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Music Racer

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Description of Music Racer

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Get ready to play Music racer! This is the best and most realistic Music racer on the Android phones. Dive into this fascinating neon world with

Music racer! Game is the best and most addictive and entertaining.

Are you a music lover? Is car racing your hobby? Then this is the hyper-casual game for you

Show your driving skills in the different situations by safely overtaking and smoothly crossing all the obstacles on the color road. Tap on the screen and cross the obstacles by avoiding tokens with different colors.

Music racer! Is a casual game which lets you enjoy bumping levels with endless fun? Complete the challenge and unlock new levels. Download Free "Music racer!" and invite your friends to play the game to see how the best is!

Now what are you waiting to download for free "Music racer!” endless running game? I hope you aren't disappointed.


* High-quality 3D graphics

* Suitable for all ages

* Swipe left, right, up down to move your ball

* Does not require internet connection - the game is offline

All FREE to play anywhere and anytime!

-Multiple unique levels

-Each track with unique personalized music setting

⦁ Various cars to choose from

⦁ Various track options

⦁ Fun for children, girls, boys, and adults

⦁ Enjoy your adventure ride on the dancing road

⦁ Improves Brain skills

⦁ Very simple, hard to play!

⦁ Kills time and relieves stress

⦁ Great for playing at work, at home, at the office, and at school.

⦁ Beat new records and surprise your friends with your Score!

⦁ EDM trance soundTracks .

-Attractive environment and good graphics

-Easy to play, hard to master

Music racer! Is a perfect casual game suitable for all ages This game is filled with colorful roads, color blocks, and realistic physics. Very easy to play hard to master.

The game is one of the best car racing games in 2021. Protect the car with your finger while it’s moving forward. Beware of hurdles and cross them efficiently to move forward and win the ball race.

How to Play

- Touch & drag your car to pass through the same colour beats

- Dodge different color beats

- Collect diamonds on the curvy roads

- Unlock tracks & cars using diamonds

Thank you for supporting our game! If you have any ideas feel free to drop us a message with the email address below👇



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lable: Music - Games Current Version:76 Publish Date:2022-06-21 Developer:AbstractArt

User Reviews


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Brandon Peterson 2019-01-29

Honestly wasn\'t expecting the game to be this good. The only thing that I think should be added is a port to Spotify. I mean, I don\'t know if it\'s possible in the first place, but if the developers are able to work that out, it\'s all set. I love the game\'s appearance and it\'s really smooth and in tempo with whatever music you choose which is incredible. Good job, developers.
Sahat Sunam 2019-06-27

Yes if you\'re reading this cuz you aren\'t sure if the the game *really* modifies the colours and tracks and speed and effects according to the track youre playing, it does. One of the best parts of this game is that via the game you can search and choose a track on youtube, if you dont have it saved on your phone already. Multiple tracks and cars too. Bloody brilliant. 5*
Tadas 2019-03-05

This is awesome, but the music quality seems to drop in the game compared to listening it without the game. MUST ADD an option when once youre done with a song, you can instantly go to to the next one. I hate going to the menu every time im done with a song. Keep improving the accuracy of the track and everything else. This game is great but it can become the greatest.
Zak Halstead 2019-04-21

This is an awesome game. It is addictive, fun and also somewhat satisfying. The only reason I have given 4 stars is because I think it would be even better if you could choose songs from spotify as well as your library.
Jeffry Bobbingson 2020-05-28

Where to begin, well the game is very good in every sense of the word, it has many upon many song choices you could choose or upload to the game. This game is awesome! This game has 2 bugs I have noticed. When you go to the control setting there are three options, the only problem is the swipes and taps options. If you choose swipe you have to tap, if you choose tap you swipe. The other one is where you start the game on landscape and the screen gets weird. I hope you guys read this and fix it.
autumn 2019-09-22

I used to love this game. They absolutely ruined it by getting rid of YouTube, erasing my progress (Cars, tracks, etc), and overall killing the entire game. There\'s so many ads, and the fact that it asked to use my \'personal information\' to give me more ads was way too sketch for me. I\'m uninstalling this junk.
Artist Unknown 2020-01-03

OMG so much amazing stuff in this it\'s just perfect i always listen to EDM and dubstep and this fits it so well! the stages respond amazingly in incredibly beautiful ways I can\'t put it down! The stages are so vibrant the cars are amazing i love the visuals and on top of all that its a rhythm game that deserves it\'s five stars would recomend. Also I see alot of complaints about ads and the music not processing i use the mp3 player from my phone and i play offline so no ads and it processes fine
Rafael Pessoa 2019-09-22

Excellent, there were some bug on Loading \"tracks\" (pun intended), but after the update everything it\'s going amazing! Congratulations! Suggestion for de devs, you should make some tracks and sell in game or to unlock as a challenge, could be mensal. For instance, complete this song, that you\'ve maded, at Tokio and won 3000 bits. Hope some response
Daniel Rodrigues 2018-12-19

Honestly surprised at how good this game is. Got it while browsing the play store looking for a good offline game and I saw this. Decided to pick it up cause why not right? It\'s free and looks decent. Oh boy am I glad I chose to install it. Really cool graphics and endless song choice. The track, speed, and background ACTUALLY reacts to the song. When the song picks up the game gets faster and more flashy with more turns and whatnot. When the song dies down the game also calms itself. Gotta try.
StarShot82801 2019-07-25

well, ive had this game for over a year and a half. didnt have headphones for the longest time so i couldnt play it anywhere. but now i go back into it and its updated, runs badly, all of my unlocked things are gone, and 95% of the cars are gone. im pissed to be honest.