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Description of Music Player & MP3 Player - Lark Player

Lark player is the best, 100% free music player & MP3 player, it can play all major formats of music in your Android device offline, so you can enjoy music anytime, anywhere. It has a powerful equalizer, song lyrics, and the best user interface. At present, more than 100 million users around the world use it to play music. You deserve to have such an excellent music App, download it now to unlock an unprecedented music experience! ! !

Customize your music experience

With our preset modes and powerful equalizers, you can easily personalize the way you listen to your favorite songs.

There are dedicated modes for Normal, Classical, Dance, Flat, Folk, Heavy Metal, Hip-hop, Jazz, Pop, Rock, etc. 🎧

All popular formats supported

Supported audio formats: MP3, MIDI, WAV, FLAC, AC3, AAC, WMA, ACC ,etc.🎶

Manage everything in one place

You can fetch audio and video files saved on your phone or SD card. It can also be used as a free YouTube music video player as well.

Browse the saved music by songs, artists, albums, genres, etc. You can also create and manage your playlists.

Music lyrics

Match lyrics with offline songs in your phone, so you can follow the lyrics to enjoy your favorite music.🎤

Floating video and music player

You can easily multi-task by adjusting the size and position of Lark Player’s floating window. In this way, you can do other things while listening to any song or watching a video.

Share music with your friends

Like a song and want to share it with your friends? With just one tap, you can share music via Bluetooth or social apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Message, etc.👬

😍 More Free Features:😍

🌟 Powerful equalizers: With functions such as bass enhancement, reverb setting, sound field adjustment, etc.

🌟 Floating music player: Supports a floating music player so that you can do more with your time and multi-task like a pro

🌟 Set as ringtone: You can set your favorite offline music as ringtone.

🌟 Day/night mode: The beautiful day/night theme can be switched at will.

🌟 Sleep timer: When you listen to your favorite songs in Lark Player, you can fall asleep without worry, just set a sleep timer and the application will automatically close.

🌟 Share music: Share your favorite songs and videos with your friends on social media and IM apps

🌟 Daily playlist: automatically generate a playlist for you every day according to your music preferences

🌟 Personal Radio: your personal radio station, let you meet your favorite music unexpectedly

🌟 Discover music: A great place to discover all genres of music, including the Billboard Hot 100, iTunes Top 100, K-pop, Latin music, Indian music, J-pop, USA, Brazil, and Worldwide charts, Users can also discover local music in different languages as well.

👀 --- Please Note ---

Lark Player is a third party app. All kinds of YouTube music content are provided by the YouTube music services. Therefore, Lark Player does not offer the direct control over any kind of YouTube content displayed.

You can stream and listen to unlimited YouTube content, but will not be able to download music.

Furthermore, according to YouTube's Terms of Use, we are not allowed to display YouTube music videos when the screen is locked.

💗 Follow our social media to get more music information:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/larkplayerofficial

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/larkplayerbrasil/

Hope you enjoy music and have a good time at Lark Player!

If you have any suggestions or face any problem while using the app, please send your feedback to 💌 larkplayer@larkplayer.com

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More Information Of Music Player & MP3 Player - Lark Player

lable: Music & Audio - Apps Current Version:5.22.6 Publish Date:2022-06-14 Developer:Lark Player Studio

User Reviews


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obj279 e 2020-11-22

After the update there is still the issue where I stop and play again then the app would show that my music is playing, but for some reason nothing comes out, I can only get the music to play again when I close and reopen the app, I tried with some other apps and it seems that it\'s only this app that has this problem, hopefully this would be fix in the next update
Matthew Logan 2019-12-12

A wonderful yet exciting experience. Finally a music player that gets it right and oh boy do they hit the nail on the head with this one I\'m so excited because the prospect of updating this is mind-boggling. On a lighter note \"this slap my dude real talk all the other players can catch a fade\". But congratulations on building of pine application keep up the good work
Nebulous Newt 2020-07-01

This app was amazing and I absolutely loved it, but ever since the new update came out, its been completely useless. Not because of the new features, but because it won\'t even start. I\'ll open the app, it will show me an ad, then when I leave the ad it just stares at me with a screen saying \"LARK PLAYER Beautiful · Powerful\" and does nothing else. I\'ll wait and wait, but it never moves past that screen. I really don\'t want to uninstall and lose my playlists, please fix this.

this is a very good app. . it will get 5 stars when it recognises and allows gmail log on and syncs playlists and content across multiple devices of same log on details. . ok. . . . . . . . . i await . . Upgrading to 4 Stars.. Sort out the LYRICS option.. It should be correct lyrics, otherwise it should be stopped.. Improvements noted.. Last settings remains on restarting .. App Now returns to last used settings / song selection ..4*
Mary I 2020-07-14

LOVE ITTTT!!! This is the only reason I\'ve been listening to music!! The only problem is that is bothering me is the fact that now the music stops sometimes for no reason. And sometimes gets out of notification 😭 I don\'t know if this has anything to do with the update but please fix it. Thank you for this app it is amazing!! ❤️💕❤️ Love the fact that if you delete the app it saves all your decals.
Niki Niki 2019-10-14

2 problems... the pop up ads... secondly the constant repeat of the song you have to keep changing from every song even if you created a playlist. The ads is understandable because it\'s not a paid app... so that\'ll be excused... but I don\'t want to be taking up my phone to play another song when the current song is set to REPEAT ALL
Kuchi Koo 2019-05-17

Dear developer, I repeat, I only wanted to listen to YouTube music, there is no point in it forcing me to give storage access permissions on my phone for playing songs that are already in my phone. It is OUT OF CONTEXT. I have uninstalled it. You have replied that apart from playing youtube music, it is also a music player. Kindly read that \'apart from\' and \'also\' from your response. The PROBLEM is it forces us to give storage access unnecessarily and if we deny, it doesn\'t let us play YT even
Golden Swirl 2020-07-17

I absolutely love it ! That app is awesome , but you might wonder why i only added 4 stars instead of 5 ? Here\'s the reason why. Lately , when i download songs , they doesn\'t appear , so i again downloaded the same songs , they still not appear , could you please fix this bug ? it\'s literally the only app i use for listening to my fav musics. thank you for reading
koyani spring 2020-08-06

This app is great and all but after the recent update whenever I open it this one song starts immediately. I didn\'t even click on it. When that song ends 2 other songs follow and it loops back to the first song. I\'ve used lark player before on another phone and back then I also had a problem with the app. I deleted it and redownloaded the app but almost all of my songs were gone. I don\'t want to risk that again. What should I do?
jf weber 2020-10-29

App is nice, but you really need to fix the wrong lyrics *problem*. Especially as you require one to actually WATCH advertising in order to not pay!! Worse, it\'s seemingly to be a DAILY requirement! (& I\'m looking for my rusty razorblades now, I\'ll need them, before weeks end, to slash my wrists!) The player is great, but this quirk is more than humankind can stand, & stay sane! Thought my search for music player was over, but no. Player itself is easily worth the 5 stars. Policy not so much.