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Description of My Mixtapez: Stream Music 24/7

Trending music, and rap news is yours to discover on the biggest, most authentic hip hop mixtape music streaming platform, My Mixtapez. Listen to music from independent artists from a wide variety of genres and find the sound you love the most.

Music discovery just got better with My Mixtapez. Tune in to recorded mixtapes and playlists of hot new music from hip hop, new rap, indie rap, trap, old school artists and more. Experience music streaming like never before with the app that brings you the ultimate and most authentic rap listening experience.

Discover music from independent artists and some of the biggest names in hip hop. Find top music from top artists like:

- Rod Wave

- Gucci Mane

- NBA YoungBoy

- Lil Durk

- Future

- Kodak Black

- Travis Scott

- YNW Melly and much more

Discover new music you can share with your friends, or build a playlist of the latest remixes, rap albums, and more right from My Mixtapez. Listen online and stream your favorite artists, DJs, & producers all from one free music app.

Access the newest mixtapes, singles and videos all from one music player. Get your music news fix and catch up on the latest new developments in the hip hop and rap scene, all in one place. Listen to music from all of your favorite hip hop and rap artists from anywhere, online or offline.

Discover new music, industry news, and build a playlist of trending music. Get the authentic hip hop listening experience with My Mixtapez today.


- My Mixtapez houses the biggest independent artists in the rap and hip hop scene

- Browse trending music and stream songs from anywhere

- Discover new music and remixes from our massive music library

- Get access to hot new music you can listen to online and offline

- Our music player lets you discover new music from top and independent artists

- Save, favorite and listen to music from genres like new rap, hip hop, old school, new school, indie rap, trap music, underground and more


- More than mixtapes and playlists – Stay up to date on the biggest trends in music

- Share music news and and get news updates on the latest new developments in the scene

- Rap news or hip hop news – track new album, single and music releases from one app


- Create a fully personalized music playlist filled with hot tracks right from our music app

- Raps to Remixes – you have full control over your music library and selection

- Create custom playlists with free music from hundreds of artists, albums, songs, and more


- Stream and share new rap music from independent artists right from My Mixtapez

- Listen to hot new music you can share with your friends from anywhere

- Bring up local artists and rappers by sharing music and showing your support

- Mixtape, remix or album – music is meant to be shared with a community

- Share playlists, songs, albums, and more

Your source for hot new music and rap artist news is here. Experience the authentic hip hop and rap music experience with My Mixtapez.

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lable: Music & Audio - Apps Current Version:8.3.35 Publish Date:2022-06-14 Developer:My Mixtapez: Rap & Hip Hop

User Reviews


What's new with you? Please tell everyone.

Lamont Evans 2019-05-06

Might be the best music app out, as far as new music. I\'ve been rocking with it for the past 3yrs I know, probably longer... But yeah👍👍
Alex Monét 2020-07-04

Edit: App won\'t even open. Haven\'t used in a few months but that has nothing to do with it force closing. Really disappointed, bc I really liked the app. So far I like this app, I wish the music would download to to the device and not just on the app. Also it\'s kind of annoying that once you disconnect it from Bluetooth it jumps to the next song instead of pausing.
Levern Thomas 2020-10-23

After the last update it has deleted all my music I downloaded to my phone so I figured it was a glitch uninstalled the app then reinstalled it now it keeps freezing up and not allowing me to open it at all. The last to updates that they released didn\'t do anything to fix the problem at its still kicking me out and I still don\'t have any of the music it deleted back at all. Are you guys even gonna fix the app or not I\'ve been waiting almost 2 months and nothing has been done yet.
Cassie Turvey 2020-06-22

At first I really really liked this app until I actually subscribed and paid for the $2.99 monthly plan. I waisted my money bc I\'ve tried and tried to not only make a playlist of my favorite music, but I\'ve also tried downloading some of my favorite music. I\'ve also emailed them a couple of times and I have still yet not have got a reply back and that\'s been at least over a month ago....
Pauly Palermo 2019-09-28

One of the better MixTape Apps out there. Got a very Large Selection of Commercial (well known/Main Stream) Artists & Tapes and just as big selection of Independent (Underground/Lesser Known/Local) Artists & Tapes as well as Singles from most Artist whether Commercial or Independent and you can download everything to your phone storage or your SD card. The layout of Downloaded Music is kinda funny but can\'t pinpoint anything to complain about it. Overall it\'s a very good MixTape App
DarkNinjaGamin 2020-05-29

Ever since the new update, it one deleted everything I had downloaded so I had to search for all the music again, two everything I downloaded ,with a rare exception of a few albums, does not play. It just loads the whole time and the green check says its downloaded but it wont let me delete then redownload it, which means to me that its not actually downloaded and the app is just bugged and locks the album, I hope y\'all fix it because I\'m about to stop using this app fr
David Lemus 2020-06-02

Ever since the update not only did it kick me out of my original account which I\'ve acquired over 200 + of my favorite songs in a Playlist, but the app now has ad after ad and has been running real laggy lately Can\'t jam a song without it having to buffer. Fix this issue, get me back into my original account,otherwise I\'ll find another free app.
Gabrielle McSwain 2019-01-13

This app is crappy way too many ads and when I want to search all the music it stops letting you scroll down and keeps buffering. Dont waste your time.
Maurice Williams 2020-09-24

I\'m glad the calmed down on the ads, but I\'m curious why my downloads only show up in app and not on my phone. I like using my music player because it\'s makes it loud with my headphones which helps when you\'re in public with annoying ppl. Maybe I\'m doing something wrong 🤷🏾‍♂️other than that it\'s a 5star app
Sam Jones 2020-06-20

New update recently has ruined app once again. Can\'t see any features on songs, search engine is not accurate either .out of order, not all results. Please fix asap, especially features on song and Put the music in order according to release date! Just stop tryna fix the app, it worked fine smh.