobile phone. Multimine provides you with a one-click solution that allows anyone anywhere to make money.

Passive earnings are every person’s dream. There are a lot of ways for it. Mining is one of the best ways for passive earning. Multimine brings multiple cryptocurrency mining on your mobile phone.

There are many ways to make money in the cryptocurrency world. Trading crypto is one way, but another is mining the currencies created through blockchain technology. Don’t miss a trending unique opportunity that allows you to find ways to earn money by just having a phone in your pocket.

Winners are those who avail opportunities therefore, don't miss the great chance and be a winner!

Start Background mining immediately with multimine Cloud mining app. Your device will keep mining in the background even if you minimize your app and lock the phone.

Multimine is a cloud mining service for a cryptocurrency (Cloud Mining), in which you can buy a plane and start mining to earn crypto coins. Multimine allows everyone to earn cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum & other crypto coins.

The application does not heat the phone, does not require a lot of resources, and can work in the background without interfering with the use of your device usage experience.

Download the Multimine BTC mining app to start earning today!

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lable: Finance - Apps Current Version:1.03 Publish Date:2021-03-08 Developer:Multimine BTC LTD

User Reviews


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Ricky Price 2021-01-20

Save your money and time. I used this app, both the free version and paid $38 for supposed faster mining, but after using both and cashing out on both I have not received anything. Not to mention running them side by side, the free version was just as fast, if not faster. Complete waste of money. You think I could get ahold of anyone to help me or anything so save yourself the hassle. What a rip off.
Derek Iannelli-Smith 2021-02-02

Dear Multimine, I took a chance with your app after reading how great support was. I even upgraded to your Diamond cloud plan. I have now over 20 emails where you placate me and promise to honor my pending withdrawals. With over 20 pending withdrawals with an average of 50000 Satoshi.... You get my point. My subscription should have been paid for... Instead it\'s Feb 1 and I am sending you another email... So bad review and I am reporting your app to Google play.
Randy Newman 2021-01-06

Horrible. I have been using this for almost 3 weeks. Paid $120 for an upgraded package. When i withdraw, it says pending. 12/18/2020 was when i attempted my first withdraw. I have \"mined\" over $200 at this point and have recieved nothing in my btc wallet. When i contact customer support, i keep getting a run around. I either want a refund, or the satoshi i have mined.
J T 2021-01-14

They have \"technical problems\" frequently. Coins have disappeared from my balance at least 4 times now. They do however respond quickly after I contact support when this happens. And 3 out of the 4 times they replaced the missing coins, and did so in less then 30 minutes. I got to say though, I am very skeptical. If I stick it out long enough to be able to request a withdraw, and receive it... I will come back and improve the 3 star rating. We\'ll see what happens.
Dylan Anderson 2021-02-21

Dont be fooled! I bought this ignoring others reviews, and put in $180 in total, I have \"made\" $200 with the app so far, and have, multiple times withdrawn. It\'s now 4 months later, and I haven\'t received a penny. And the encountering bugs all the time is (I\'m assuming) fake because it\'s been there since I started. I\'ve written probly 5 emails, they sent me to some other online profile management site, where I wrote another 3 messages. Still haven\'t gotten anything. I really want a refund:(
Mark Reagan 2021-01-21

Do not waste your time or money on this app. I have waited for almost a week for the transfer of funds/coins to hit my account from the bitcoin mining. I have made several inquiries and the only response is \"technical issue\". No explanation and no indication of when funds might be transferred. Definitely a scam. Google should ban the app as they are clearly scamming people. Will be happy to update and change the review if they ever find or fix the app. But I have my doubta that will happen.
Francis Sepa 2021-02-04

I have had the app running in the background for over 2½ months. Finally managed to make enough to request a withdrawal, i requested one on the 24th of January 2021. The time i was asked to wait was 5 days. It is now past five days. I have tried contacting there support through email and all they send back is a proposed interest percentage of my requested withdrawal once they fix some bugs or so they say at their end. I am still waiting after 2 emails and the same response from them.
Dave Simpson 2021-01-13

Everything seems good so far. Running smooth very easy to use. Only complaint I have is the min number of Satoshi required for payout is a bit High. I would recommend not reading the other reviews before trying the app. there are a lot of reviews that say a lot of things that are simply not true. Once it\'s time for payout I will come back to update my review. If everything with the payout goes as smoothly as everything else is going so far I will give five stars
Ryan Darrow 2021-02-07

I bought the upgrade to mine faster. I submitted 2 withdrawl requests to test that everything works properly. The withdrawls are supposed to take up to 5 days to complete. Still shows pending after 10 days and 7 days respectively. I contacted customer service multiple times. No reaponse except for the automated ones. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY OR TIME ON THIS APP!!!!
Everette Lourens 2021-03-17

Don\'t waste your money or time. If you want to withdraw your funds it will say pending. Mine has been saying pending for 3 months now and still no response from support as well. Support has now said we have technical issues and will give bonuses to the people who\'s accounts have trouble withdrawing. I\'m also now blocked from logging into my account