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My Altitude and Elevation - GPS APK

My Altitude and Elevation - GPS

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Description of My Altitude and Elevation - GPS


1. Latitude and longitude in following formats:

- DMS degrees, minutes and seconds sexagesimal

- DMM degrees and decimal minutes

- DD decimal degrees

- UTM Universal Transverse Mercator

- MGRS Military Grid Reference System

2. Altitude according to your device's satellite GPS receiver

3. Elevation or Height above ground level.

Other features:

- Compatibility with latest Material Design guidelines.

- Ability to share your location and information by taking a picture.

- Ability to choose what information you want to place on the picture.

- Customize photos by changing text color and text position.

- Save your location data and browse through it anywhere.

- Click and send text message with your current coordinates.

- Simple tutorial that will help you use the app.

- Use a text message or share on social media or by email, your location information “what is my altitude?” to your friends.

- Copy coordinates to your clipboard.

- Customize how long the application should maintain its location after closing it.

- Export all your saved locations to KML and GPX.

- Export/import all data and images. Easy switch between devices.

- Customize image quality.

Simple explanation of displays:

1. Latitude and longitude in decimal format according to your GPS receiver.

2. Altitude according to your GPS receiver adjusted for sea level. (

Accuracy is up to +-10m)

3. Approximate elevation or height above ground level.

4. Seconds since last GPS satellite signal.

5. Accuracy of GPS satellite signal.

Requires a satellite GPS receiver to function properly. WIFI assisted GPS does not report altitude.


- GPS does not work well indoors.

- GPS accuracy depends on the receiver in your device

- Data connection is required to get elevation data.

Units include:

- Meter

- Kilometer

- Feet

- Yard

- Mile

- Nautical Mile

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lable: Tools - Apps Current Version:5.11 Publish Date:2022-06-21 Developer:Android Apps & Tools

User Reviews


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Alex Peterson 2020-01-02

Shows elevation and position as described and works without having to be online!
Alec Kristi 2020-10-19

not accurate (compared with other apps), pummels you with ads. displays multiple ads inside the app, auto-redirecs to random play store install links on open and close. this app should be reported.
Susan Yeck 2019-08-07

Love keeping track of the altitude as we travel through the mountains.
Amanda Kenyon 2020-08-07

Totally confusing. Elevation is supposed to be distance above sea level but there is nothing in the app that says elevation OR distance above sea level. It just has \"altitude\" which would normally be defined as the distance above the ground (no matter where the ground is in relation to sea level). There is a separate value in the app called \"approximate distance to surface\" which is showing up with no data for me.
Sukumaran K K 2019-07-31

very bad app don\'t download not work properly only see longitude and latitude
hein alvares 2019-01-16

I had to correct my ratings. This app gives a reading that for the same location differs every time.
Eric Estrada 2019-05-09

its a good app just it should reset a point a location to pont b location to determin elevation change.
Avraham Hendeles 2019-01-08

Very accurate, detailed, and informative.
James MacLean 2020-06-07

Rubbish for what I need, GPS and WiFi enabled, reads up to 10m different for same location, reads same elevation in moving from one spot to another 20m away and 5m height difference.
82nd Airborne 2020-10-28

Can\'t open saved places to read data!