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Description of Multiplication table

An efficient educational game for kids.

Perfect for kids to help them learn multiplication tables.

This application consists of various trainings and games.

Children will learn multiplication tables easily and quickly.

And the exciting games will help them to improve and to refresh acquired knowledge.

Kid-friendly interface.

Learn multiplication tables fast and and fun.

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lable: Education - Apps Current Version:1.42-free Publish Date:2021-12-27 Developer:Pavel Olegovich

User Reviews


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limegardens1 2019-01-27

Great functionality in the free app with no ads. There are lots of different ways to practice, like matching, multiple choice, war (racing against a friend) and more. I tested it with a 5th grader who does not like math but enjoyed the variety of activities in the app. It is a nice app and I am thinking about purchasing the premium app.
Moana Meyer 2020-05-17

This game is excellent!! I\'ve tried a few different multiplication apps and this is by far the best. It has times tables up to 20 and lots of ways to learn them, including the standard type or select the answer options, but also fill in the blanks, various timers, division and connect the answers. Great for kids and adults alike
Julio Reyes 2020-08-23

Very very helpful and useful app. The app allows you to customize what multiplication variables you want to learn, and keeps track of the questions you get wrong. I feel this allows for a better learning experience, to go back and learn from your mistakes. Personally, the 10sec timer feature is what makes the app a better learning app, than the rest of the apps I\'ve tried.
Rose Holiday 2019-08-16

This is a really good app! It works really well for learning your multiplication facts. It\'s fun easy to use and is pretty high quality. It was ad free for me. The only problem for me is that when your actually learning the facts they dont have 10,11, and 12. But other than that I totally reccomend this app.
Unigamer derp 2020-03-09

Really good but way too many ads. Every time I press a button or go back it just plays another ad instantly, maybe just tone down a little?
Benoit Lapointe 2020-05-22

Simple clear layout: My son (age 9) has learning difficulties (autism + dyslexia: 2 to 3 years behind age group). The simple layout with neutral colours helps him to focus on the numbers and avoids getting him distracted by mini games. It prevents sensory overload too.
Jme Mae 2017-11-09

I think this is an amazing app because it lets kids learn anyway they want because they have the timer they can go against someone on there electronic! And it will definitely get people better at math facts , so if you get this app you should play Everyday to get better and better!
Z Yong 2020-04-13

I like that you\'re able to practice multiple sets together. There are also various games to chose from. I wish there was a faster version of the game that allows u to practice multiple sets like maybe instead of hitting \'enter\' after u put in your answer, it just automatically accepts it or not.
Angelina Golubski 2017-06-06

It\'s really good, it made me quicker at my math. You should get it I promise it will help you too.
A Google user 2017-10-20

I like it but it is a little bit to hard and there should not be a leader board because people are there to learn like me and not to be scored.