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Description of my 楽天モバイル


運転免許証とスマホで撮影したご本人の顔写真をAIで照合して、本人確認ができるシステムを「my 楽天モバイル」アプリに導入しました!すでにeSIM対応製品をお持ちでeSIMをお申し込みの方は、最短即日で開通できます!

【my 楽天モバイルの機能】






















Google Playでの利用履歴やアプリ購入代金を確認できます。

また、ご利用上限額の設定もできます。■ A new function "AI Easy Identity Verification (eKYC)" has been added!

We have introduced a system in the "my Rakuten Mobile" app that allows you to verify your identity by collating your driver's license with your face photo taken with your smartphone using AI! If you already have an eSIM compatible product and apply for eSIM, you can open it in the shortest possible day!

[Functions of my Rakuten Mobile]

・ Additional purchase of data

With the data charge function, you can add data instantly with one click.

・ Check the remaining amount of data in real time for each contracted line

You can see at a glance the line area you are using, the remaining amount of data, and the breakdown of your data.

・ Manage data usage

You can use your data wisely by switching the data high-speed mode.

・ Confirmation of usage details

You can check the monthly payment fee and point usage amount at once.

・ Confirmation of contract information

You can check the contracted phone number and plan, and change the registration information.

・ Addition / change of services

You can apply for or change additional optional services.

You can also change the plan or replace the SIM in case of theft or loss from here.

・ Inquiries tailored to customer needs

You can use the FAQ that lets you know what you want to know immediately, and the "Message Consultation" function that allows you to make more specific consultations.

・ Purchase of products

You can purchase a rich lineup of smartphones and accessories.

・ AI Easy Identity Verification (eKYC)

You can easily verify your identity by simply taking a picture of your driver's license and your identity with your smartphone.

If you already have an eSIM compatible product and apply for eSIM, you can open it in the shortest possible day.

・ Carrier payment

You can check the usage history and application purchase price on Google Play.

You can also set the maximum usage amount.

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More Information Of my 楽天モバイル

lable: Communication - Apps Current Version: Publish Date:2021-03-03 Developer:Rakuten Mobile, INC.

User Reviews


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parth dobariya 2020-09-25

Not available in english
Manish Kumar Jain 2020-07-13

Rakuten Link is just like another app, which is an internet platform based app and Id is our SIM base Phone Number which is run through internet and which seems to be given, first priorty but Rakuten doesn\'t think so that wise never work on it but they update the app adding with new function like News, Wallet, etc. 1 If Rakuten Link App on call, another app should be on hold or show busy 2. If there is a Call on another app, then another app should go on HOLD and Rakuten Link should pop up.
Ник Боровиков 2020-12-07

No English version! Unbelievable.
Connor Lawless 2019-12-19

It doesn\'t let you enter the app. Just asks for a coupon code for an expired event with no way to skip. Needs to be fixed.
Romel Fabros 2020-07-11

having trouble using your app because it`s in Japanese language and do not have an option to change it in English.l
Mohammad Saber 2020-09-25

There is no English version.
Qasim Sarwar 2020-07-28

Can\'t Use sim card on Galaxy A50 Rakuten Unlimit 2.0 The sim card arrive just 2 days before. Inserted sim card added APN settings can use Internet and make calls. On second day everything stop working automatically. Since 48 hours I can\'t use service at all. The server is not connecting with sim card. Customer service is as worst as sim card they don\'t even know the APN settings. Till now I have wasted 48 hours for configuration with no good news. ⚠ Don\'t waste your ⌚ and 💷
moto dev弐四九 2020-04-23

For custermars, Rakuten mobile MNO servings. not NVMO services.
Ls 2gT555 2020-04-15

Rakuten UN-LIMITにご契約中のお客様向けアプリ ○o。.にアップデートしました。\(^-^)/(/o\)
Namz 5 2020-05-04