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Description of My Sweet Angel

My sweet angel is a real angel and more!

Her angel power has been stolen by an evil scientist! Restore it and set things right!

It’s the prequel to Ultimate Kept Man Life, featuring the father from when he was young!

Common Questions

Q. Why is the background AP/S the way it is?

A. This is in order to keep the game balanced. While the app is closed, AP will continue to increase for an hour.

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More Information Of My Sweet Angel

lable: Casual - Games Current Version:1.0.7 Publish Date:2022-06-09 Developer:dcgame

User Reviews


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Rozaline Jin 2017-11-03

i rate it because im gonna uninstall this. its for future purpose. if i ever stumble around this game over my playstore again, i\'ll see this and stop my future self from downloading it. thanks for the game. you did a good job dev. its just not my type of games. sorry for the rates.
D R 2017-11-21

It\'s SO weird...I LOVE it! Only downside so far is the hero\'s WEIRD (in a bad way) hair. It looks like a bird mergwd wit h a helmet and glued itself to his head. It bother s me WAY more than it should, considering it\'s just his hair...
Dominique Nelson 2017-11-13

Another great idle game by this company. I love them all, this one may be the fastest yet thanks to the ranking system. Cute art and ridiculous story. An interesting prequel to the equally ridiculous Kept man idle.
Zulhaikal Muhammad Azahar 2018-03-29

It\'s a good way to kill your time...but man I\'ve been tapping my phone non stop just to collect points...man,I didn\'t know my thumb can tap so fast...
A Google user 2018-04-16

This is another 10 billion wives game disguised as a new IP. This time it\'s just one girl who transforms into other forms and you\'re farming energy to power her next transformation. It\'s very weird and wonky, but it\'s more mindless time wasting, my specialty.
[Ar] Argon 2018-01-22

Another amazing game. The story is funny, my favorite scene is the Magical girl scene. One little thing that bothered me was the first scene, specifically the \"I am a University of Tokyo Student\"
Heather GoldenStrickland 2020-03-21

Simple and relaxing. No need to go hardcore grinding. Great for when you wanna play a game but not have to devote every second to it. Great for weebs and normies alike.
OhsosleepyO 2020-07-05

Best game I\'ve ever played in my entire life. story? 10/10. Gameplay? 10/10. Art? 11/10 very cute. Love this so much. But in all seriousness, this game is really cute and I love the characters. <3
Missed the Band Wagon 2018-04-18

It\'s just a fun, cute story. I loved that it\'s connected to the Kept Man game, and all of the different forms were fun as always. And weird. Always weird. But that\'s good for this game.
Star Light 2018-02-04

Super buggy. I watched an ad then the game went black and froze. Not even sure how the darn thing works because it says I need 8 TRILLION points to get everything. I kid you not. I don\'t even have enough for the 3rd option so my progress halted not even 10 minutes in. It looks cute. I\'d like to see more, but the bugs and baffling design are keeping me from it. Oh well. If you can\'t make a game work or have clear instructions I guess I\'ll move on.