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Description of My Adecco: Job Search & Career Management

Think of the My Adecco job search app as a one-stop digital staffing agency where you can find, apply, and manage your next permanent, full-time, part-time or temporary job easily. It's FREE and easy to use! Literally everything is right at your fingertips. And by everything, we mean you'll be able to:

• Search jobs near you

• Apply to permanent and temp jobs anytime, anywhere

• Manage your paystubs, payroll and benefits info and W-2

• Manage assignment dates and locations

• Get career advice

• Chat with an expert

• Receive job alerts

Really, it's that easy! Use your phone or other device to find the right job for your career goals and skills and apply with a single click! We're here to help you effectively use the My Adecco app. Just use the chatbot or get in touch with our team.

We have open positions across the U.S. in the following industries and many more:

• Call Center & Customer Service

• Creative & Marketing

• Hospitality

• Human Resources

• Industrial & Manufacturing

• Office & Administrative

• Warehousing

Ready to find a great job? Ready for it to be a surprisingly easy process? Excellent! Download our free My Adecco app today.

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lable: Business - Apps Current Version:2.0.8 Publish Date:2021-03-09 Developer:ADO STAFFING, INC.

User Reviews


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Christopher Valko 2019-10-10

Awesome App. This is a fast an easy way to search for a new job and get hired easily. I just uploaded my resume, searched and applied.
Gorgeous Soul 2020-06-07

I have been using Adecco for years and I wish I took advantage of the services offered alittle sooner. I definitely took this app for granted its amazing!! Thank you Adecco for your services
KarMala 2020-10-08

Verification process is obnoxious. I can\'t even log in! Keeps asking me to verify my email. System sends me verification email. I press verify circles around then says email not verified. It has done this several times. Pretty useless.
Ray Brown 2020-05-14

Error messages on all but the home screen. This app is not even remotely functional. I didn\'t think it could be worse than their website but somehow they managed it.
Frank Finney 2020-10-23

Lousy app. Loses your info and never let\'s you apply for the jobs you want but only for the jobs they have the most trouble filling. I have found it annoying and slow.
Sedona Hedges 2021-01-01

I was trying to create an account and I was not able to select a branch, nor was I able to get past the first screen w/o selecting a branch. I went through all of these reviews before deciding to give it a chance, but nothing is fixed, nothing works..
Karen Wilhelm 2020-07-15

Signed up for weekly job alerts for my town. Got alerts for another town for two weeks then nothing since. Applied for a job, it said I would get additional questions, but I never did. Chrome won\'t save password for this app.
montrell grays 2019-12-20

Was working until about a month ago. Now when I try to see my paystubs it just says unable to fetch payroll. You think it would be fixed by now.....kinda disappointing.
Wayne Corey 2020-12-27

Impossible to get questions answered. They only use an extremely limited chatbot. Company is terrible. Missing hours on paycheck, unresponsive. In 39 years, I\'ve never had a delayed paycheck because of the holidays.
Verinda Johnson 2020-01-31

Well I have been to my local branch office 3 times , have called the branch office numerous time, spoken to someone only once, have left my name, employee number and cell number, never got a return call back as of yet still. The person at field office says she can\'t help and no one in the office seems to know what to do nor acts like they even care to help me because they are way to busy helping new clients . I have been made to feel as though my concerns are not important and I DO NOT MATTER.