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Description of My EVV

My EVV is a way to verify that services to a patient, who has signed up for a home healthcare service, are delivered.

My EVV is allows workers who visit patient homes to electronically clock in and out of shifts. The system logs key information including the date, time, and location by using the GPS of the mobile phone. When the employee signs in to the system, it facilitates them to enter all the services provided as per needs of the individual’s schedule.

My EVV records all the required information so that reports can be produced as per requirements of any individual agency with the guidelines as stipulated by Medicaid/Medicare.

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More Information Of My EVV

lable: Medical - Apps Current Version:1.160 Publish Date:2021-11-03 Developer:Hope In-Home Care llc

User Reviews


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Jacqueline Ellison 2019-11-16

This is the worst app ever,they need to find another way to track our clocking in and out because this isn\'t working effeciantly and soon I to cause problems with the employee\'s and employers . Because a lot of people income pays their bills and when your check is short because this system messed up , there will be problems. This app freezes , you have to restart your phone at times, you have to un install and re install the app . It\'s too much for the pennies that they pay to do this work .
K WILLIAMS 2020-08-04

Horrible app. My cheap employer uses this app for clock in purposes & patient records. 90% of the time the app resets and takes you back to the main screen to sign in. A cheap, poor creation app. When calling tech suppprt the man who answers the call os sarcastic and lazy. He\'s probably the person who developed this horrible app. Please make sure you get paid for all hours clocked in and out for. A lot of time punches fail to download to employers system. This app is perfect for cheap companies
Amanda Hill 2019-09-11

Downloaded It And Now My Phone Keeps Freezing... I Have To Keep Turning It Off And Back On For It To Unfreeze... Ughhh This Is The Most Stupidest Thing I\'ve Ever Had To Do, To Be Tracked While At Work...
Trystan Deavers 2020-05-28

App keeps me at my last clocked in time. Won\'t successfully clock out. Its been three days now and no different. Still stuck on the same time. Of 7:41 and won\'t reset even if I clock it out. Take note I clocked in on time and clocked out on time.
K WILLIAMS 2020-07-08

Horrible app. Restarts. App voice reminder of time clock is never accurate. Waste of time. Needs to be fixed. Absolute Horrible service
ignas diu 2019-08-24

Great App with professional back-office support
Lee\'Nae Johnson 2019-10-22

This app is horrible! I clocked in and out on time just for my employer to call me to say I had 3 days missing off my check due to issues with this app, I have used apps before for employers I. This by far is the worst one. You cant check your time hrs etc the only way you know something is wrong is when you receive a phone call from your employer saying so, also i have been told I was at locations I have never been at times where they are not even open for business, please fix this app
Leona Lewis 2019-09-11

I do not like this out too many bugs I clock in on time and when I go to clock out at the end of my shift a lot of the times it\'s saying I didn\'t by prompting me clock in instead of out. Hopefully the bugs are fixed before September 22nd. My work is all I ask do not need anyting getting in the way of me getting paid😤😤
Vijay Pandey 2020-10-01

Nice app, easy to use, most user friendly for caregivers. The app is made keeping caregivers in mind so they should not face any problem. Auto reminders for clock in and clock out. Most things done automatically. Easy schedule access for the whole week. Can get directions to clients house can call directly to client from the app. Easy clock in and clock out. Customized care plan available for different clients don\'t have to remember things. Even helps legally blind clients.Thanks 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟
Rose Childs 2020-02-03

This app doesn\'t work correctly at times can\'t clock in and out, don\'t remember anything that was program, have to go back ,start over, app freeze up can\'t do too much with this.