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Description of Mutiny: Pirate Survival RPG

Survive the challenges of the real role playing ocean adventure and become the most feared pirate in the Caribbean! Get your stuff together and lead your small crew, turning this deadly survival into some drop-dead adventure! Survive in the epic ocean free role playing game: Mutiny - Pirate RPG!

• Build and upgrade your ship

• Craft resources

• Take on exciting quests

• Manage your pirate crew

• Survive on the Damned Island

• Become a warrior of temple of trials

• Fortify your shelter with rare resources

• Loot other players


⛰Build a fortified island shelter⛰

In this island adventure you have to fight your way through the wilderness and build your fort to protect your treasures and your lives. Gather resources, craft weapons, get rare materials and build a perfect fortress.

🧨Craft Weapons & Armor for a Fight🧨

The craft system will provide you with all you need to survive these haunted pirate islands. Craft from over 100 recipes - from a simple shirt to a mighty pistol. Craft the strongest weapons and armor in the sea. Equip yourself with the best pirate outfit.

🏴‍☠️Lead your crew of pirates🏴‍☠️

For the first time in the survival genre you get a team to control. Appoint them to different tasks from crafting items to defending your fort. Explore challenging island quests and search for pirate treasures. Open the map and explore the sea world. Grow your team to become the best captain of the islands!

⛏️Gather resources⛏️

Stock up the wood for your shelter and first tools, then do some mining for more complex recipes of weaponry. Explore new islands and get more unique resources. Hunt animals to survive hunger and collect rare items.

🏝️Explore & Survive on new islands🏝️

Explore the world of the PVP games in Caribbean archipelago during the golden age of piracy! Reach the abandoned islands and fight hostile pirates, befriend the Indian tribe of Taino and survive in the sea full of sharks.

⚔️Prepare to fight & Loot other players⚔️

Fight PVP battles and lead on the attacks on your neighbors on the map! Get through their defense to the full chests of loot, fight for survival and let the mistress Fortune to smile over you!

💰Trade on a merchant ship💰

Multiple merchants are ready to sell or exchange rare resources, unique items or customise your character. Upgrade your boat and find merchants on the map and get even more valuable loot.

🎁Limited Events🎁

Don’t miss out on the time-limited events. Find an Island of Wrecked Ships on the global map and go there to get rare items to build your ship. At Boarding you can take part in the fight of two ships and find some nice loot there. Other events await for you as well!

Start your own online RPG survivor journey under the black flag today and prove yourself to be a real survivor of the dangerous Caribbean. Try to survive in a role playing sea world!

This is a real Caribbean role playing game with ocean quests and pirates fights. Join this survival adventure! Mutiny is an epic RPG where you have to fight to survive in the brutal island world. Man up!

The world of Caribbean island quest games is all yours! Prove you are worth being named the pirate king. Your pirate adventure begins right now. Get your crew ready to fight in survival games!

Join thousands of players around the world! Mutiny collected the best features of PVP and RPG adventure games. With so much going on you’re sure to remember this pirate island survival quest for long. Hang tough and may Jolly Roger bless you!

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mutinysurvival

Discord: https://discord.gg/YAYCqUF

Official website: www.heliogames.com

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lable: Adventure - Games Current Version:0.32.1 Publish Date:2022-06-20 Developer:Helio Games

User Reviews


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Vincent Villanueva 2020-11-12

Game is awesome!! but there are things that i find too difficult for the players (especially new players). 1. The requirements for building stractures like a simple BAMBOO WALL is too many. Stone block, rope, and bamboo. In my opinion it is too much given the limited inventory slots and energy just to go back and forth from an island. 2. The fact that your base will be vulnerable to other players at level 20. Going up to level 20 is not hard. But the develpment of your base will not go too far.
stephylovespandas 2021-02-18

Edit: Game fixed. Works fine. Worth more than 5!!! Changed my rating from 5 to 2 until bug is fixed. I\'m playing normally and an error keeps popping up while I\'m healing and autoing, while I\'m in my inventory moving things around. I\'ve even died from the bug splat getting in my way as my character dies from enemy. I love this game and only spent a total of $2. Best purchase ever for a bag to open my inventory. Now weapon breaking isn\'t an issue! But this bug is gme breaking. Please fix ASAP!!
Drew Montez 2020-11-04

So far, this is very similar to a lot of games of this type, except the ability to acquire and manage multiple characters (Crew). Unfortunately there seems to be a lack of character customization and apart from different skintones all the crew, including the Captain have the same head/hair/beard. Please add an option to edit the characters face/hair/beard and even gender, at least for the Captain!
Devon Ross 2020-11-12

YES! This is that game I\'ve been looking for. Thank you. I really hope you adjust your real money shop though. I want to help contribute but your monthly premium is probably the highest I\'ve seen in any game let alone a mobile... and I play a lot of mobile. I appreciate that you guys have the option but that price comes across as greedy. EDIT: Reducing stars because their team is either too small or just too slow to iron out some of the gamebreaking bugs or warn community in timely manner.
Ridzqi Richard 2021-02-10

Edited from 5 to 1. ;) It was really fun until before bug and error happened. I am lvl 63 btw. I experienced Bug, I reported, no response. I uninstalled and installed it again by suggestion of some players in Discord and the problem is solved. Then my account get locked without any explanation. And still no response for my ticket. Thanks.
A Random Teen 2020-11-21

I would give it 0 stars if there was an option to do so. I just ****ing hate this game. You can\'t play it and have a good time, you just can\'t. The raiding system is broken. You can get raided and have half of all your loot stolen and you can\'t raid those people back because they are of a much higher level than you with way more defences. Overall I must say that this is a \"pay (alot) to win\" game. I enjoyed it at first but once I got all my stuff taken away from me I lost all of my enthusiasm!
Timothy Hollinghead 2020-11-24

I like the idea of the game and the game play , however. It is completely unbalanced. Food doesnt heal enough and there is never enough of it. You can never find enough resources to keep your self from being killed. Clothes and weapons do not last long at all. Almost not worth the resources to make them. This game is designed to make you spend real money and then of you do the stuff you buy will not last long at all. Its really disappointing how money hungry these game developers are.
Andrew Bennett 2020-12-03

Pretty awesome for a free mobile app. Though it\'s not without its flaws. It is new so there will be changes made as you go along. Tutorial info could be improved in places. I died of starvation before I figured out that the food was going to the table inside and not my inventory. Also, can you guys offer a confirmation window (r u sure? Y/N) before returning to the world map? I accidentally ran off the island so many times just to wait for the load screen twice each time.
Seb Monty 2020-12-08

game is really nice , well made , only thing I disagree with is the energy concept for traveling ... I want to be able to play more than 30 min everytime I play .. I bought a 30$ pack for vip ( almost half of a full pc game or console game ) and im still not able to play however I want and I need to watch videos for more energy ? That is a joke ! Its ok for those who don\'t want to spend and are casual players...but no way after investing 30$ im still limited
Cyleren1 2021-02-28

Love the game and I adore that you cant lose the better, purchased bag. My one complaint is the exorbitant cost of the monthly VIP and what\'s included. I never would pay that much for a subscription. It doesn\'t give you enough to justify the cost. Consider reducing the cost and you may get twice as many subscribers. I have a loose credit card, but that doesn\'t mean I stop making good choices. But, I digress, this is the longest I\'ve played any survival game