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Description of Music Player

Features of the application

Play music by folder and album, artist, genre

Create favorite playlist

Play music in sequence or shuffle

Choose your favorite song as ringtone

The position of the Tabs is customizable and hidden, you can set an image as an application background

Audio equalizer support

Search feature and select multiple items at the same time

There are 2 widgets, shortcuts supported from android 8

When the play or pause button is pressed, the sound increases and decreases gradually. You can disable this feature in the settings

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More Information Of Music Player

lable: Music & Audio - Apps Current Version:4.1.0 Publish Date:2022-06-09 Developer:Vmons

User Reviews


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Ayesha Aziz 2020-10-24

Omg! This is literally the best music app I have ever used. In the app, you can change the title, picture, album, year of the songs and even the artist. Honestly, I only dreamed of a music app being like this. If you want to listen to songs on this app you need to go on \"youtube to mp3 download\" because there is no way to download the music in this app, which I dont really mind. Once again, I love this app. It\'s the best one i could have gotten. YOU NEED THIS!!
Sporkle BlueMoon 2020-11-16

This app is everything I ever wanted! Sometimes I gotta go offline and still want tunes. I used to play songs from Google Play Music before. After it was replaced by YTM, I was left unsatisfied and upset. This is everything I was looking for and more. Not only is it the perfect replacement, but it also has alot of its own unique features that just make everything more manageable. Amazing app, props to the dev team 👌
George Onuoha 2020-12-09

After play music turned to youtube music I have been looking for a music app and I have finally found one which is this. It has been great,totally worth it and I am amazed by the themes if at all there is any problem with it it is the fact that it does not have the play next option that\'s my only problem. I hope this gets the devs attention. The adds are not annoying and they don\'t appear frequently like other music player apps
Puddleine Poi 2020-10-27

I have virtually no complaints for this quirky little app. It really has so much to offer in terms of customization and user control, allowing you to change the song covers and even the backgrounds! On top of that, there are basically no ads, and if there are, they almost always never get in the way. If I really had to criticize something, it would be its opening graphic, while the app\'s UI looks fantastic, not much can be said for the opening one. Everything else is perfect!
Jobaer Omer Khan 2020-07-29

Some music\'s (Profile pictures) are not changing. I tried again and again but it can\'t, why I don\'t know. please fix it. And please can you change your App display photo? It\'s not so cool. I think there are a lot of people are in the same way of repellent! please change it & make something different. Because it\'s not so attractive at looking!
Flower Bloom 2020-12-17

My experience with this app is wonderful. It does it\'s job perfectly, and I don\'t even mind the ads. Though, I wish it had a full recently added playlist of all the music you downloaded in the order that you downloaded them in, but it\'s okay. I can just do that myself. I love love LOVE LOVE LOVE this app! I really recommend it for anyone who needs an alternative because of youtube music...
CoraKolour 2021-01-05

This is great for playing music from your files! I used Riff Studio, but for some reason it won\'t let you do what a load of other free music apps let you do, create playlists! The only problem I have is that when I pause, instead of pausing it fades out. I don\'t want to be missing out on a few seconds of my song because I had to pause to do something else.
Krijimet e Megit 2021-02-08

BRUHHH as soon as i downloaded i had to give a review. This is litteraly the best app ever (based on my experience with other apps). Not only ot does not take much space at all, but it gives a whole lot of options for your songs. You can adjust settings, you can set it to play on repeat for hours, and even cut it so you can set it as a ringtone at the part u want it to. I 10/10 recomend it even tho idk if it works offline or not :)
Kyle Wurzel 2021-01-03

I couldn\'t stand using YouTube Music, once Play Music was discontinued, and we were all forced to switch. This is a fabulous alternative (if you prefer to physically keep your music files on your mobile device and don\'t pay for music streaming) to YouTube music. Whoever developed this app, THANK YOU! The app is clean, simple, and theres no BS features to just get in your way.
Flower Flower 2021-01-15

I absolutely loveee this app. It works really well and us super user friendly. Has themes and setting allowing it to be set to your liking. It does have adds but they are not too bad. My suggestion for an update: Link to Google account as Google assistant dosent recognise it as a music app hence can\'t ask it to be played. Through Google account, it should allow backup. Thanks for the awesome app