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Music Editor: Sound Audio Editor & Mp3 Song Maker



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Description of Music Editor: Sound Audio Editor & Mp3 Song Maker

Super Sound is a very powerful audio editing and music editor on Android. It supports audio editing, cutting, splicing, mixing, convert format, voice changer, convert video to audio and so on.

Free professional audio editor help you easily create ringtones, easy to get started, come and make your music!

Free, Easy, Fast!

Popular Music Editor!

Get started quickly, edit audio with one click!

Full of functions, one app can meet most needs!

Don't miss it, install NOW!

🎵Powerful audio editing features🎵

✂️ Easily to cut audio:

·Perfect cutting in milliseconds, accurate and fast

·Support cut several times and save the final works

·You can choose to keep the middle part of the audio, or keep the beginning and end of the audio

·Support file renaming

✨ Rich editing functions:

·Audio mixing

·Fade in and Fade out

·Change audio volume

·Change tone and tempo

·Change playback speed

🎞️ Video editor:

·Add audio to video

·Add fade in and fade out effects to your video

·Change the pitch of the video

🔗Splicing audio:

·Combine two or more audios into one, make great songs!

🤘Multitrack editing:

·Multiple audio tracks mixing

·Split an audio into multiple tracks

·Add background music to your recording

·More features are waiting for you to explore!

🔊Increase the volume:

·Change the sound volume to be louder or smaller

🤖Voice changer:

·Change your audio voice to male voice, female voice, old man voice, robot voice, etc.

·Custom the tone, pitch, speed, make music more interesting!

🎧Convert video to audio:

·Turn video into audio, you can listen to it anytime, anywhere.

·Can't download favorite music? Try to download the music video (MV, MP4...), and then convert the video to audio!

📀Insert audio to another:

·Insert audio into one track, support inserting multiple audios in one audio!

🎤Change pitch:

·Raise/lower octave, raise/lower semitone, easy and free!


·provide a variety of parameters optional, free to adjust!

📁File compression:

·Compress the audio to a suitable size for sharing with friends or uploading

·You can choose the output channel, sample rate, bit rate

🙅‍♀️Remove vocal:

·Remove song vocals, keep the background music only!

🎼Convert format:

·Support multiple formats, MP3, .aac, .wav, .flac, .m4a, .amr, etc.

🎸Convert mono to stereo:

·Convert mono audio to multi-channel!


·Simple interface, start recording with one button

🎻Create blank sound file:

·Create blank sound in multiple formats, freely select sample rate and duration

🔔Set your works as Ringtone, Alarm, Notification, download this music editor/ringtone editor to release your creativity!

🥰Batch editing: support batch video to audio, batch audio converter and so on!

🎶Provide 2000+ royalty-free music, you can download and use them!

More features are under development, free music editor, easy & fast audio editing, SUPER powerful, download it now!

If you have any feedback, bug reports, suggestions or you can help with the translations, please contact us at supersoundapp@outlook.com. Wish you a nice day!

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lable: Music & Audio - Apps Current Version:2.3.1 Publish Date:2022-06-22 Developer:HappyBees&Screen Voice Recorder&Video Music Editor

User Reviews


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Harini shivani 2020-10-08

Everyone who need to do trim, merge, equalizer, etc., and especially Vocal remover. I am too glad that this app has many qualities. If we need to remove vocal and only need instrumental music, this app is best. You must try this app. You must; not you can. Then you will realize this is the best app. I adore this app management so much because it has more and more options. What I am surprised more in this app is this doesn\'t have more ads. It just has 1 or 2 ads. This is best app ever..
Olujimi Begbaaji 2020-11-18

I came; I trimmed, and I conquered! Quite pleased. The first audio editor I\'ve found with intuitive controls. Other editing options that I\'m yet to try. To add to my joy, having realised I\'d trimmed the wrong part of a clip, I was able to easily go back several steps, rather than having to start all over again. Well done.
Ashraf Saleh 2021-02-16

After giving it 5* , I went to save my project which I spent almost 5 hours on. It wouldn\'t save nor edit it. It said: \"Multiple issues found. Restart your App.\" The worst part is that it doesn\'t even save your project, in case you want to re-edit it later. Even worse, when I came to rate this app poorly, it took me to a page made by the developer himself, to try and bury his bad ratings. Just Pathetic.
megan flowers 2020-11-04

This app is really cool, but it didn\'t tell me what parts of the app were part of the prime membership. I was already done after hours of hard work on some audio when the app decided to tell me that the feature that i was using was going to have to cost money or suck me into a 3 day subscription if i wanted to save the audio. This app is also really bad because it wouldn\'t let me save my audio on any other app on my phone after i applied for a 3 day free trial. BUT the apps features are actually really nice tho. Also..... I NEED TO KNOW IF I CANCEL THE SUSCRIPTION, WILL MY AUDIO THAT I USED THE PRO STUFF TO MAKE BE DELETED?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?
Ace-O-Spuds 2020-10-29

This system slaps hard, I\'ve been using it to trim songs and sounds down to use as notifications and ringtones on my phone. It lets you do much more that what I have been doing but it is easy to use and the only cost is one ad at the top of the apps screen, personally I feel like the ad breaks up the screen and feels uncomfortable just sitting above everything. Overall, great app with lots of fun features that needs to move where that ad goes
ESH1998 2020-11-28

I only really use the app to remove vocals from songs I possess. Interesting enough that feature doesn\'t really work like intended, but I was in search of app or methods to recreate the sound made when you are using damaged headphones/Aux cord (the music sounds like its under water with some interference). So it works out, I hope they don\'t remove this feature.
Another Person 2021-01-07

Very confusing, wanted to download an audio track from YouTube but the app doesn\'t just let me upload it. Edit; Sorry, I figured it out. Staying one star however; I\'m not spending money for multi-track editing. Worse yet, I made a lot of progress, only to find I wasn\'t allowed to save it. At least have the popup come BEFORE I make progress, man!
Luca Gentile 2020-10-13

Great app, option to regulate the video volume and music volume apart, but: No way to order tracks by length. No option to make the music adapt the volume automatically with the volume of the video (eg a talking audio) to make the video audio more understandable. I don\'t understand if the music is royalty free and I can use it to monetize with YouTube. BUGS : Error \"Failed, please try again later\", I reinstalled = worked. The music added to the video in loop did not reach the end of the video.
Eric 2021-01-03

Great app. 4 stars needs more features, like the ability to just trim small sections out of a clip rather than only trim the start or end of it. Edit: wow it looks like you guys implemented that. Adjusted rating to reflect the fact that you implement useful feedback. I\'ve only used this a few times, but it has served its intended function very effectively for those times. But as always, I\'m sure I will discover things with time. But so long as developers are listening I\'ll keep offering feedback
Mahashweta 2021-01-29

I have been using super sound since September 2020 and the entire experience has been wonderful. I donot use the premium version, but this app does not create a compulsion to use the premium version of this app, of course certain things cant be used without that, but that has never come in my way of recording and editing my work. Thankyou for this wonderful app. Much better than many other apps which are full of ads.