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Your uneventful city life is taking its toll—until a chance encounter leaves you as the proprietress of Calico Manor. Within this historic building are centuries of untold secrets waiting to be discovered, along with a trio of butlers sworn to help you… Although it doesn't take long to realize the true mystery lies within your heart...


◆Meet Reiss — The Himalayan!

Part Himalayan, part human. Reiss is hot-headed and a true alpha-male. Despite his brazen foolhardiness and mischievous nature, he cares deeply for his two brothers. Can you break through his thorny exterior, revealing the soft heart within?

◆Meet Keith — The Blue Russian!

A Blue Russian and human mix, Keith identifies strongly with his human side, but struggles with his feline blood. Outwardly calm, his inner turmoil reveals itself in unexpected ways. Can you help him come to love himself?

◆Meet Sieg — The Scottish Fold!

Part Scottish-Fold and human, Sieg radiates an aura of mystery. His thoughts are an enigma, but behind those steely eyes lies a prodigious mind going to waste. More interested in lazing around than helping his brothers, are you the person to help reignite his passion?

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lable: Simulation - Games Current Version:2.1.10 Publish Date:2022-06-20 Developer:Genius Inc

User Reviews


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Tokxcx 2020-12-30

I. Freakin. Love. This. There is nothing wrong! Ofc you have to wait two hrs to get one pass but it\'s much better then waiting a whole 24 hours for one pass only which is a feature on many other games similar to this. The story line is enchanting and waiting is so worth it. Everything is so beautifully written.not a single flaw in my eyes. Well done you have created an amazing app. Thankyou so much! Definitely recommend, especially to anime lovers!!
Aysh Moraxis 2020-12-24

I love everything about this and it makes me cryyy >~< I finally got to be with Reiss, well if I rated the gameplay even if you don\'t have enough gems and points its fine, you can still get your favorite character in the end...I love this so much! The premium choices don\'t have much impact in having a bad relationship with the brothers it\'s just a romantic extra scene and it\'s worth the try!
{I 2021-01-08

I love this game but the great choices cost gems or something like that ,and we have to wait or pay for tickets to continue the story. So yeah that\'s my problem there\'s some more but I just wanted to let you know about these two problems because those are the most annoying things on the story and I had to get it off my system so I gave it a four star.PS for the people that created theses game please fix this.Bye thanks for reading my opinion and problem . ✨😌✨
Galaxy _ bloom 2021-01-15

So this is so cute (just like the boys👌), and its really well played out the storyline is amazing and... I just don\'t know how to describe it. It\'s fun, heart warming, cute and all nice things, and the way you get to pick the guy to be with is so cute AND the nicknames it\'s just OOF my heart. Overall if you think you should get this game you really should you\'ll love it, just like I did. And to the creator or creators keep up the good work and continue the make the heartwarming games we love 😁
starryeyesemily 2021-01-01

BEST GENIUS INC GAME EVER! 🥺💕 Not only is the story amazing, the characters are super hot and so lovable! It\'s easy to get points to buy diamonds so you don\'t have to use money. Overall the game is so amazing and I think everyone should give it a try! ❤
Salty Queen 2020-12-04

It\'s a good game I enjoyed it I would\'ve given it a 5 start,tho I recommend adding at least more mini games, when you play the same game over and over it starts getting boring and might even lose interest in the game itself specially when it\'s the same mini game in every other game.
acīax_eko更 2020-11-24

Another awesome game made by Genius Inc! Totally worth my time,the character visuals and the character themselves are WOW,the plotline was a bit rushed and groggy but it doesn\'t ruin the story and why does the enemy need to be handsome though I- ✋The CG\'s are awesome too but I don\'t like the fact that the players could see the MC visual \'cause I personally imagine my character and I kinda got unmotivated to continue reading but it\'s still an awesome game,you should check it out! 💕✨🌱
{Silver The Hedgehog} 2021 2020-12-29

I give it a 5 because i finally got to be with Sieg. My only problem are the diomonds and the tickets. Overall its a great game! So romantic and sweet!❤❤😍😍 Awesome game though. More diomonds would be nice instead of 30 because for a option it costs 20 which leaves you with 10 or 50 Or ?49 would be nice instead of 50. I dont like Sieg saying \"im not part of his family.\" Its mean and rude. Please fix all that. And thanks for reafing it! Also i wanted to edit the character i was given. Plz
vanya vlog 2021-03-04

This is the BEST!!!! The graphics are great, the story line is perfect, the characters are soooo good!!!! What else could you ask for? Well the answer is more rubies. I would really appreciate if we were given free rubies for a particular time just like we get tickets. If that happens I am ready to give it a hundred stars 😘 HOPE YOU WILL CONSIDER IT🙏🙏
Chloe Fleet 2021-01-05

The artstyle of the boys drew me in, and the bonding with them was really cute! I liked learning about them, their fears, and seeing their relationships improve as family. I ended up picking Keith bc I love his type of character (lmao) but Reiss the tsun and Sieg have special places in my heart too since they\'re just so cute!! The plot was to be expected, but it wasn\'t a bad thing in my opinion. It\'s just nice to have a simple story to tap along to sometimes, you know?