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My Notes in Gear

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Description of My Notes in Gear

”My Notes in Gear” helps you manage your notes and checklists effortlessly and keep all of your devices synchronized instantly. Take notes and create to-do lists at a glance, add picture attachments and make your notes unique by setting colors. Add time or location based reminders and get notified at the right place and time.

”My Notes in Gear” brings your notes and checklists to your wrist, as it is available for Samsung Gear smartwatches. View your notes and picture attachments, check off your to-dos, edit your reminders and get notified on your Gear.

Main features of Phone & Tablet version:

• Create notes and to-do or shopping lists, through a beautiful and simple interface

• Open the Google voice app and say "take a note, the most beautiful sunset I have ever seen" and a new note is ready!. Or say "take a note, shopping list, milk and coffee and sugar and juice" and a new list is ready!

• Voice typing features. For example to add multiple checklist items simple say "milk and coffee and sugar and juice"

• Add time or location based alarms so that you never miss a thing

• Add drawings or picture attachments from your camera or your gallery

• Make your notes unique setting a special color for each note

• Rearrange easily your notes order by long clicking, or choose your preferred sorting option.

• Swipe left or right to archive your notes. The archived notes are still available and you can easily restore or delete them

• View your notes on your homescreen and create instantly new notes through a beautiful widget.

• Every change to your notes gets synchronized across your devices, through your favorite Cloud Service provider, and your picture attachments are added to your Cloud folder instantly.

If you face any bugs or have feature requests feel free to contact us.

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More Information Of My Notes in Gear

lable: Productivity - Apps Current Version:Varies with device Publish Date:2021-04-14 Developer:Smartdroid Solutions

User Reviews


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Elektroinstal Servisni Centar 2018-02-08

Have not find any other way to contact programmer. In the beginning the app was working properly but after some time on my Samsung S8+, notification stopped to come. They come only after I restart my phone. What is this about? I have not changed anything nor in my general phone notification nor in my notes gear app. Can you solve it? I will give you better evaluation. It would be good if you managed to put option for more pictures in one note (not only one) and option search that is able to find and pinpoint the requested search term in larger note text.
Mat W 2018-09-13

Needs work. Crashes while trying to edit. And without auto saving, that becomes frustrating. Scrolling and shifting items is clunky, would like to see smoother scrolling. There is no option to keep checked items in order... Quite annoying to make a shopping list in order then have it not stay in order after it has been checked and unchecked again for the following week.
James Lamb 2018-09-16

I love this app. Making lists is easy and having them seamlessly sync with my watch is great for short trips to the store when I don\'t want to constantly be pulling my phone out. My only complaint is that hitting the home button instead of back doesn\'t save changes. I\'m consistently accidentally deleting my list this way.
Tommy Lam 2018-02-19

Your app keeps getting better. Thank you But I hope that you can make the checked items which has stroke lines across the words an optional feature on widget. I use your check list as a template for my grocery list, it is a brilliant idea thank you. So I have 30-40 items standby. When I need something I unchecked them and they become available on the check list... However, on the widget it always shows something that I don\'t need to see.
Marcus Mccurtis 2017-12-03

The app is pretty cool no problem at all. I\'m just a plan guy any way I don\'t need to much stuff you feel me! It over all a good app.
albina wingate 2019-12-14

I use this often, it keeps me organized. Very helpful receiving reminders always on time some of my schedules are for the far future and this has not failed me. Thank you to all involved creating this marvellous app. Ps. I have been using this app for about 8 month.
D&N Hole 2020-05-20

This is a GREAT APP! I had a lot of problems with this app communicating with my watch until I turned on battery>power savings exclusions for this app in my phone\'s settings. I now can create notes and checklists on my phone (way easier than on the watch no matter what app you use) and check them on my watch without seeing \'connecting to device\' for what seemed forever. Please note, you can create notes and checklists on your watch...but you don\'t have to.
Gerry N Hill 2018-06-19

Used to work in my Gear 3 but now only shows the overview on the watch....useless Stopped syncing .............. needs some serious TLC on the code After several upgrades is now working fine and I use it almost every day on my Gear Smartwatch
Stephen McKinley 2017-12-11

I like the app. But only because it\'s the ONLY game in town. I want to be able to create notes on my laptop and THEN sync to my phone and my Gear S2. Just like Onenote. (Onenote is not available for Tizen/Gear S2) I live by notes and if I can\'t organize via a computer (laptop) then I\'m hampered. Other than that, it\'s great. Please, develope a desktop version.
Tiberiu Benyi 2018-02-01

Well, if you are looking to buy this app (no its not free) you need to know that there will be connection problems, desyncs because you flushed your RAM memory, or missed reminders because you killed the app on the watch, and then it\'s a pain in the... To resync... There should be a separate button for that, one that works... All in all this app could be the best one out there, but it needs way more work put in to it, but the devs got a paycheck again, so I\'m not holding my breath.