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Description of Music Player - Audify Player

­čÄÁ "Music Player" -┬áA simple Music Player with a┬ápowerful equalizer┬ápacked with all the features better than any other music player available for your Android devices.

This Music Player is one of the best music player with a stylish design.

Features of Music Player

1. Browse songs in 6 different ways from the app (Playlist, Genre, folder, Artist, Album and songs).

2. Full widget support with list of songs.

3. Play songs directly from folder inside the App.

4. Elegant themes are available in two sets along with costume themes.

5. Create playlists as per your mood and add songs to them. 

7. Remove annoying clips from Music Player while scanning the app.

8. Can set Ringtone within the music player.

9. 5-band equalizer with powerful bass and virtualizer with reverb settings.

10. Play songs in a selective order by adding to the currently playing list through Add to Queue feature.

11. Share songs that you are currently listening on social media apps like Facebook, WhatsApp. etc.

12. Available in 40 different languages (English, Hindi, German, French, Chinese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, Japanese, Indonesian, etc.).

13. System equaliser support is provided along with in-app equaliser within the Music Player App.

14. App is designed based on the concept of material design to make the experience native for Android users.

15. Ringtone Cutter

16. In build Voice Assistance

17. Audiobooks support

18. Fastest way of song sharing without internet through nearby sharing

19. Support all formates like MP3, WAV, FLAC, AC3, AAC, WMA, ACC, MIDI, etc.

Install the music player (mp3 player) and enjoy your favourite songs like never before!

Also, share your feedback on Google Play Store if you like the Music Player App.

PS: With help of our music player, share your favourite songs among your friends on the social media and let your friends know what you are listening.

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lable´╝Ü Music & Audio - Apps Current Version´╝Ü1.91.0 Publish Date´╝Ü2022-06-21 Developer´╝ÜAudify Music Player

User Reviews


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Jerry Bowyer 2020-10-28

Works well and is a good replacement for Google Play Music. It has a couple of minor glitches (sometimes says you\'ve added songs when you haven\'t, grammar and spelling need tweaking here and there, and clearing your music queue doesn\'t always work well. Again, it\'s just a little housekeeping and nothing you can\'t live with.) The main thing is it works very well and plays your music. I\'m liking it!
The Nerd Dungeon 2020-10-23

With Google Play no longer working I was forced to try and find a new music player. I lucked out finding this one. It works just like Google Play did but looks alot sleeker and has a few added features. My favorite of which is it can display the lyrics of whatever song you are playing. If you\'re looking for a good one look no further!­čĹŹ­čĹŹ­čĹŹ
Christophe Bobda 2020-11-18

This is by far the best I could find on the Play Store. Since Google made their stupid move with Youtube Music, destroying all my files organization and forcing me to pay for a music player, I spent a lot of time trying various alternative, including. Music Player provide all what I need. Very clean interface. The player recognizes the sounds and album and put them in the right place, with the right images. Most of the players I tried were not able to do this, even the most expensive ones. This GUI is wonderful, clean, simply enjoyable.
Regina Doggett 2020-12-19

I was a huge fan of Google Play Music. It allowed me to play my purchased music either on or offline. Recently, my other phone ran out of data and I tried to listen to my personal music offline. YouTubeMusic doesn\'t allow you to listen to music stored on your phone unless you get more data. So I had to find one that allows me to listen on or offline. Thank you so much.
CF Fran├žais 2021-01-30

Came here when Google play music was announced of being shut down because youtube music is horrible. I used to have it rated it 5 stars. Now I\'m disappointed with the new update, AGAIN. I got used to the full screen ads, but now VIDEO ADS??? Those disrupt the music and can\'t be skipped! You have GOT to be kidding me! There are other ad solutions! Just keep the stupid full screen ads all you want as long as it doesn\'t stop the music!
RedXLink 2020-11-07

I normally don\'t write reviews but this is definitely worth one in my eyes. I\'m blown away by the features. You can change the album art right from your phone gallery, change tags, play the music with the app closed, no ads, reorder the songs, to me it\'s even better than google play was! Only critique I have is that I didn\'t see a way to view how many songs were in a playlist. Honestly a minor issue though. This has been really really great!
DadECool Jarr 2020-11-06

Overall this has been a decent replacement for the now defunct Google Play app. I love that you can modify some track meta data in the app although it is limited. My biggest disappointment is it\'s inability to correctly alphabetize titles. If you have a lot of tracks that start with \"A\", \"An\", or \"The\" as the first word in the title, be prepared for them to be incorrectly alphabetized together.
17 % 2020-11-01

(10/10) Initially I was impressed by their modern design, and immediately all my music was displayed in front of me. I didn\'t have to do any transfers or anything. On top of this, the app has a wide variety of features that GPM never had. A big one for me is the file explorer within the app which allows me to access the internal file system and create playlists from folders within my device\'s storage (finally!) This app has something for everyone, with powerful and stylish music organization.
Regina Hogan 2021-01-26

I am lowering my rating for this app for the following reasons. When I add a new album, the songs are out of order and no way to put them back in order, they turn out a jumbled mess when I go to the album. The other is the scan media option, I didn\'t know what it did into I noticed several songs missing from an album and the only way to play them if to go into my file manager and choose the song file to play in the app. Might have to actually go to Amazon.
Autumn Davis 2020-10-27

I came here because Google Play Music pushed me, basically. This app is highly rated and I love my music too much to settle for some of the other garbage apps out there. The app is good so far. I would give 5 stars, but I cannot skip and go to previous songs via my headset, which is kind of huge for me. If this app could do that, 5 stars easily.