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Description of My Home Design Story : Episode Choices

Welcome to My Home Design! Join single mom Donna and her little daughter Joyce for a new and exciting chapter in their lives. Solve lots of fun match 3 blast puzzles and make choices that decide Donna's fabulous love story. Redesign her home and garden, solve challenging puzzles, and find your perfect match in this new relaxing and romance puzzle game!

Game Features:

A New York love story

Follow single mom Donna as she tries to decide between the two men in her life, who are both vying for her attention. The rich property magnate Grey, and the sweet romantic neighbor Ryan. Will romance bloom, or will Donna decide to stay single after all?

Her life, your choices

Get caught up in Donna’s complicated love life, and help her make the right decisions. Every episode has important choices that change the course of the romance story in this one of a kind otome drama game

Design your dream home

Unleash your creative side with endless home design choices in every property! Makeover and renovate bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms and redesign the interior of each room with any design of your choice

Interior design with style

Make your choice from hundreds of well-designed interior items in various popular interior decorating styles! Makeover and remodel houses and rooms in any interior style you want

Exciting puzzle game play

Match and blast blocks like a dream to solve fun and exciting blast puzzles in the all new modern matching games of My Home Design Story: Episode Choices

Endless match 3 fun

My Home Design: Episode Choices has thousands of fun and challenging match 3 puzzle levels, and more are being added every week, so the fun never ends!

Follow Donna in her search for the perfect match!

As a hot and trending essay writer in New York, Donna looked like she was living the dream. Her articles about the New York single life were selling like hot cakes; property owning brothers were falling over themselves to date her; there isn't a single restaurant worth visiting, brand worth buying, or person worth meeting that she hasn't had the pleasure of acquainting herself with; and she'd never had more work offers than now. However, all of her priorities changed the moment she found out that she was unexpectedly pregnant!

With her little bundle of joy, Joyce, by her side, Donna decided to step away from the complicated and rumor-filled New York life to give her life a makeover and find some peace and calm for herself and her little girl.

But it seems like challenges keep finding Donna even when she least expects it; As she's trying to settle down and start anew, she finds herself torn between the two fabulous men in her life; her kind and caring neighbor Ryan on one hand, and handsome and rich ex-boyfriend Grey on the other.

The story is in your hands!

Match blocks, play with themed boosters, and make your choices out of dozens of decoration options to help Donna renovate and redesign her property in New York City and turn it into a dream home! But that is only the beginning!

Follow an otome romance story full of twists and turns, and make decisions that will change Donna’s future! Will you choose the rich property magnate Grey, or the sweet Ryan who is following his interior design dreams? These men could become best brothers or your brothers in law! In My Home Design, your choices and decisions in each of the many episodes will decide who Donna ends up with, so think well about every choice!

Will you help Donna find the perfect match to enhance her life and become Joyce's daddy?

App Permissions

[Optional Permissions]




: required storage access permission to save game data

[Permission setting and withdrawal method]

- Android 6.0+: Device Settings> Application Management> Select App> Revoke Access

- Under Android 6.0: Can revoke access by deleting an application

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lable: Puzzle - Games Current Version:1.3.80 Publish Date:2021-11-09 Developer:CookApps

User Reviews


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Michelle Ordonez 2020-06-12

I love this game. However, I\'ve been stuck on level 177 for 3 days now. I\'ve used at least 30 lives...can\'t get past it. It gets way too difficult to be worth it anymore. I\'m sadly about to delete it, which sucks cause I love the storyline and want to keep progressing through it, but I\'m unable to. I\'m only giving it a 4 cause I love everything but being stuck on 177.
Bontia Aj 2021-01-04

I really do like the app, but I am very disappointed that there is no way to get gems without paying. I don\'t have the money to spend on a game which really disrupts my game play because there are choices that I had to skip on and sadly a choice popped up that I couldn\'t pass on, but I couldn\'t afford it either. I suggest you either put in a daily gift, or allow watching ads as a method to earn gems. Until one of those suggestions is put in the game, I won\'t be playing and I won\'t raise my stars
Candace Crosby 2021-01-25

Cute game but at the end of the game when losing and you have choices to get the 3 free moves after a short video you DON\'T get the 3 free moves. This has been happening since i began the game. So don\'t hit the free moves as you won\'t get it plus they make money from this and you get nothing. Fix this and i will give you a 5 star. Well now it keeps freezing up on me. I even updated it. Im done with this game.
adie_szure 2021-01-30

The game is good and I enjoy it. Well, could enjoy it a bit more if not for the ads freezing the screen everytime. Please fix this... everytime I click to get 50% more, the ad just froze. I\'m okay if it\'s unskippable, but different story if I can\'t even get back to the game. I have to click home and reopen the app again everytime, and the recent progress would be gone. Other than that, there\'s a glitch I hate which it turn my decorations back into the choice of before. Honestly it\'s frustrating.
khanichia solomons 2020-08-19

It\'s the coolest game ever, why did it stop, no more levels just when it was getting heated, please update now But recently my game has stopped at level 353 and it refuses to work, it\'s blank. Can someone please update this game, I\'m dying over here. My game has been updated but it still doesn\'t work, it shows level 380 but when I go to play it shows level 500 and doesn\'t work
Antonella Piazzolla 2020-06-16

The game is good, however technical problems are always there to make your experience worse and I find very frustrating the fact that the award races don\'t really work as they should. I never get the points I should gain after passing a level. Now I can\'t even get the money after passing a level. I don\'t know why and I\'m honestly thinking of uninstall it.
Célia Jacoberger 2020-11-16

I really enjoyed this game and the opportunity to choose your own story while designing rooms. The only annoying thing is the impossibility to change the design of the furnitures once we picked one. I would prefer to be able to change my mind and redecorate. I also have the feeling that the difficulty for the mini games increased too quickly.
KJ EWE 2020-06-26

This game is to be described nothing but worst. I\'ve only played this game till level 2 and a fatal error notice prompt out of nowhere. I have tried many times but it is still the same stupid problem. And also it took a century to load. Last but not least, the design of the furniture choices were boring, seen it in the last home design game. I wish the company of this game will fix those unsolvable problems with the game.
Nadia Samie 2020-10-25

The game freezes and exits on it\'s own. The first time it happened I went back into the game to continue only to see that I\'ve been put back by 3 levels and had to replay that those 3 levels after struggling for days. After no hassle for like 2 days, the game froze for so long I had to exit the game. I made sure to check what level I played last and I was busy playing level 239. I opened the game once again to continue playing, to once again see that I was put back by 9 levels. ARE YOU KIDDING?!
Lara Marais 2020-12-25

The game looks really cool, but when I open the app it takes forever to load and it doesn\'t even work- it just jumps back to the playstore where I downloaded the app. It doesn\'t say anywhere that I must update the app so thats odviously not the problem. Please help me, because the game looks really nice and I want to play it!