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Description of Muse: EEG Meditation & Sleep

The free Muse Meditation app works alone or together with all Muse: The Brain Sensing Headband devices. Once paired with your Muse device, you’ll get access to Muse’s Meditation and Sleep Experiences that give you real-time audio feedback about your brain and body.


Muse’s Daytime Meditation Experiences translate your brain and body signals into the guiding sounds of weather to help you learn to sit, breathe, focus, and feel your own body. Stay motivated with Muse’s meditation challenges & rewards, set weekly goals & reminders, and track your progress with easy-to-understand post-session reports.

*Available to all Muse, Muse 2, and Muse S users.


Muse’s Sleep Experiences include Overnight Sleep Tracking and Digital Sleeping Pills or ‘DSPs’. DSPs use smart-fade technology that gently modulates your auditory experience to help you fall asleep and fall back asleep if you’ve woken up during the night. You’ll also have access to Sleep Journeys, Guidances, and Soundscapes which do not include smart-fade technology.

*Available to Muse S users only.


Subscribers gain access to Muse Biofeedback+ & over 500 Guided Meditations from renowned meditation instructors including collections like sleep, performance, stress, and more.

✓ Biofeedback+ lets you pair your Muse device with your favorite apps

✓ Access 500+ meditations on stress, sleep, focus & more (no headband required)

✓ Post-session reports to see how your brain & body responded

✓ New content released monthly (no headband required)

*English content only. Monthly & yearly subscriptions are available to anyone for purchase. An auto-renewing annual subscription comes with any Muse Premium Subscription Bundle purchase.


We offer two auto-renewing subscription options:

$12.99 per month

$94.99 per year

These prices are for U.S. customers. Pricing in other countries may vary and actual charges may be converted to your local currency depending on the country of residence.

Payment will be charged to your credit card through your iTunes account at confirmation of purchase. Subscription renews automatically unless canceled at least 24 hrs prior to the end of the subscription period. You can turn off auto-renew at any time from your iTunes account settings but refunds will not be provided for any unused portion.

Terms & Conditions- https://choosemuse.com/legal/

Privacy Policy- https://choosemuse.com/legal/

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User Reviews


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Christopher Stoppa 2019-08-22

Constant connectivity issues. I can\'t go more than 45 seconds without the signal failing. Drops for at least five seconds, sometimes as much as twenty. Very frustrating and stressful, considering this is supposed to reduce stress. It\'s not that the headband isn\'t picking up a signal, the transmission to the smartphone is failing, and i have my sessions interrupted asking me to reconnect my device. edit: It looks like you didn\'t even read my message and had a bot pick up on the word signal. This hasn\'t solved the problem.
roman robidet 2017-06-13

it\'s a shame that I have to be fighting to connect this thing. it connects one on 3,sometimes it does not connect at all I turn on /off MUSE, I turn on/off Bluetooth, I turn on all again, terrible!! I wast more time trying to connect than using it, it\'s absurd. it\'s supposed to help relax, but the only thing that end up doing is get me angry. I really don\'t recommend this app or this product.
Amanda Smith 2019-08-01

At first I was skeptical about purchasing Muse 2. I\'m the type of person who needs feedback, who has done neurofeedback and biofeedback at an actual clinic. The real-time feedback is definitely accurate and I can tell when I\'m in my calm vs active mind because of the Muse device. I would highly recommend anybody who\'s new to meditating and wants to have a better idea or sense of when they are in a calm, active or neutral state.
Samir Patel 2016-11-21

The iOS version is much superior I\'m struggling to make sense of why the android version is a considerably limited version of what is on the iOS. Fewer soundscapes, awkward calibration, and limited data visualization...
Mark del Pilar 2017-06-14

Really, I love this product. Thank you all who have put countless hours in to developing this all. One thing I have noticed, is the apps from iOS and android differ. I use Android and for some reason I cannot view a zoomed image of the graph after the meditation. Is there a different way to do this or is it just this app for Android? Again, thank you all!
j- the-isso 2019-06-02

Ironic how a device created to help calm the mind can have the reverse effect. The Bluetooth connection is very temperamental and will just disappear from your device. They fail inform customers that it is not compatible with PCs and laptops. You\'ll get ZERO customer care, technical support must be found on online forums, no real-time visual feedback - just sounds; and the guided meditations (which you have to pay extra for) neither connect to nor need this £230 wearable to work.
Paulo Bosbach 2020-08-22

After an update of the app, the muse s can not connect anymore. It is not discoverable (it is fully charged). Turned the muse s on/off, turned the phone on/off, turned bluetooth on/off. Uninstalled and reinstalled the app (in the process I lost all the collections meditations I already did. Actually, I am extremely disappointed about the software and the hardware. A pity. It is too much money for something that is not developed properly.. already got one muse s exchanged after 3 months!
Daniel Aizenman 2019-12-15

The app works really well, and the added guided meditations are not nesicary but nice too. My only problem is that with the muse two without any guided meditation on, you can not get stats for everything (breath, mind, posture, etc) at once. I also think there needs to be more analysis of stats to look at across time, maybe even online. Wouldn\'t hurt if it synced meditation times with Google fit. Otherwise nice.
Craig 2020-04-09

The app has a very lovely UI, but there are so many bugs it feels like I\'m a beta tester. No response from support. I paid a premium price for this product along with a year subscription to the app, and I\'m feeling very disappointed. EDIT: I originally rated 1 star as I was very frustrated. Changed rating to 3 star bc I still love the product and hope to be able to work with support to get some big fixes. Will update again.
adarsh sawant 2021-01-04

The device is good but the app is really bad. Most of the time the app is not able to connect to the head band even if it can be seen in nearby bluetooth device inside the app . I am trying to use the app with my pixel 3 xl . Its like you get into anxiety and then you expect muse to help you out but then the app doesn\'t work and it makes you more anxious. Most of the time I am stuck in this loop .