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Description of My Income: Expense Tracker

Finance tracker made simple. My Income helps you easily see all your expenses and income in one place. Keep track of all your accounts and transactions.

Multiple charts will help you understand your spending habits and to never forget that bill you paid months ago. Simple UI let's you track cash, bank accounts, investments, credit cards and plan your expenses and income.

► Ads Free

► Multiple accounts, categories and subcategories

► Create budgets and plan your expenses

► Custom icons & colors

► See forecast of your money for up to 50 years

► Data is your property - offline app without any trackers or unnecessary permissions with optional cloud backup between devices

► Supports different currencies 200+

► Rich transaction search feature

► Built in App lock to secure all your data from strangers eyes

► Recurring transactions to never forget due dates

► Export all your data to .csv

► Track your investments with annual return % calculation

► Calculate financial independence - early retirement (FIRE)

► Analyze detailed charts

► Transfer balance between accounts

Insert transaction with one click every time you spend or receive money and never forget about bills you paid months ago or when your friend returned you debt. Recurring transactions help you automate your logging without the need to open the app.

Categories and subcategories help you easily sort your data, and custom date filters let you check how much you spent on specific day. Open up calendar and see for yourself.

No more complex and difficult money tracking apps. My Income let's you see overview of your finances simpler & clearer. Let it be your digital wallet. Start tracking!

My Income is in early development so expect new features coming soon!

To leave feedback or request a feature write to me: contact@ninthfi.pw

All feedback is greatly appreciated!

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lable: Finance - Apps Current Version:4.9.1 (490032) Publish Date:2022-06-15 Developer:NinthFi

User Reviews


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Nick McManus 2020-12-29

The main reason I love this app is that I don\'t have to connect my external bank accounts. Everything in the app is you adding the info manually, which I prefer.
J tech 2021-01-01

The balances are not correct. Everytime i enter income and expenses in TRANSACTION section it is shown perfectly. But after all when i check the account the balance is wrong. I am keep on updating my balance manually every 2 days... Pls correct it.
Rajeev Chatterjee 2021-03-02

The most complete home budgeting app you can get out here and the immediate response that I got from the developer when I got into some trouble with the app, well, that is the cherry on top of the cake for me. The only grouse I have is maybe if I can get more icons to choose from.
Adrian Ion 2020-12-01

The absence of different currencies is a real put off at this time and makes it pretty much unusable for me. I like the direction in which the app is going so I\'ll keep an eye for when/if this feature will be added.
Shali SK 2021-01-24

Just like I wanted - could add multiple accounts. Not only easy to manage but also in love with the layout and simplistic design of the app (dark theme 😍). One disadvantage I would like to point out is that there should be more categories for income and not just limited to salary. Other than that, I have nothing else to complain about. Edit: 5 stars! Thank you developer for the fast response and yes, you can add categories (subcategories too) but very limited.
Billy Frank 2021-02-03

Excellent. But limited for a good trial can NOT MAKE BACKUP without paying. One is not going to put days, weeks of data in an app if there is NO WAY of having a backup...However i will purchase upgrade(pay) as it is by far the neatest modern design & works they way i can use. Best i have used. Needs a split transactions as found in other apps like (expense manager) Great application. Thank you.
Arziar 2021-02-11

Very simple and easy to use! i love it! Might purchase lifetime premium soon, but it could be better if youll be able to add some goals/savings with pictures on it! Thank you so much
Mark Skinner 2020-10-12

Hi, I love the app. Can I suggest that the recurring transactions also contain much longer periods as options? Reason. At present, if I have a big one off purchase (eg house deposit or major renovation), it skews the projection...a lot. If, however, it was shown as recurring in thirty or forty years, it would be realistic, either as a future house upgrade or renovation. Similarly, five and ten year options would cover major appliances and air conditioners.
Hafizan Yassin 2021-01-13

Finally bought it. Have most of the features I\'ve used and have more active updates.
Joo Kee Lim 2020-10-22

Like the clean UI and the ability to add various accounts! A feature I\'d like to see in future versions is the ability to add sub-categories or tags (for example, within Food I might want to have sub-categories for Snacks, Drinks, Alcohol, etc.). But looking good so far, I like the direction this app is headed towards!