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Mushroom Identify - Automatic picture recognition



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Description of Mushroom Identify - Automatic picture recognition


It's so easy! Take a picture and get an id in seconds!

(this feature is still in development and will get better with time, for now it recognizes more than 900 species)

NEW: buy or sell your mushrooms!

Save places where you found mushrooms on a map.

If you aren't sure of the type of the mushroom in front of you, you can also check it with the app to identify the mushroom. If you still aren't sure, check with a professional!

Mushroom Identificator analyses the weather and temperatures of the last days and predict when it is time to go picking ceps/penny buns and Chanterelles!

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lable: Tools - Apps Current Version:2.66 Publish Date:2021-11-20 Developer:Annapurnapp Technologies

User Reviews


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ken maston 2019-07-02

I know nothing about mushrooms. I thought this app might help. It gives no starting place and no stopping place. Just burns up a lot of memory.
A Google user 2018-12-03

Horrible concept, locations can be known then harvested by others, there is no info on how to grow and replace stuff harvested? These apps can be abused to wipe out supplies and not replace them, just buy a book or watch videos and keep locations off your phones?
Rose Dimasi 2019-07-12

very good app. if u get a really good picture of the mushrooms you want to identify. also i love the fact that they mostly have all my local mushroom identif. i would like to see alittle more info. on like what kind of wood or area at the base of what trees the mushrooms grow around. that is kind of key in id ing them also. But all in all this is an excellent app.
A Google user 2018-12-05

Does not identify mushrooms. You have to know what they are to be able to log them in. Might be useful if you have a PhD in mycology. But for an amateur trying to learn I found it useless.
Gary Gerkin 2019-06-01

i enjoy mycology and spend a lot of time in the woods, used this app to help identify fungal subspecies i had never previously encountered. investigated them closer when i returned home (spore print, microscope, indepth readind) to find this app quite accurate
Jefferson Real 2020-05-14

Although I often struggle to identify the mushroom with examples provided by automatic recognition, it has helped me identify some. One addition I think would really improve results, would be to add the option to select the size in the preliminary questions before scanning, or possibly filters to narrow the results. Great work so far 👍
Terry Philbin 2018-06-06

I uploaded two photos of an Aminita phalliodes. I thought that they\'d be helpful. I\'m an old cautious fungiphile taught by Marylin Shaw mushroom poison expert with the Rocky mountain mushroom center and am sure of my id. I did not receive an id of A. phalloides. Nor did I get a chance to recommend an id.
Alan McGuire 2019-03-12

I\'m still checking, but my first impression is that this is a powerful and extremely effective app. It\'s easy to use and may help identify new or undiscovered mushroom species. Additional information, latin names, growing tips and habitats of the shrooms would be a great help to newbie shroom hunters, the ones who don\'t have access to razor back truffle hounds.
Thomas Y 2020-10-20

Having discovered a new mushroom on my property, I came upon this app and decided to give it a try. Very user friendly, and I was successful. It took a bit of time to review several possibilities, but then, with mushroom identification, it takes patience and close observation and study. This is a great app, if you are willing to do some work. (A rare concept these days).
Daniel Cockriell 2019-09-02

So far so good! Just started using this app and it\'s by far the best one that I\'ve used. Love the scanning feature and all the information is fantastic! A few things I\'d like to see from it in the future but I\'m sure the developer is on it already! So I\'ll update my review in the future also.. ;) Thank you for all the hard work put into this..!