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Description of muzmatch: Muslim & Arab Singles, Marriage & Dating

Single and Muslim? muzmatch is the FREE Muslim dating and marriage app with over 4 million single Muslims looking for serious relationships.

🧕🏽 4 Million Single Muslims: Chat with amazing Muslim brothers and sisters near you for free.

💕 It Works: Over 100,000 Muslim weddings thanks to muzmatch and 300 new couples every day! Could you be next?

🔍 Powerful Filters: Find your perfect match by Location, Profession, Ethnicity, Language, Education and much more.

🔒 Safe & Private: You have complete control of who can see your profile and keep your photos private until you're ready to share them.

✅ Verified Users: Every new user is verified with a selfie to make sure you only talk to real authentic people.

☎️ Free Calling: Get to know your matches better with free voice and video calling.

Whether you're looking for halal Muslim dating, rishta, matrimony or shaadi - muzmatch is the best free Muslim marriage app to help you get a Nikah. Sign up in just a few minutes and find your perfect Muslim partner today!



1. Simply sign up and create a profile

2. Use good photos and write a bio letting other single Muslims know what you're looking for

3. We'll show you compatible single Muslims near you who fit your filters and preferences

4. Like them if you're interested, Pass on them if you're not

5. You control who can speak to you. Once you like each other you can start chatting for free

6. Take things to the next level with a voice or video call

7. Go complete the other half of your deen and get married!

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lable: Dating - Apps Current Version:6.55.1a Publish Date:2021-12-03 Developer:muzmatch

User Reviews


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hakan ata 2021-02-18

So money focused. If you don\'t pay you won\'t get anything. It has so much potential though, the design is amazing , the support is amazing and the community is very friendly. Make it less expensive and I am pretty sure you will get more active users. Until then 1 star still it is worse then microtransactions. CAN a subscription can get even more expensive? 25 quids for a subscription? Really? How desperate are you?
Fadil Nohur 2020-10-12

I had a great way to get notifications from Muzmatch matches but not the Muzmatch profile itself - blocking the Muzmatch profile. But apparently this is naughty and that \"bug\" will be squashed. Like, why? Is what I want so unreasonable? The funny thing is that I actually like the profile stuff, but to read at my own pace, not to have it shoved in my face. Your insistence on wanting to insert it into system notifications meant searching for ways to block it out.
Sab W 2020-10-27

Be prepared to pay (a lot!) for anything to happen in this app. It has dried up for me since my premium expired - matches are now extremely rare. Haven\'t seen enough from this app to justify the price. I\'m prepared to pay a monthly subscription but not at the current insanely high prices! There needs to be a monthly rolling subscription rather than having to commit to 3/6/12 months. I pay for Spotify/Netflix/Prime so I have no issues in paying a subscription but please reconsider the prices.
Muhammad Naveed 2019-05-01

NEVER BUY THEIR SUBSCRIPTION!! First of all it\'s not worth it. Even with subscription, a user can only send one message per day. I asked for a refund from muzmatch support after few hours of buying subscription and they asked me to contact google support. Google told me only developer can refund the money. I again reached out to muzmatch support but they never replied back or refunded my money.
mham mnad 2020-12-19

25 dollars for a free week. And it will renew everyweek until I cancel it!!!!! Are you trying to steal our money by not having attention and forget to cancel. Don\'t you think that 25 dollars is too much for a week. Ait means 100 dollars per month.!!! Too Greedy. Beside its so bad app. No one is serious who suits my age, I should be depressed to find a girl older than me.
Ahmad Yasin 2019-08-19

Great app, only one I\'ve encountered that let you talk to others without premium subscription, but I upgraded just to support. There are actually real people on this app and not just bots like in many other muslim dating sites, so I would recommend. I found a great muslimah and I\'m sure others can as well. The app is well designed and easy to use, good luck to everybody planning on joining.
مخلص النهر 2020-04-05

Just so you guys know about this app, they have the right to retain ownership to everything you put on the app, forever. You will have 0 privacy. If that won\'t stop you, the app is extremely glitchy. If there is any kind of maintenance, it seems minimal. They secured a 7 million $ investment recently, you\'d think they\'d be better at wanting to help the Muslim community get married. But as you have already read other posts on here, they\'re very negligent about providing support.
Like A Boss 2021-03-12

Unjustifiably expensive membership, $34/week after trial!!! $200+ for annual subscription!!! This is not a service for Muslims, it is simply capitilizing off them. Also, too many innactive accounts that have been there for months, even years! Should be removed.
Fudgeface 2020-10-02

The filter options...barely any options on the free versions now! The paid membership has doubled in price. I did one month for £15 to see what its like, and decided to stick to the free version as I thought I found someone....yea a few days ago I thought I\'d look into it again. It\'s literally£30 a month if you don\'t do reaccurring payments. Not helpful at all.
AA B 2019-12-08

Like most apps like these, you have to be very careful with your approach and your connections. Keep it halal to the best of your ability and ask Allah ta\'Ala to guide you. The price is reasonable.