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Description of My Best Colors

My Best Colors is a stellar shopping companion which uses your smartphone camera to instantly recognize colors that flatter you. It's easy, accurate and fun to use!

The app includes a set of 6 palettes for each colortype in the popular 12 Season Color system. The Best Colors palette is available free of charge. With realistic fabric previews for all 51 colors, there’s a whole lot to love and explore. Any custom palettes that you create on colorwise.me are fully compatible and can be imported into the app.

The app provides styling help with the convenience you desire. Use it in the comfort of your home to select the perfect look or lean on it while shopping for new clothing, accessories, cosmetics, and jewelry.

**** Key features ****

• Free Best Colors palettes from the 12 Season Color System

• A set of premium purpose-built palettes: Complementary Colors, Neutral Colors, Jewelry, Eyeshadow Colors, and Lipstick Colors

• Import custom palettes from colorwise.me and from our social networking sites

• Smart Color Picker that finds colors that you can safely wear. Simply point your camera at a cloth or select a photo from your gallery.

• Mix-and-match palette shades with actual colors

• Take pictures in the app with embedded color information

• Realistic fabric previews for all colors in the palette

• Works in any lighting conditions with auto white-balance and flash

Eliminate the guesswork and make wise choices when updating your wardrobe.

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lable: Beauty - Apps Current Version:7.0.64 Publish Date:2022-06-20 Developer:colorwise.me

User Reviews


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S S 2020-03-29

I paid for this and the only difference between paying $10.99 and nothing is a few squares of colors that I could have found online after determining my season. Seems disingenuous to charge people for a premium product & only deliver a few squares that can look varied depending on the source your using to view them from. I definitely would not recommend paying $10.99 for the upgrade. That is utterly insulting.
Val Gervais 2019-12-15

Nothing works on this app. I can\'t select my colour palette. All I get to see, no matter what I click on, is the colour pallette for warm autumn...which I am not. Also, I\'m not seeing any place to upload a photo. Must be with the paid version, which is $14.95. Given that the free version won\'t work at all, I am not willing to dish out anything for an upgrade. Edit: I live in Canada and I assure you that the upgrade is $14.95. Edit#2: I have upgraded my review due to great service.
Dwayne DaRock Johnson 2020-10-21

Hi, I\'m a professional image consultant, I find the ability to work with virtual fabrics brilliant. My suggestion is to create the ability to save favorite fabrics. Thanks!!
Sanna Ponziani 2020-03-30

I love the idea but the app doesn\'t work properly. I can\'t choose any of the custom palettes I\'ve created and saved, although it says on the website that they\'ll all be compatible with the app. As custom palettes aren\'t listed under \"Premium palettes\" but under \"Free palettes\" I assume that they are, indeed, free. Or did I misunderstand? I can\'t find anywhere that it says one should pay for using custom palettes. So, frankly, I don\'t see a reason why they wouldn\'t work but the fact remains that they don\'t. And out of principle I don\'t want to pay 9.99 euros to find out that the app still doesn\'t work. I\'m in Europe so maybe that\'s why this app doesn\'t work?
Rhonda D 2020-05-21

I had trouble with this app. I wanted to love it, but based on the pictures it kept telling me I was one season that I was confident was not correct based on my research. When I scanned clothes, it told me many things were charcoal that were olive or other shades even in clear light. Perhaps it is only as good as the camera on your phone and mine is not great, bit I didn\'t find this app helpful.
Tracey W 2019-05-01

Free app includes only 4 classic seasons. To access the 12 modern seasons costs $14US. Useless in the free mode.
Jasmina Richardson 2019-03-11

It is an excellent start fo all those interested in seasonal colour palettes. I have a free version and I am quite happy with it.
Liz Young 2017-12-20

This is an awesome app! Occasionally, I can\'t get an accurate color read, but many times, it is spot-on! I would love to get the premium palette, but my budget currently doesn\'t allow for it...
Tania Pelts 2017-09-22

Excellent use of camera for color matching. Dozens of colours! Makes shopping so much easier for me now.
Mike Simoli 2019-01-27

unfortunately it is extremely limited in the free version