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Description of Music player

Music player app is one of the best mp3 player for android. Music, audio files are played smoothly. It is beautiful and free.

App supports music formats: MP3, MP4, WAV, M4A, FLAC, 3GP, OGG, etc

App was organized to help listen to music easier, "Music player" scans all music in your mobile rapidly.

Best audio equalizer improves your sound on speaker in any space

Supports the latest Dolby Atmos audio technology (but on some devices this feature is not available).

Listening to songs on "Music player" will give better mood and better life.

Features of free music player - mp3 player:

* Almost music formats are supported (mp3, m4a, wav, flac ...). Detect all music files in android mobile.

* Offline music player, song player, audio player, powerful mp3 player with high quality.

* Browse and play audio, music via a convenient menu. The menu has many items such as: album, artist, genre, song, playlist, artist, directory and album.

* Notification bar - mini music player on lock screen. Show album artwork, titles and artists. Include buttons in control bar like: play, pause, skip and stop.

* Play next song automatically. Queue of songs is supported. Add music to the waiting list very easily.

* Send or share your favorite songs to your friends via emails, social networks ...

* Has equalizer with great sound. This MP3 player has bass boost, reverb effects, etc, built-in equalizer will enhance your music listening experience.

* Many backgrounds to make mp3 music player more beautiful

* Edit - Crop or Trim music, cut audio. make better and smaller size, set music as ringtone or notification tone.

* Edit the song information, you can change song details for example: song title, album name or the artist name.

* Work well with headset or headphone. All buttons on headset was supported. Don't need to touch on your device.

* Music library. All of audio music, songs in libary will be shown.

* Search feature. Search by title (song name), album , artist, playlist.

* Playlist. Users are able to add a new playlist, edit or delete an old playlist. Add album, artist, song, genre directory to playlist. Has recent playlists.

* Bluetooth control. Compatible with bluetooth headphone or headset. Support all controls like rewind, next, pause, stop, play

* Music player widget. Let's pick widgets to home screen for better experience.

* Support mp3 file. Mp3 is the most popular music format. So we also call as mp3 player or audio player.

* Show photo of song, artist and cover of album.

Please download and explore more functions.

We hope this free music player bring you more comfortable in listening audio files.

If you love music player app please write some reviews to encourage us.

We always want to get your feedback about the Music Player. Hope you get best moment.

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lable: Music & Audio - Apps Current Version:82.1 Publish Date:2021-12-05 Developer:smart apps smart tools

User Reviews


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Ashen Rose 2018-12-18

copies music well except it duplicated half of my library for no reason. I had to manually fo through and delete every duplicate. not only that but I had to delete the bottom of the two because is I tried with the other I got a \"this song cannot be deleted\" notification. I checked to make sure those songs weren\'t duplicated before I synched. what a pos. if theres a way to mass delete let me know. I couldn\'t find one and tried to do it individually, said screw this, and uninstalled.
Broken Anime 2020-11-04

This is a fantastic replacement to Google Play Music, it\'s simple, and relatively easy to utilize, although if you struggle to find audio files it can be frustrating. I liked the app well enough that this is the only app in the three years I\'ve had my current phone to reach my quick access bar, replacing Google Music. Also, suggestion for those who want to download music onto their phone; if you use a computer, you can save it to your google drive and then download the Mp3 using google drive.
Chani B 2019-08-13

I first rated this app with 5 stars in April 2019...I still love it. It sounds good, it\'s user friendly...it plays while I surf and do other tasks...no interruptions!! What I like best is that it still plays when I lock my screen. I am able to walk from room to room with my wireless headphones and not have to worry about my music cutting off because the screen timed-out!! Also the ads are not intrusive at all. So thankful for this app!! I would write more if I wasn\'t out of characters :-) !
Eric Walden 2019-01-07

Awesome!!!! I have been searching for a music player app for so long that played all my files. I love it!!!! There is even an option to scan for hidden tracks. This app found 136 tracks that have been out of sight out of mind on my sd card for years. After many phone replacements and using the same SD card i have been through a lot of music players and downloaded songs. It was a real joy to see some of my old favorites reappear on my playlist. Thank you so much!! A job well done!
LeLeng Isaacs 2020-07-19

Very eas to use. Instructions pop up as soon as you open the app. I do not know why folks complain about the app. If you want to listen to favorite pieces over and over againm just create a plalost and add songs in the order that you want them. I use this app to create playlist for my line dance class where I am a volunteer teacher. THis app is much easier than google play music which crashed on me. Music player is intuitive. No fuss no muss. LOve it. Thank you for making this app free.
Game Tech 2020-04-14

A great app which includes all my music, it also provides the feature of creating your own playlists differing from the genre. The main reason I got this app was to organize my music and also be able to play it simultaneously while using other apps. Great Work ! :)
Kevin Reamore 2020-06-26

Plays songs okay & equalizer is also okay. Needs a way to jump right to the alphabetical letter of the song starts with, not just scrolling with side bar. That isn\'t even an option when searching for artist by letter. Can\'t edit song or artist name like advertized. Can\'t delete songs, even when using the app supplied option. New songs added go to the end of the list for songs of that letter, not in alphabetical order. Uninstalled
Dannalee Green 2020-11-07

So far so good. It\'s a way better version of play music. I like that I can change the background, tho there\'s only a few to choose from. And that I can tell what music is playing without having to pick it listen, since the app let you see the music name fully even if it\'s long. There\'s something I don\'t like but I can\'t remember what it is so yeah...4 starsಠωಠ
Santhosh Shivpuje 2020-07-03

Very good, thank you for add free. Plz add alphabets in the rightside so that we can scroll and find the album easily. U can refer listenit music app. Also I want to see only songs, album, playlist and folder options. I dont need artist, genre etc..etc.. so that should be customizable. As of now this is mu suggestion. If there is anything, will update the same. Thankyou.
Md Sakibul Hasan 2019-11-08

please update Notification & widgets. suddenly i can see in the notification, songs playing sign, while it was not playing any song.{{when i stop song, there hasn’t any notification of the player in top.It\'s disappeares itself....lots of loading time needed when i try to open it}.you may follow hash music player for Notification and beats misic player for widget...plz update these.