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Description of My Molina

Now including our entire Molina family of brands (Molina, Passport, Senior Whole Health and Affinity)

Members can sign into the app using their My Molina User ID and Password to access our secure features, including:

• User friendly navigation

• View health coverage

• View your benefits and eligibility

• View/download and share ID card

• Make premium payments (Marketplace only)

• Manage your payment profile

• Save favorite doctors

• Change PCP

• Access to other services

When you use the My Molina app, identifiers for your mobile device are collected within Google Firebase to create a unique identifier for each application when downloaded.

Please review the below link which provides a disclosure of the use of Google Analytics for Firebase and how that service processes data: www.google.com/policies/privacy/partners/

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More Information Of My Molina

lable: Medical - Apps Current Version:5.2.7 Publish Date:2022-06-21 Developer:Molina Healthcare Inc

User Reviews


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123ada321 2020-11-09

EXTREMELY SLOW. The loading icon keeps popping up and never going away. Very frustrating, just like their online portal. You have to improve your customer support systems.
Alondra Lomeli 2019-08-09

I was told to download this app to make thing easier as everyone else seems to have done, and I am having the same issues. Nothing is working for me, nothing is showing up as it\'s supposed to, and I even tried reinstalling it. Please fix this ASAP
Raul Rey 2020-11-22

Like the rest of Molina\'s web presence, this app is useless. The telehealth option crashes the app, and the payment option never updates, so it won\'t let me make a payment.
Courtney Gallington 2020-07-15

Needs some freaking work. I have 4 kids and can only put 1 of them on here. There\'s absolutely no place to add more members? What the heck. Went to user options went to the profile and no content there and it\'s oddly enough it\'s not in the FAQ
LazySingleMe Yang 2020-10-14

This app sucks. I tried to reset my password i follow every step but when i get to the security question i input the correct information but its not even letting me get through to change my password. I will not recommend this app to any of my friend or family members at all.
Spud J. Russell 2020-07-13

Tried logging on, failed. But success on the website. Tried changing password, authentication failed. Guess that\'s why all the one star reviews. Garbage app.
Kiara Bauer 2021-01-05

Utter garbage, just like their website. Was on the phone for an hour and a half trying to get my ID card because it\'s not loading in the app OR on the website. Nobody ever answered. I\'ve had Molina for all of 4 days and I already can\'t wait for open enrollment so I can switch to a more competent company.
A Google user 2019-02-20

keeps crashing and force stopping on me. I cant look up anything once I sign in or change info that needs to be changed. Was told to download this app to make things easier for me but it hasnt done anything that I need it for.
Vanessa 2020-12-23

takes a long time to load and telehealth immediately crashes the app. some buttons don\'t work at all when clicked
Alicia Roque 2017-10-04

Both app and on computer online SUCKS👎Have to change either password or ID every time I go on practically, even calling in solves nothing. Too many glitches. I may change to another company because of these problems. Or just mailing in is my other solution. Aggravating 😲