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Description of My Elevation

My Elevation uses web services to get your precise surface elevation based on your current location. This is far more accurate than the elevation data provided by your device. But there's so much more you can do with My Elevation. Try it and see!


● The application shows the surface elevation above sea level based a latitude and longitude. It does not provide altitude in cases where you are in an aircraft, high up in a building, or high off of ground for some reason.

● This application must have a working data connection to be able to show your position on the map, get your precise elevation and provide much additional rich content . It does not have an off line mode. Please consider this before giving poor ratings when it doesn't work when you have no data connection.

Feature List

● Follow Me Mode - Follows your current location in real time. Watch your movements on a map and see your elevation and coordinates updating as you move.

● Search for Locations and watch the map fly over to them. My Elevation will tell you the weather there and let you browse Wikipedia articles about attractions nearby the location. If you are curious at all about other places you will love this !

● Long press a location on the map and My Elevation will tell you the weather there and let you browse Wikipedia articles about attractions nearby the location.

● Add bookmarks for places you want to remember.

● Share your location or what you find in searches with your friends in a text or email.

Display Options

Map Mode - Lets you pick one of four Google Map types (Normal, Satellite, Topo and Hybrid)

Heading Up, Map Tilt and Night Mode

Try it out and let us know how it goes.

email us at rdhsoftware@gmail.com

or visit https://www.facebook.com/MyElevation

This application uses Google Analytics to collect anonymous data about how the application is used and what failures occur. This allows us to make the application better with each release. You can opt out of this by un-checking the Analytics data item in the application preferences. No personally identifying information is collected.

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More Information Of My Elevation

lable: Travel & Local - Apps Current Version:1.63 Publish Date:2022-06-17 Developer:RDH Software

User Reviews


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Colin Sewell 2019-06-26

First READ what this app does. It doesn\'t measure your personal elevation, like if you\'re high in a building. It measures the actual elivation of where you are in the world on the ground. It is perfect for walkers, hikers cyclists, mountain climbers etc.... a really good app. So far it is very accurate too. 5 🌟 from me.
ralph thomas 2019-08-09

I\'ve found this app to be spot-on accurate. Elevations are very critical in designing microwave paths. I use a variety of tools to cross-confirm peak elevations. I\'ve cross-compared this app to known, trusted tools and, as I said previously, it is spot-on. Examples of \"other tools\" include such things as USGS topography data, official survey monuments, Google Earth Pro, etc. But this app is on my phone w/me wherever I am. I find it to be an accurate, useful App.
Kathy Stewart 2019-02-18

It got my address wrong, shows neighbog\'s address on another street. It won\'t save my correct address when entered. Keeps telling me someone named Amy is 5 milles away. Who the heck is Amy and why do I care? The idea with this app is good but did not work correctly with me. Also, if Amy is my neighbor on another street and you are telling me where she is then you could do the same to me and let possible stalkers know where I am. Doesn\'t safety mean anything to you people?
Ken Holloway 2020-10-25

I like this app. Yesterday we were on the Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina. There was an elevation sign at one of the overlooks. Just out of curiosity I opened the app and it showed the elevation within 1 foot of the sign, so very accurate and the location was spot on also. Opens fairly quick even in weak signal areas unlike some other apps.
June Harter 2019-04-27

i just downloaded this app. We live in our Rv and its very important to determine our route elevation because we tow a car. I LOVE THIS APP SO FAR, enough i would have given it a 5 star, but felt in fairness to being new, id give it a 4. Traveling through the mountains in California and this has helped us determine when to unhook the toad!
Johannes Trost 2020-05-18

Elevation is wrong. I go upstairs in my house and app shows same elevation as downstairs. Update: The developer explained the ground elevation is looked up via internet from the lateral GPD coordinates. Sorry I was stupid not reading \"about\". Upgrading to 3 stars for now. Would like to know what lateral resolution we get. Update: Upgrading to 5 stars because the support is phenomenal. All my technical questions to accuracy and source data have been answered!
Rhonda Lowe 2019-08-24

When the permissions error pops up after opening the app it is too big for the screen. Because I cannot interact with the Pop-Up I cannot bypass and use the app. Uninstalling
Carlo Pritchard 2020-05-02

Good app; as far as I can tell the terrain altitude is accurate and unlikely to change over time (satellite generated). However, not sure how often the developer updates the map data, I bought a new-build home in a newly developing community more than 2 years ago. While the app accurately locates my home, the majority of the subsequent construction is missing.
WillandGrace04 2019-04-06

It works very well, checked the accuracy as I drive all over the country as a long haul trucker and it is pretty much SPOT ON. Would have given 5 stars if there was an AD FREE option. Using the app on a Galaxy Note 9 via AT&T.
owly mojr 2019-12-21

Elevation does not work without WI-FI. VERY DISAPPOINTED!