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Description of My Health+ by Intermountain

My Health+ is a personalized app by Intermountain Healthcare that brings powerful tools from across your health experience into one place. The app helps make it easier and more convenient for you to manage all aspects of your health – from booking an appointment to paying a bill.

The features of My Health+ are designed to take the complexity out of managing your health, so you and your family can spend time living the healthiest lives possible. With My Health+ you can:

- Message your providers

- Manage family appointments and book appointments online

- Easily access your health record

- View your test results and prescription history

- Pay bills in one place

- Estimate your healthcare costs (for SelectHealth members)

- Launch an online visit with your provider or Intermountain Connect Care

- Check your symptoms and get advice on next steps

- Get timely prompts for preventative care

My Health+ is an expanded and improved version of Intermountain’s My Health patient portal. My Health+ is also available as a personalized web experience at intermountainhealthcare.org.

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lable: Medical - Apps Current Version:6.3.0 Publish Date:2022-06-17 Developer:Intermountain Healthcare

User Reviews


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Darcy Bono 2020-12-16

Absolutely Useless - Impossible to Register. I\'ve tried for 20 minutes to register an account and have been given various errors with \"please try again\" during the process. I\'m 30 years old, I work with computers all the time and this is the most absurdly bad registration process I\'ve ever come across. \"We had a problem sending your verification code via email \" \"We don\'t recognize the code we JUST freakin gave you.\" \"We can\'t validate your information.\" :D
Shaylee Bailey 2020-10-31

Updating my review to 5 stars after Intermountain contacted me directly and solved my issue with the app. I have a Pixel phone and a late September update to the app caused a bug that wouldn\'t allow Pixel users to login. I left a review and Intermountain contacted me directly and updated me when they released a patch to fix the bug. Great communication and I\'m so glad I can use the app again instead of the web version!
Jessica Pointon 2020-06-28

Every time I log in... Error message \"sorry we couldn\'t find your updates. Try again or come back in a bit!\" And \"An issue occurred! Sorry we couldn\'t find your lab results. Try again or come back in a bit!\" And this was after the update that was pushed today! We are awaiting covid test results, we were given paperwork specifically to get this app to get results. Also, there is no way to add you children?? That definitely needs to be fixed so parents can communicate with pediatricians etc.
Rhett Wilson 2020-11-24

It looks nice, has nice functionality, actual experience is awful. 1. I have to login every day. I have other health apps and none of them do this. 2. There are other functions where you have to login to a different area. why do I have to login so many times? 3. Sometimes, it just doesn\'t load. You will see there are results but then it doesn\'t load. There is no error either so you don\'t get any technical support. They can\'t even call this in beta yet, it is still alpha.
Angela Light 2020-11-25

I have been using the app as well as the website for many years. The app is slow, but recently it stopped working to view any lab results at all. When I contacted tech support, they made the assumption that I was waiting for covid results, and told me to check back in a couple days. I get labs done every week and can always view them the same day. I tried refreshing as suggested, and it still doesn\'t work, it hasn\'t worked in weeks. It also still doesn\'t work on the actual website as well.
Betsy Shelton 2021-02-25

After trying multiple times a day to update the app for 5 days straight, I have given up. I am in the beginning phase of an oncology journey with needs to utilize the site often, but now cannot do so. Very, very disappointing and frustrating. Hoping whatever is the cause for the difficulties is soon fixed. 2/25/21 UPDATE The fix to the site has allowed me to use the site as intended. Very happy and thankful for the effort!
Jason Michaels 2020-10-29

There\'s a strange log in bug. I have a Pixel 2 that\'s running on Android 11. When trying to log in, if I don\'t get a blank notification from My health+ it will just sit on the blue screen with a stethoscope graphic. If you have this issue, I suggest uninstalling and reinstalling the app until you get this blank notification. Do not close it or you won\'t be able to log back in as I could only get it to pop up on the first start-up. Hopefully they fix this soon.
David Daines 2021-01-09

After leaving a one star review for never sending a verification code, it finally started working. Leaving it at three stars because it works but I don\'t like the idea of the app in the first place. You have everyone\'s email and phone number already. Use those to communicate covid results instead of making us set up another login out of the dozens of others that everyone has.
Lance Lindberg 2020-06-11

New app is much improved. Now I can easily see all my labs, Dr notes, tests, and communication with the clinic in one place. This was a much needed upgrade.
Daniel Avery 2021-01-05

The usability and UX on this app is severely lacking. They make you sign in with a username and password and don\'t tell you what that is, so it is a true chore to be able to sign into the app the first time. Once you\'re in, it seems to work pretty well, but they really, really, really need to fix how easy it is for users to sign in the first time and get started.