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Music Player MP3 (Lite)

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Description of Music Player MP3 (Lite)

MixerBox Lite is a popular All-In-One media player that lets you Play Free Music & TV Shows. Want to play free music, videos & TV shows anytime, anywhere? Then download MixerBox All-In-One media player Lite! ALL FREE

MixerBox Lite is a legal and compliant 3rd-party API client that lets you play music & videos from YouTube & MP3s all within one app! (This is NOT an MP3 / video downloader app)


This Lite version of the application is optimized for low device's storage memory usage. The size of the app is much smaller than the Pro version - making it a perfect choice for someone who would like to enjoy unlimited music, videos, and TV shows without using more storage memory usage.

The app's performance of the Lite version is also optimized to better suit the devices of lower screen resolution. Do not hesitate to download this lightweight free music player!


This is NOT an official app from the various media services, and this is only an unofficial 3rd-party client that complies with their 3rd party API terms of service. This app is NOT an affiliated nor related product of those services. Per their API developer terms: https://developers.google.com/youtube/terms/branding-guidelines - "You do not need special approval to use YouTube APIs or to promote API functionality in your application" provided that the guidelines are followed. This app does not support free music or videos download.

Besides, there are some television programs (e.g. Liberty Times, GYAO!, Japanese Government Internet TV) are hosted on our own streaming platform (non-YouTube platform) under permission from the respective publishers.


MixerBox Lite - All-In-One media player

🔥 ALL FREE It costs you nothing, and is entirely 100% free!

🔥 Unlimited Music Play all of your most beloved free music videos!

🔥 Various TV shows & Movies Reality shows, Documentary shows, Action movies, Sci-Fi movies, Horror movies...

🔥 Multiple streaming TV channels for you to choose (Fox, NBC, TLC, etc)

🔥 Discover Official Albums, Cover songs, Remix and Live concerts.

🔥 +40 Music Genres, Top Charts, and Trending songs updated for you every day

🔥 Over 80 million music lovers worldwide use MixerBox free music player!

🔥 Over 300K users have rated us a 5-star free music player app!

🔥 This is NOT for free music / videos download app

With MixerBox Lite you can enjoy...

💎 All different kinds of free music!

💎 Favored free music from Genres and Moods

💎 Free TV Shows & Movies

💎 Popular free music from Top Charts

💎 Latest free music from the Discover tab

💎 Trendy free music from Featured Playlists

MixerBox All-In-One media player Lite has even more convenient and amazing features, all waiting to be discovered by you! Download MixerBox Lite today!


All videos are provided by the public third-party media service YouTube. All trademarks and copyrights belong to their respective owners and are used here under the terms of Fair Use and the Digital Millennium Copyrights Act (DMCA). (This is NOT for free music or videos download.)

Since MixerBox Lite simply links to content on their service via their 3rd Party Developer API, MixerBox Lite does not have any direct control of their content. If there is any content that may infringe upon anyone's copyrights, the following link can be used to report the content:


If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us at support@mixerbox.com

NOTE: This is NOT a music/video downloader app for free download.

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User Reviews


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Mi Cristina 2019-08-29

I love this app and I have it since 2013. I like the playlist suggestion, I love that I can do my own playlist. I love that I can listen to a whole playlist without adds. I love that I can listen to music and use my phone for something else. It used to play with locked screen but now you can lock the app screen so no biggie. Thank you and please don\'t change any of these functions!
Thunderbolt Wisdom 2019-11-25

Like it! Gives good suggestions, good variety of tracks from each artist or group, and I like the little screen... Let\'s me do other things as well as enjoy music vids. Nice one!! 🤓🎧👍🎶
Kageyoshi Neuma 2019-10-30

Was using the app for half a year and worked completely fine, just updated it and now all the songs are gone in my playlist. Whatever songs were left don\'t play and half my songs were collected by close people. One star and I\'ll just go back to downloading all my own music
Westie_ clan 2019-07-31

I can\'t add songs to my Playlists, it\'s just keeps saying \"please try again later\", can u please help me with this, it\'s been like for 2 days
Gregory Seen 2020-06-18

Great app to use. Sometimes internet connection ain\'t there but still most apps like this are also ones that cost heaps but u get nothing for value. The only things that would improve the app, fix internet connection as it\'s sometimes not active. And allow songs etc downloaded from app to use as phone notification etc. Internet issue is rare but seeing as this is the main app I use for music and movies it\'s a issue that\'s not a drama.
Janene 2020-03-16

I am absolutely amazed at this app. I read all the reviews, I have to thank everyone for them, they helped me to decide whether to download or not! 🤔I downloaded, and I have not looked back! There isnt anything so far that I have not found... The sound and graphics are awesome. Yes, it\'s free! It has replaced my Spotify which was so annoying and demanding. I cannot thank u all enough Devs for an absolute incredible job!! Good luck in your endeavors ❤️❤️💋💋💋🤠🤠🤠!!
Cathy Biron 2019-04-27

l like this app because it makes it possible for someone like myself who is just learning the computer to be able to download my music all because you made it very easy and its awesome for me so all l can say is great job and thank you so much for making that possible and you most certainly get 5 stars if l could give you more l would
G33r56 2020-04-30

It\'s a great app and functions really well and I would reccomended for people who want to listen to music. But I can only export the music to different apps when I would like to download it on my device . Therefore, I shall be giving this 4 stars. Don\'t download if you want to download some music. Also, I find that when I export it it comes with the video which I would like to remove . Other than those things , it\'s a fantastic app for people who just want to listen and watch the music videos.
The Mineblox Man 2020-04-01

I love this app! I cant beleve I found this again after like 3 years, all I did was go into alphabetical in library on google play and went to \"m\". Im suprsed its still being updated! But back on topic, it is free and you can import yt playlists and you can look up any song and listen to it, since it is powered by YouTube you can probably watch yt vids on this, but you cant look at latest sub upload like you usually do in yt.screw Spotify where it is just radios and stuff,Keep up the good work!
Charlotte Porter 2019-09-25

I absolutely love this app!!! I love it when they have playlist selection of what kind of music I\'m listening to.... I also have already recommended this app to my friends! Iv been with app for 3-4yrs or maybe longer I know it had been a while 😁🎼🎵🎶🎧