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Description of Mushroom Wars 2: RTS Strategy

Mushroom Wars 2 is an award-winning real-time strategy game mixed with tactics of Tower Defense and the hero skill elements of a MOBA.

🏆 Best Mobile Game, GTP Indie Cup 2017

🏆 Best Multiplayer Game, Casual Connect 2017

🏆 Best Strategy Game, White Nights

Command mushroom armies in real-time!

Upgrade your fungi base, capture battle map objectives and lead your tribe to victory one tower at a time. Plan your defenses strategically and blitz through their frontlines in more than 200 challenging missions!

Multiplayer PVP and Co-Op modes

Challenge your friends or play with them - in true and fair online PVP matches for up to 4 people win the most skillful mushroom generals. Ranked leagues will show how you stack up against real competition.

The ultimate combination of RTS and TD games

Summon legendary heroes with mighty skills that act as generals while you command the mushroom tribe minions. Power up your team with buffs and sneaky abilities to gain the upper hand in breaking the enemy defenses in real-time.

Welcome to the most fungal battlefield action, now download Mushroom Wars 2 and craft your strategy!

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lable: Strategy - Games Current Version:4.23.0 Publish Date:2022-06-19 Developer:Zillion Whales

User Reviews


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Danny Odisho 2019-02-24

great game but extremely greedy! The first campaign you only get a few levels then need to pay just to unlock the rest of the first campaign then the future ones. ridiculous! uninstall, don\'t waste your time. charging for extras I understand not just to play the game.
yoshi wood 2019-04-03

... edit... this is a total pay to win game... at first its all fun and games then after a few levels you cant play unless you pay.... then they give you an option to do multi player to unlock 5 more levels... then they put you against players that have put money into the game... completly unfair advantages also... not like oh hey i might have a chance... nope... i wouldnt recomend this game... uninstaling after this post...
Dilly Dilly 2019-09-01

I enjoy this game, except for the second or third time the developer has wiped all upgrades/changed how they are allocated. There was no warning, there\'s a cost to replace them. The developer choose not refund the coin/gold spent on the initial upgrades. This appears to be an attempt to force players into paying more. The constant need to watch ads/pay to level or progress in mutiplayer make the game unplayable at this point. No longer watching ads for this game or any other from the developer.
Rohan Das 2019-03-27

It is the best strategy game out there in the mobile game world. It doesn\'t have pay-win system even if people spend money in this game f2p can beat them easily by using brain and creative strategy thinking in the heat of the moment !! And heads up yes it has ad\'s but in good way to reduce cooldown of chest opening time. No ad\'s are shown forcefully unless you are willing to see it in exchange of cooldown reduction.
Ricardo Vazquez 2019-04-26

After the latest update, I would tell anyone to avoid this game. Pointless changes to the way you can see abilities, the icons for your skills do not match those that you can use in battle. classes are still unbalanced. They have made it so that you get less rewards now, and make you watch an ad to get more cards. I was happy to watch ads to gain ability points back, but now I have to watch ads to pretty much get anything in the game. They also allow cross platform with pc, so RIP mobile players
Kenny Newbry 2020-12-27

Biggest cash grab in the play store. The game itself is decent. But to play more than a couple levels you have to purchase the full version. That\'s fine, although a little pricey for such a simplistic game. But even after purchase you\'re flooded with a neverending stream of pay-to-win \"deals.\" And these deals aren\'t cheap, but they are essential to beat the game and unlock/upgrade characters. To unlock and upgrade everything would most likely cost in the thousands of dollars. Ridiculous.
Andrew Potapov 2021-01-21

Innovative and interesting concept to a game. Definitely enjoyed the mechanics. However, the number of pay-gates makes the game unplayable. I have to wait 12 hours between matches to regen energy or I can\'t use powerups? Solo campaign allows like 5 levels at a time? Seems like the game is trying really hard to make me play one match a day. Kills any momentum and fun. I\'ve paid for plenty of freemium games, but only when I felt like I got good value out of them. This game is not in this category.
Cyril Bradshaw 2019-02-23

A very well thought out game. A conquer the map by flooding it with troops type game. Heros grant tactical bonuses. A great PVP. Play against or cooperatively with friends. It has even defeated the turn based blues so common with traditional conquest games. I rate this game very highly and will likely continue to play for years to come. Join in, try to take my towers👹
Josh Flint 2019-05-02

This game honestly is the best of its kind! My only pet peeve is that the campaign mode is so expensive and as the multiplayer is free and with a whole range of heroes to choose from with levels and abilities I dont have an incentive to pay in excess of £5 to play 40 levels with 1 hero. I would grimace paying that much for a whole game let alone a piece of it I can complete in a couple hours at most. let\'s not forget this is a phone game not a PC or console hit.
Mark Alexander Carpio 2020-04-21

Too many ads for reward chests. Makes 20%-30% of your time in the game all for those ads if you want to make battling worthwhile. Unless you\'re fine winning for simply rank numbers which is so not worth it in my opinion because you\'re gonna need the gold and cards and whatnot in order to get a little bit stronger. I mean, I admit I love the gameplay just like I did the Civilization Wars series but this just has to much monetization in it its sickening.