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Description of My Mobile Account

Check your data and minute usage or add more at any time. Stay on top of your refills, browse international plans and more.

It’s complete account management in the palm of your hand. So what are you waiting for?

Download the My Mobile Account app and start getting the most out of your phone service!

Available in both English and Espanol

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lable: Productivity - Apps Current Version:3.0.432 Publish Date:2022-06-21 Developer:Vector Holdings

User Reviews


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Mike G 2019-05-25

Stay far away from Qlink. I paid for 30 days UNLIMITED Talk, text and data. Halfway through the month my data was completely cut off. They said I went OVER my UNLIMITED DATA. WHAT PART OF UNLIMITED DO THESE IDIOTS NOT UNDERSTAND? No where does it say that if you go over a certain amount your UNLIMITED data will be cut off. Furthermore, every other company will slow down your data speed if you go over a limit. Not these thieves. They will take your money and screw you. STAY AWAY FROM QLINK!
Brian Plante 2019-09-17

Very good app to have,. Easy to access, for other info; wat ever needed is access to a fingertip! Im so lucky to have this app to this phone, gives me and everything one needs too! It makes things easier to seek; and to be able to retrieve. Thank you for your introducing me with Google; it is the best apo. Going around! Thank you Google for suppling the best apps. Around, u have the best!!!!!
Nicki Bovee 2019-07-24

I know its free and i should be grateful but free or not its almost usless! I have never owned a phone that all around this insanely slow. I can hit a contact number to call and it literally takes 10 min and countless times of rehitting the same button to call ...thats if it works at all!!! 9 xs out of ten i get so flustered i just give up. And every time i try to open any apps i get the same notification that it wont respond and to wait or close app. and again 9 out of ten times i just give up
Dean Vanbragt 2020-04-01

I like my phone and had to learn it very well. As for this app, they need to give us an option on the Wi-Fi for Automatic on or not! Otherwise it\'s great. FYI to people, it\'s not the phone\'s, it\'s Google! Goto your Account in the Google Play store, and turn off auto update and look for ( Download over WiFi and cellphone, set it to WiFi only or Ask me each time ) and Delete Games your not using. Disabled App\'s from other companies if they\'re useless to you, & Delete your cached in storage often.
Aurora Bergman 2019-05-10

I\'ve had a lot of problems w my phone. I try to txt or message someone it says not enough storage. When I\'m calling someone it keeps acting up other screens pop up , and sometimes mutes or calls another number during call. It\'s been nothing but frustrating,and this phone seems smaller than what I had before. I reset factory settings n still prpblems
Shila Switzer 2019-07-27

still figuring it out...between jobs right now n free phone helps with my job searching .Thank you so much for helping me out this way ! Phone is slow / dragging....battery gets Hot fast !
Dr. Erik Barrington 2020-07-23

I\'ve spent over a week trying to get my Qlink SIM card to work in a new phone that says it\'s compatible. I\'m a disabled veteran, life is hard enough (no regrets) I received Qlinks new SIM card. I\'ve followed the instructions and still nothing works. I\'ve done several resets, I\'ve waited 1/2 hour on hold for tech support and they tell me; 1). sorry, 2) give us a number to call back or 3) they simply hang up. I\'ve been a customer since 2014 and this is the best I can get?
Katie Fitzgibbons 2019-07-24

I have had nothing but great results with qlink. I have even refered a couple other people to them who have also had a great experience. Highly recommend qlink to anyone in need of some extra help saving money each month. Cellular phone companies would rather worry about profit than helping those in need. Thank you qlink
tina murray 2020-02-16

The phone came per-loaded with so many apps that can\'t be deleted, that there is no storage space to even save one picture. It uses everything just to run it. The apps are only enough to show you them but not enough to use them. So this phone you can call and text that\'s it. the battery runs out really fast!!!! I use it very limited!!!! I appreciate that it is free and I have it in an emergency. I\'m very disappointed that it can\'t be used for more than that .
Adam Harrison 2020-06-11

Possible malware, but definitely adware. It asks for an excessive number of device permissions. Also it installs an annoying lock screen overlay ad container that hides your phone\'s lock screen. The developers can justify it all they\'d like, but it\'s obviously a sneaky profit source at the expense of user convenience. You can\'t get rid of the overlay if you can\'t log in to the app. There are better ways to write software. Use your heads. This is code monkey amateur hour. AVOID!